Internal info system

Information distribution package

Administration module

Upload video content

Upload informational documents

Upload informational imagery

Specify a "sleep" pattern.

Send Messages globally, individually, or to group.

Client module

Live Weather

Play Video Content

Search video content

Search informational texts

Display informational texts

Receive Message

Display "Sleep" pattern

I want to have a system that can play videos and display information across a LAN. I'd like an administration console to control the content and a client console to display the information.

From the administration console I'd like to be able to upload video files of different variety, mostly WMV, but some MPEG, and AVI. I'd like to be able to upload information in text, PDF, and image formats. I'd like to have a screen that allows me to define search criteria for each video and piece of information. Information like and individual video number, description, title, topic, etc... for the end user to search thru.

When the videos are played on the end user side they should be automatically full screen.

I need to be able to upload textual information in the same style. The files will be PDF and will also need to have search criteria associated with them. The PDF information can open with Acrobat.

"Sleep" pattern

Basically like a screen saver. When the application has not been in use for a specifiable amount of time it enters its sleep pattern (determined via the administration console). During "sleep" the application will cycle thru any number of 3 types of information.

1. News Feeds (CNN, MSNBC, FOX...)

2. Still content (images, html pages...)

3. Active content (PowerPoint slides, flash content...)

In the administration console, I want to be able to select the number of components in the sleep pattern, 1-50. For example we'll choose 3, one of each type. After clicking "next" you would then be able to choose from a drop down the type of information each component will be. The source of that component (file location) and the duration the component will be displayed.

Component 1 [News Feed] [Source] [Duration]

Component 2 [Still content] [Source] [Duration]

Component 3 [Active Content] [Source] [Duration]

The Sleep pattern will cycle endlessly until the system is activated again (by keyboard input, or mouse movement)

The system will need to be able to send messages that will scroll across the bottom portion of the screen. An area needs to be set aside along the bottom space of the program, so that when a message is scrolling it doesn't obscure any other information.

Messages should allow the sender to specify an expiration date

Messages should scroll repeatedly until the end user acknowledges the message or it expires

Messages should preempt any other activity, such as playing videos, or being in "sleep" pattern.

The system should pull live weather information from the national weather service. Forecast and live radar should be viewing options. This can be done simply by viewing the NWS website if need be.

This is the basic idea of the system and more detail can be included later. I'm looking at initial cost of development and a time frame at the moment.

Habilidades: .NET, Programação C, Visual Basic, Área de trabalho do Windows

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