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Point of sale touch screen pos plus


Please read all

Important: We need contact direct with the programmer because we can explain more clear with the design.

Please do no bid. If you don’t have any Regular POS application working with hardware tested (barcode scanner, Receipt printer and touch screen ready working). But If you don’t have it and have experience on it please we need a sample or Screenshot of the software developed by you team

We need experienced team. All other bidder will be declined.

General Requirements :

-We need the application running on windows 2000/xp/vista. This will be PC based application (Please no web based application bidders).

-Any free database. (Free of re-distribution).

-The graphics and Icons like vista good resolutions.

-All ownership rights of the software and the source code of the final product. copy

- Warranty with corrections of the possible future errors (at least 6 months warranty)

-One license by seat (key activation)

-Netware ready” minimum 5 users

-Easy to Customize Fields on all the forms.

-Easy backup and restore the company file (only one file).

-All printed documents will be with terms and conditions on the foot of the page and ready to add unlimited text will

POS Module

• Touch screen ready (we will provide the sample design soon)

• Register Customer Name on the Fly

• Invoicing

• Invoice from repair orders quick

• Quick Sale button (no need customer information)

• Trade-ins purchase (receiving items from customers or exchange for other


• Layaways (any order with one or more products)

• Manuals Sales (some item non-inventoried or manual add product and description on any sale on the fly)

• Tax Exempt sales support

• Credit/debit and gif cards ready. (Pc-Charge or ic verify supported)

• Discounts (Discounts will needs admin passwords)

• Store Credit for some sales returned password

• Refund option. Password

•Register Print training contract with terms and conditions signature and the class schedule (81/2 x 14)

• Track the schedule for training Customers plus schedule one room for different class section using the same room and duration)

• Option to print on thermal receipt printers and standard laser printers

• Put any sale receipt on hold, make a sale to other customer and then came back to sales receipt on hold

• Customers Training Schedule print contract with the days of the training (1 or more class Room different instructor 16 or more students)

• Outlook integration (Sync contacts information)

•support of pole display

•Support card reader

• Easy print mail labels to one or all customers (Printer LP2824)

• Easy email to one or all customer any campaign

• English and Spanish (I can translate in to Spanish)

• Easy to cancel repair orders (credit for customers)

• Track Sales orders with fields to add notes (specials orders the products no in stock)

• Emails a promotion to one or all the customers (marketing)

Repair shop Modules: space to add notes on all

• Track Electronic Equipments and Cars Repair orders. In shop and out the shop (option with installation)

• Barcode print and scanner (Can read the manufacture products barcode) Printer LP2824

• Print on “receipt printers” like Epson IV and also regular laser printers and (customizable template receipt)

• Track Repair Orders in shop or out the shop (Take a Deposit or Bench Fee)

• Search for Customer by Acct#, Last Name, Name or Phone#

• Serial# model brand Tracking

• Returns (charge X % of restocking fee if the merchandise with more of 7 days)

• Automatic Invoice after repair order completed by the tech.

• Print repair receipt with barcode easy selects the qty to be printed

• Create repair order on the fly from items returns to be repaired (sales warranty)

• Order Status details can be Accesses by any Employee

• Repair order Schedule for works out side the shop (printed on 81/2 x 11 paper)

• Repair Status can be accessed by any Employee

• Emails to all the customers (marketing)

• Assign Repair orders to technicians by the admin only

• Unlimited Notes Associated with Repair

• Setup Unlimited Repair Status

• Track maintenance contracts and Schedule it.

• To do list of the day for each technician small console for the technician

• Estimates (it will be converted in to invoice with one click)

• Track Rental Equipments

• Track equipments-loan

• Colors control from Admin (background etc)

•Track Warranty (the system will ask you if the equipment is in warranty or no).

•Field in the repair order for the secret estimate (validated)

• Email estimates, invoice receipt etc.

Vendors module (admin can only see it)

• Purchase orders (admin can only see it)

• Create purchase order from specials orders

• Console for all orders needs to be processed (link the specials orders, items out the stock, items reorder point etc) . • You can add more features

Accountant/Finance (we need the basic reports needed for the accountant)

• End of Day Balancing

• Basic Accounting reports needed by any accountant

• Sales Tax report. (support all taxes VAT etc)

• Accounts receivable.

• Account payable.

• All basic Reports.

• Basic Accounting reports bookkeeping (the basic report for the accountant).

• Report payment due notice to console. • You can add more features • Export to Excel and QuickBooks • You can add more features….

Inventory control

• Compressive Inventory history the any item Report (report for specific item: in stock, utilized by tech or already sell. In other words the destine of the any item).

• Show the inventory on checkout product list.

• Print barcode from any item (user select the any qty labels to be printed of one item to Printer LP2824).

• Easy add inventory from any standards pre- bar-coded items.

• Reorder points for all the items.

•Control of discount (maximum discount allowed will be preconfigured from the products admin).

• Track inventory different price level.

• Easy to add in to inventory bar-coded items.

• Show the in stock qty on hand at checkout(as soon the item is scanned it will show the qty in stock of the products)

• You can add more features .

• Track inventory location.

Console Task manager for all to do (one page only subtitled) admin only.

space to add notes on all

• All in one to do task page (with subtitled of: Specials orders, purchase orders and reorder points orders outside. As soon we make the order the link will disappear or change the color example red to green)

• From one simple console page the administrator only can control all to dos.

• Console for all orders needs to be processed (link the specials orders, items out the stock, items reorder point etc) . • You can add more features

Employee admin only space to add notes on all

• Split Commissions. Commissions for Repair orders already paid and sold items only

• Employee Scheduling

• Track affiliate commissions as store credit (The customers or friend who recommend as to they friends)

• Manual Deduction x amounts from commissions and notes to any deduction to the technician (admin only)

• Manual entry of some bonus for the technician

• small console for the to dos for each technician (when one equipment is assigned to a technician it automatic showed in the this tech to do console . it console will be for individual tech) and manual add to do for each tech. . • You can add more features

Reports console: space to add notes on all

• Reports completed orders, in process, waiting for parts orders and none checked yet

• Report Customizable orders serviced outside the office completed and non completed (waiting for parts and track notes )

• Report Customizable repair orders ready for pickup.

• Report Customizable order ready for delivery

• Report Customizable orders waiting for parts

• Specials orders status report (easy to update the status by any employee)

• Equipments for more than 60 days in the shop automatic report to console

• Report of repair orders non-checked yet

• Report of the Technician commissions

• Reports of the affiliated commissions as store credit (no money only store credit)

• You can add more features

•Report of the layaway status list.

Hardware Requirements:

• Keyboard (any) • Mouse (any) • Scanner USB • Thermal Printer (example Epson III or IV) or Regular Laser Printer 81/2” X 11” • Touch Screen 15” (optional) -Pole display (optional)-Card reader (optional)

Habilidades: Programação C, Delphi, Visual Basic, Área de trabalho do Windows

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