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(17) 600 word articles on bursaries.

## Deliverables

We need (17) 600 word articles for below. I have titled some of the keywords that I prefer so you get an idea of what I'm looking for in the articles and others you can title them (you decide!). Put all URL's that you have used at the end of the articles. If you mention a particular bursary then give the URL at the end of each article. ( the reason being that we do not want the url's to be part of the word count when writing articles for us. This will be true for all future work projects which we assign to you. URL's can be given a ONE word count only). We also will verify if the Bursary is outdated. The main keyword is Bursaries or Bursary which is an educational award which you can define in article # 1. (in article #1 fully explain what bursaries are and the various kinds available so when read a student fully understands what it is) Overall: your audience will be students looking for bursaries to further their education. Where there are two keywords or more please use them in the articles interchangably. SEO all articles by using variations of the keywords - if possible ie... teaching bursaries - bursaries for teaching - bursaries in teaching - teaching bursary

I need each article structured as such below:


1) title each article with keyword in it

2) put keyword in first paragraph of each article. Keyword should be in the beginning, middle and towards the end of each article or more. Please do use variations of the keyword throughout your article for SEO purposes when possible. ie 'journalism scholarships' - 'scholarships for 'journalism' - ''journalism college scholarships' when possible.

3) 600 words per article

4) make sure the amount of each bursay or what it covers is in each article if it's the main busary your discussing.

5) do not put in boring criteria details (ie...applications must be sent in white envelopes along with 2 copies of applications etc)

6) do put in "important bursy criteria" which at a glance you can sum up the criteria. But leave out the standard boring bursary criteria details. Id rather have you talk more about the sponsor of the bursary and their mission then boring bursary details.

7) make sure the bursary application deadline is put in each article if you write about it -if possible.

8) Please DO LIST the URL of the bursay in the article which you wrote about (so students know where to go to apply) but please list the URL AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE ONLY!!!....right after the article (ie...Resources) "The URL is not to be counted as one of the 600 words".

9) Make sure that the bursary information comes from a reliable source and not from some obscure and outdated blog because it could be expired or discontinued. This will be checked and verified once the article is submitted to us.

10) TRY to write about more high profile bursaries or ones that award a large stipend when writing about the articles.

Your audience who reads these articles will be college bound students so your job is to try and make these articles as helpful and informative as possible so they can hopefully discover a bursary they can apply too.


**keyword:** bursaries - (title it) - What are Bursaries

**keyword:** bursaries for 2011 OR 2011 bursaries OR bursaries 2011- Top Bursaries for 2011 - can use interchangably!


keyword:** student bursaries OR bursaries for students - can use interchangably!

**keyword**: government bursaries - (title it) - What are Government Bursaries and how they Work

**keyword:** sasol bursaries - How to get Sasol Bursaries

**keyword:** online bursaries

**keyword:** teaching bursaries

**keyword:** accounting bursaries OR accountancy bursaries OR bursaries in accounting OR bursaries for accounting - can use interchangably!

**keyword:** engineering bursaries OR bursaries for engineering - OR bursaries in engineering - can use interchangably!

(keywords to also mention in this article:chemical engineering bursaries,civil engineering bursaries, mechanical engineering bursaries)

**keyword:** nhs bursaries -

**keyword:** social worker bursaries or social work bursaries

**keyword:** university bursaries or bursaries for university - can use interchangably!

**keyword:** telkom bursaries

**keyword:** canadian bursaries

**keyword:** nursing bursaries or bursaries for nursing - can use interchangably!

**keyword:** bursaries application forms - use also in the article bursary application forms for 2011 - bursary application forms - bursary application - bursaries application -

**keyword:** scholarships and bursaries or bursaries scholarships or bursaries and scholarships - can use interchangably!

Any questions on this one let me know.

Thank You!


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