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Simple program For creating code to web page.

This program should run on Windows 7.

First program must ask codefile

Then program should ask datafile

Then it ask from what line to start

then it ask how many lines proses

Codefile is simply txt file what contain html and script and target words like 000000 (6x 0), adname,vkname and vkurl

Datafile is xml where is data what replace target word.

Program need ini file (same folder where program is) in this ini file program tell what is target word and where it can be found. Exsample:

00000 A

adname B

vkname C

vkurl D

Now program must read codefile in memory. replace every 000000 with number what should find on datafile Cell A1 or if start from line number is given 4 then program must start from A4 Next program do same with all those target words what it finf ini file.

When all target words are replaced program write result file (simple txt) to this part of file.

program add 1 to done counter

Then program look if lines proses number is equal as done counter

if not program start again reading codefile in memory (note codefile cant be saved anywhere else than resultfile) and this loop continue as long as lines proses number is equal as done counter.

If I made misstake in this explanation you should be able to locate it ;) This was joke I didnt make mistake by purpose...

I dont care what langue you want to use...

Habilidades: Programação C, Programação C#, Programação C++ , Desenvolvimento de Software, VB.NET

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