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Simple flash tool

Simple brief:

My website displays jpg images, each image features several random people.

I am looking for a very simple flash tool that enables users to indicate (in a photo displaying several people) which of the people in the photo is themselves.

The user clicks on their face in the photo and submits the form. The x and y co-ordinates of their mouse click are passed to a form action page where I will update my table. (you don’t need to do any table or layout stuff as I can take care of all that) – I just need a flash move and a form that passes the co-ordinates.

You do not need to change the image in any way, you merely display the image, record the x/y co-ordinates of where the user clicks and pass that data via a form.

Languages involved:

My site is written in Coldfusion 7.

Ideally I want this written in an early version of flash so that anyone with (even an old version) of flash can use this tool.

How the flash tool is to perform:

The flash tool will display a jpg image

users can click anywhere on the image

clicking on the image causes an oscillating* red circle to appear (centred on where they clicked) and 2 variables are set x_coord and y_coord (relative to the bottom left hand corner of the photo)

if they click again (elsewhere on the photo) the first circle simply disappears and is replaced by a new circle (centred on their new click) and the 2 (x_coord and y_coord ) variables are updated

when they click the submit button x_coord and y_coord are passed via a form

Whilst mouseing over the photo (when they have NOT clicked ie x_coord and y_coord EQ null), the cursor is to have a tool top extending from it with the text “click on your face”. This tool tip is to be a gif of approx 100 px wide by 15 px high.

Whilst mouseing over the photo (when they HAVE clicked ie x_coord and y_coord NEQ null), the cursor is to have a tool top extending from it with the text “now click finished, or click again to move the red circle”. This tool tip is to be a gif of approx 100 px wide by 30 px high.

*oscillating red circle. Once a user has clicked somewhere on the photo, the location that they clicked on is marked with an ossilating red circle. Ie a red circle centre x_coord,y_coord of ever changing diameter, going from quite small to quite big and back again in a constant loop. Eg smallest diameter = 10 pixels, largest diameter = 80 pixels, steps = 10 pixels.

I would also like you to write some flash detection code, if a user does not have flash I will divert them to another page. (you only need to write the flash detection code, not the page it diverts to – I will take care of that).

Variables for you to work with:

[url removed, login to view]

Eg img src = “photos/#variables.photoID#.jpg”

Form action = “[url removed, login to view]”

Variables to pass in the form = x_coord, y_coord, photoID

You do not need to write “[url removed, login to view]” I will do that you just need to pass the variables to that page please.

admin page:

I also need an admin page that shows the administrator where the user clicked.

SELECT x_coord, y_coord, photoID

FROM tbl_faces

WHERE photoID=#url.photoID#

<img src = “photos/# rs_faces.photoID#.jpg”

positions an oscillating* red circle (like the one described above) centred on rs_faces.x_coord, rs_faces.y_coord

You don’t need to make this page look pretty – I will do all the layout stuff later.

Any queries then please email me, thanks very much

Habilidades: Adobe Flash, Cold Fusion

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