WiFi and LAN Chat/File Sharing App

I want a wireless wifi and lan chat/file sharing program made. It just has to be a basic program with no graphics,just a logo for the software icon. I will tell you the Name I want the software to be called.

How it will work,is when users load the program,they will have to choose "LAN" or "wifi" and can choose up to 5 folders to share(5 folders is the maximum. they have to choose at least 1 folder).

If they choose LAN,the program will automatically display all the computers ip addresses who are connected to the same access point in a list underneath each other on the left hand side. Then when users double-click on an IP address,all the folders that the person chose to share will be displayed on the right hand side.

Then users can browse the folder/s and see what files they want to download. When they find a file they want to download they have to double-click on the file and a popup box will load and ask them where on their computer they want the file to be saved to. Then they can download the file.

If they choose WiFi,then all the IP address on the wifi network cards will be displayed on the left and all other options will be the same as above.

The difference between WiFi and LAN, is that when users choose WiFi,it will work WITHOUT a wireless access point. The WiFi will be P2P with NO server. It will be Serverless and No need for IP Configuration. The wifi must work with most wireless network cards.

And also,everyone who wants to share files HAS to have this software running. If a person doesn't have this software running,then their IP address will NOT show up at [url removed, login to view] applies to WiFi and Lan.

Users also have the option of Renaming the IP addresses in THEIR list into names. for example,if an ip address is [url removed, login to view] they can right click on this IP address,and choose "rename" and rename it to Bob's Computer etc [url removed, login to view] maximum name length is 10 characters. They can choose whatever name they want and it CAN include numbers,but NOT special characters like $ * @ etc etc. Users CANNOT rename their OWN computer,it has to stay as their IP address.

Their OWN IP address will be displayed in a seperate Box at the bottom left hand side and the box will say "MY IP ADDRESS is".

Of course,all these changes will be GONE once a user closes the software,so they will have to rename everytime they open the software.

The IP address list will be Refreshed every 5 seconds,so if new computers come online,it will take 5 seconds for their IP address to show up in the list.

I also want a popup box to displayed when users start the program. The popup box cannot be closed until 10 seconds has been. The popup box will say this:

"This software is free and will always be free and you do NOT have to donate any money,but we do appreciate your donations"

Then i want a Moneybookers box( i will give you moneybookers html code) underneath the text telling people to signup for moneybookers(if they already haven't) and email your donation to my email address(i will tell you this).When you first signup for moneybookers you have to verify your credit card in the currency of Euros(only once),so if your credit card doesn't show Euros,just go to google and search for a currency converter".

And with BOTH wifi and LAN, I want users to be able to send Instant messages to each other. They can't send any pictures or emotions,just TEXT. There will be NO message history. Once a user receives a message,they have to Close the message box and there will be NO History. They CAN receive multiple messages from different computers at the same time.

IF users do NOT want to receive any messages,there will be an option for them to tick a box and then they WON'T receive any messages anymore until they untick the box.

I DON'T need any lan or wifi encryption.

Users also have the option of Password protecting their folders. So when they choose their folder/s to share,ask them if they would like to password protect their folders. They can choose YES or [url removed, login to view] tell them this:

"If you password protect your folders,only those who know your password will be able to access your files"

So when users double-click on folders that have a password,they will have to type in the password to view the folder/s.

The Program has to work on Windows 98SE,Windows ME,Windows XP,Windows Vista. BEFORE i pay you, I need to see a Video DEMO(upload to youtube) of the software running on at least Windows 98SE and also I need to see it run on Windows XP and also I need to see if run on Windows Vista.

I do NOT want this software to have an INSTALLER. I just want to be an .exe file that runs when users double-click on it. They WILL NOT have to install this. So they can double-click on it if it's on their harddrive or usb memory stick.

When users download files I want it to show a Progress bar to show how much Percent of the file has been downloaded.

Also you need to give the software a version number that you add into the binary file.( you need to tell me the version number)

Most importantly,this software HAS to work with routers(for LAN) and software firewalls(windows firewall,zone alarm etc). So make sure you test this software works with these.

Only 1 file can be downloaded at a time. Users CAN still receive instant messages when they are downloading a file.

The software just has to have a HELP tab inside the software. Just call it "help". When users click on HELP it will say this:

"Computers that want to share files must have this software installed. If you don't have this software installed, your computer will not be detected".

"You can rename IP addresses to any name you want by right-clicking on the ip address and choosing "rename".

I pay using GAF escrow only.

Habilidades: .NET, Programação C, Visual Basic, Área de trabalho do Windows, Wireless

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I didn't read it complete but i'm completely exprienced in network programming !

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I have read the requirements and posted some clarification question. I am bidding the max for now and may change my bid after the clarification questions are answered.

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