Secure FTP backup Interface

The program is a backup program that backs up to a secure ftp server on the internet.

Almost all the SFTP part is done and working ok.

I need someone to re-do the GUI, get rid of bugs and I need a folder / file selection control which can save / load back sets.

MS Backup uses *.bks files. This is ideally what I'm wanting.

* The client user will need to be able to select files and folders (calculate the total size of selected files).

* No Server side work is required. The SFTP is a standard SFTP server.

* The file/folder selection saved to a backup set file (just like Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Backup).

* I would prefer to have the interface to function very similar to MS Backup.

* The program supports SSLv3 & TLSv1 to encrypt the FTP command & data channels. SSLv2 must be disabled & TLSv1 must be supported. This has been done already.

* If user's backup is going to exceed the amount of free space on the ftp server, the user needs to be notified before the backup process starts? They are advised that there is not enough free storage left & to delete an old backup set from the ftp server? This can be done by reading a text file on the sftp server. This file is read only to the user.

* The first time the application is started it needs to prompt the user to enter their username and password (if they do not have a username / password a link will take them to a webpage).

* Once the username and password is entered, the application needs to connect via SFTP to fetch a file. In this file is their settings and how my storage they have allocated to them.

* This value must be stored on the PC and is visiable on the status bar.

* Each time the user does a backup / restore this settings file will need to check checked if there has been any changes and if so, the setting on the PC will be changed also. Currently the application fetches this file each time the program is started. This current activity is not desired.

* The backup program must calculate the amount of free space available on the ftp server and display this in the status bar? If the size of the backup set exceeds the free storage available on the ftp server, the user will need some feedback before the backup process begins.

* The restore screen must display each backup set (the catalogue) & the user must be able to view what files are in the backup set (catalogue). This is done already and just needs to be presented nicely on screen.

* The user must be able to delete old backup sets on the ftp server also (eg from the restore screen would be best). This is done already and just needs to be presented nicely on screen.

Also the program needs to be able to restore.

Eg: the user selects the date of the backup and opens the backup catalogue. The user will then select files/folders they want to restore & restore options, (eg: overwrite, restore to different location) and start the restore progress. Most of this has been done already and just needs to be presented nicely on screen. However the file selection and control needs to be re-worked.

User feedback is required during the backup/restore process so the user knows the amount of data sent/received & the time it will take to either do the backup or restore. This is also partly done and just a Kb reading is displayed. I would like a progress bar with % and Kb sent / received while doing a remote backup / restore.

Program can be written in any language so long as it works on Windows 2000, XP & 2003 & Vista platforms.

The S-FTP's hostname/IP address will be hard-coded in the program. The program must handle accepting the SSL certificate connection initially then on future connections check & accept the certificate (if it's the same) without pop-ups' the server certificate. If the cert is different, it must display a pop-up requesting the user confirm the new certificate. The SSL cert part is mostly done but the window pops up everytime a connection is made which is excessive. I want this to appear the first time the application runs and never again.

* I can provide some example screen's of what I would like the application to look like.

* I will provide a test sftp account for the developer to test the sftp connection, etc.

I look forward to working with you.

A similar program can be seen at [url removed, login to view]

The exmaple is solely a SUGGESTION and not exactly what I'm after.

The first developer has advised the following:

To check the DLL file open the "*.dev" file in "Dev C++".


Softwares I have used are...

***Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition

***Bloodshed Dev-C++ version (You can use "Visual C++" if u want)


Before hiring a new person just make sure the person knows ...


1) Visual Basic 6.0.

2) C++ (win32).

3) How to make DLLs in C++ (win32).

4) How to call DLL functions from VB6 apps.

5) SSL programming using OpenSSL in C++.


Good knowledge on VB6 and C++ should be enough to add the File selection feature and solve the bugs I didn't have time to fix.

Habilidades: Programação C, Visual Basic, Área de trabalho do Windows

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