ESL Course Construction

I'm looking for someone who has ESL (English as a Second Language) experience, preferably a certified instructor, online course design and writing experience to take ESL course material I currently have and repurpose/touch it up for inclusion in a new Moodle based course.

What I have:

* The ESL material (on another web site)

* An outline structure of the lessons and courses

* A sample of how I want the material delivered

What I need you to do:

* Use the ESL material and lesson/course outline structure provided and rewrite the material to fit the sample deliverable.

* Write bridging/lesson introductions where needed.

There are approximately 6 courses of 8-9 lessons each for which this needs to be done.

In your bid, please be very explicit with regard to telling me what ESL, course design and writing experience you have, including your resume if you think that will help.

I've attached a sample file.

## Deliverables

Below is a sample of what I am looking for for one lesson from one course. Remember that I have the course outlines and material. All I'm looking for is to take the material and format it to something similar as below:

[lessontitle]Lesson 5: What, Who, and Where

In this lesson you will learn about:

* How and when to use what when forming a question

* How and when to use who when forming a question

* How and when to use where when forming a question

You will also find practice questions about the verb what, who, and where questions.

[pagetitle]What? and Who?

Two of the most common question words in English are what and who. It is important to know when to use what and when to use who. Here is how to decide:

What ....? = things

Who .....? = people

[pagesubheading]Short Forms

Written Form or spoken for emphasis


Form (spoken)

What is


Who is


It is


*These are also the short forms for what has, who has, and it has, but here they refer only to what is, who is, and it is.

Some common what and who questions include:

Who is this?

What is his/her name?

What nationality is he/she?

[pagetitle] Where

Another common question word is where. Where is used for places the way that what is used for things and where is used for places.

What ....? = things

Who .....? = people

Where � = places

Some common where questions include:

Where do you come from? = Where you were born or raised

Where do you live? = Where you live now

For example:

I come from Japan, but I live in the United States.

[pagetitle]What? Who? Where? Questions and Responses

If you are asked the following questions, here are some sample responses. Sometimes people only give a one-word answer to these questions, so those responses are also included.


One-word Answer

Short Answer

Long Answer

Who are you?

Akiko Yamaguchi.

Iâm Akiko Yamaguchi.

I am Akiko Yamaguchi.

What's your name?

Akiko Yamaguchi.

It's Akiko Yamaguchi.

My name is Akiko Yamaguchi.

Where are you from? OR

Where do you come from?


From Japan.

I am from Japan.

Where do you live?

Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles.

I live in Los Angeles.

What nationality are you?


Iâm Japanese.

My nationality is Japanese.

[pagetitle]What? Who? Where?: Practice

Click on the words and punctuation in order to form a question. When you think your question is correct, click on "Check" to check your answer. When your answer is correct go on to the next one.

[question content]

1. come ? do where you from

2. what name ? is your

3. you do ? where live

4. you &nbsp...

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