C Code for MSP430 Target Board linked to (3) LS7366R Counters IC via SPI

This the project needs to be composed on latest release for IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench (download is with KIT from Texas Instruments). The MSP430F2013 CPU has 16-bit RISC architecture that is highly transparent to my application.

Result: C code written for MSP430F2013 Target Board from Texas Instruments (part number MSP-eZ430D), detachable part of eZ430-F2013 Development Tool (Web Site: [login to view URL]) that zipped to single file (including project configuration for IAR).

This file must contain all files to be able to open with IAR Systems, Embedded Workbench from Texas Instruments (comes with ez430 USB KIT. Web site: [login to view URL]).

I need to develop the interface (SPI Bus) from MSP430 Target Board to LSI_CSI 32-bit Quadrature Counter with serial interface ([login to view URL] ) .

I will supply all hardware! I will need your address for this shipment.

I will need code to support three 32-bit Quadrature Counters (LS7366R) remotely (with chip select selection) from Daughter Board (MSP430 Evaluation Board EZ430-T2012). The issue here is that the LSI counter will have unknown value (LSI has separate power supply and most of the time will be ON) in counter register for each single power up for Target Board (ez430). The register in microcontroller that will be holding internal virtual counter that will be with reset feature that set value to zero. The actual count in virtual counter goes both directions to positive numbers from zero and to negative from zero while the value in LSI counter is always goes in positive numbers to max value and back to zero (closed loop). The additional feature: scaling counter. The scaling ratio should be available to convert the value from virtual counter to scaling counter. Another feature: the interrupt signal from LSI counter IC should be configured to initiate the communication. Since the address for Chip Select signal will be configured with I/O port the address protocol needs to be initiated first to be able to access to corresponding LSI counter IC.

Prior that the I/O port will be used to request the address of interrupt. The LSI counters will count without any communication with MSP430 and microcontroller will read the value upon interrupt from LSI counters in order the interrupt was received. On power up the LSI counter IC should be checked for complete configuration. If configuration does not match to default, the configuration has to be run over on all LSI counters prior all algorithms are activated.

[login to view URL]

USB Stick EZ430-F2013

Daughter Boards: MSP430 Evaluation Board EZ430-T2012

[login to view URL]

I have already some code developed for this Daughter Board. I also have already developed and tested Display Module hardware working with C code. All I need is to add new feature, to be able to read the data from remote Counters (LSI). Microcontroller on MSP430 Evaluation Board, MSP430F2013TPWR, already works perfectly with up to 3 Display Boards to indicate the value of the internal Counter. But I need to develop one more interface to LS7366R. I will send all hardware prior release of finalized code with all features. But at the beginning we will work on hardware I have. We also need to develop the concept prior I build new prototype. Project Description:

My PCB board will be designed bt me with all chips in place. I just need help with the C code. Max bid for first phase is $100 !!! Many more Phases (up to 12 within one year period) will be added later. Each phase will be $100.

Habilidades: Algoritmo, Programação C, Software Integrado, Microcontrolador

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