Commercial 2D Puzzle Game (C/C++ Programmers and/or Graphics Designer)


During the year of 2006 I was involved in several online gaming projects at the capacity of assisting in game design. Most of these online teams follow poor organization and planning, as well as lack of communication. The absences of these elements lead to their downfall. I was fortunate enough to learn from their mistakes, gather a great deal of information from research, and observe the progress of other teams.

With an established foundational knowledge of project management and game design I’ve created a simple game design document. From late 2006 to late January, I’ve worked on this design document while recruiting potential developers. The development team, during that time, experienced numerous personnel changes. Graphics designers weren’t meeting deadlines, and programmers are consistently missing in action.

I need a team of dedicated people who will do their best to see that this game project is entirely completed. I need someone who is serious about their work and place this game project as their top priority.

This is a small cross-platform puzzle game that I hope will be published online. I particularly need a c++ programmer experienced with Ogre3D (or similar graphics engines) and a 2D artist/graphics designer. The development timeframe is 4 weeks (about a month; this is entirely possible if the team works as much as possible on the project). If or when the game actually gets published then we can talk on a much higher payment. But for now, here are the advance weekly payments :

C++ Programmer : $40/wk. (4 weeks; $160 USD)

Graphics Designer/Artist : $10/wk. (4 weeks; $40 USD)

Here are the general requirements for both positions :

-- You're a freelancer. Last time I had companies present me with over-budget bids. Company bids are completely unacceptable.

-- You have very good english skills in writing and reading comprehension. I've had bidders who couldn't read the design document and ended up doing the wrong thing. Again, unacceptable.

-- You should be able to commit time planning. Being able to report problems and possible dangers early. Please, if you anticipate a life event coming up that'll interfere with your performance on this job then please don't bid. I need people who are IN it. I'm tired of having developers disappear because of "personal" problems.

-- Need to have MSN or AIM.

Requirements for a programmer :

-- The toolset and language used to code this game isn't written in stone. But you should be extensively familiar with C++.

-- If you're going to bid then please provide atleast three demos. They could either be game demos or interactive graphic demos (Ogre3D demos will be especially considered). I need to know that you're capable of programming a commercial multimedia application.

-- The game will be made with Ogre3D, OIS (an input API), and Audiere (audio API). However, if there is a set of APIs that you're comfortable with they MUST be cross-platform and be stable APIs with no major errors. Your graphics API of choice should do either 2D or 3D, or just 3D (despite the game being 2D; since hardware-acceleration could be used with psuedo-2D). Your Input API of choice should be able to received input from a mouse and keyboard. And finally, your audio API should be able to read many audio formats including OOG.

Requirements for a graphics designer :

-- Need to be able to do both vector- and raster-base images.

-- If you're going to bid then please present atleast 5 demos which may consist of : banners, website buttons, animation sequence, 2D sprites (especially considered), etc.

It is important to note that I'm on a limited budget. But also, that I plan on designing two other games this year aimed for the online game market. So a long-term stay with my game studio will guarantee much greater pay down the road.

Habilidades: Programação C, Design Gráfico, Linux, Gestão de projetos, Área de trabalho do Windows

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