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Cyprus is a perfect destination for a beach holiday. Along with white sand and clear blue seas, its beach resorts also host a good range of watersports. Whether you want a clubbing and beach holiday at a resort like Ayia Napa or would prefer to explore the alleyways full of traditional shops and cafes in Old Nicosia, Cyprus has something for everyone. .

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From the UK the average flight time is 4 hours and 30 minutes

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Troodos Mountains

Well-maintained trails wind up through the slopes of these ancient mountains past Byzantine churches and black pine trees. Surrounding the area, you will be able to enjoy the sights and smells of nearby cedar and pine forests. All of the painted churches of the Troodos are all little gems of craftsmanship set in breathtaking scenery. Panayia tou Araka - the church of Our Lady of the Pea - is a superb example and one of ten painted churches on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The church itself is tiny, and is dwarfed by its snow-proof roof and the wooden trellis that surrounds it. However, when you walk inside, the vibrant colors and the number of the frescoes takes your breath away. In winter Mt Olympus plays host to hundreds of skiers.

Kourion/Kolossi Castle

Ancient Kourion and the castle at Kolossi are both in the Limassol area and can be visited together in a day. They are just two examples of the wealth of history to be found in Cyprus. Kourion is one of the most spectacular archaeological sights on the island. This ancient city-kingdom has many ancient treasures including the Greco-Roman Theatre dating from the 2nd century BC, which has been fully restored. Other sights include baths, houses - some with beautiful mosaics and a stadium. The ruins at Kourion are to be found in breathtaking scenery overlooking the sea. As it is one of Cyprus' most popular tourist attractions, it's worth arriving early in high season. Kolossi Castle, Here you will encounter a military site that once stood as a Crusader fortress of the Knights of St. John, dating back to the 13th century.

Baths of Aphrodite

This is natural feature carved from limestone. Legend states that Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, used to take her baths here. This is where you will encounter a natural pool surrounding by plenty of land to explore.

Larnaca Fort

This small fort served as a prison during British occupation. It was however, originally built by the venations in the 15th century to protect the harbour. If you climb the wall you will get an excellent view of the town. There is also a small museum below the wall.

Limassol Castle

Built on the site of a Byzantine fort in the 14th century, this was where the marriage between kin Richard and Queen Berengaria took place.

Paphos Harbour and Castle

The harbour at Paphos attracts visitors all year round, who take the opportunity to walk along the quay and maybe visit one of the fish restaurants, taverns or cafes. The view is superb, with lots of colourful fishing boats bobbing in the harbour. The castle is in fact all that remains of a much earlier castle dating from 1391, which was demolished by the Venetians. The Ottomans used it as dungeons and the British as a warehouse for salt! It can be reached via a small bridge over a moat and is worth a visit for the view from the top.

The Paphos Mosaics

The colourful and intricate Roman mosaics to be found in Paphos are a must for all visitors to Cyprus. They were discovered by accident in the 1960's - further excavation revealed a number of Roman houses all with spectacular mosaics, depicting scenes from ancient mythology. The mosaics give a clue to the wealthy and opulent lives of some of the Roman Paphiots. The main sites are the House of Dionysos, the House of Aion and the House of Theseus. The mosaics can be found near the lighthouse and fortress of Saranda Kolones situated in close proximity to Paphos Harbour.

Akamas National Park

Studded with sandy bays, deep gorges and home to over 500 species of plants, 168 types of birds plus a host of other animals and insects this is a nature lover’s paradise. Akamas Peninsula in the summer is frequented by turtles, which makes it extremely popular.


When travelling throughout Cyprus, you will encounter a variety of golfing opportunities. Pissouri is situated close to two world-class golf courses - Tsada and Secret Valley. These courses offer a unique way to experience the natural beauty of the island as they blend in well with their surroundings.

Water sports

Sea sports are also very popular due to the calm and clear waters surrounding the island. You can take part in a comprehensive range of sports including water skiing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, speed boats, parachuting flights, scuba diving, wind surfing and sailing. Trained instructors are also on hand to offer assistance and tuition.

Waterworld Aqua Park (Protaras)

The theme is "Ancient Greece", with features such as "Poseidon's wave pool", "the Odyssey River", "Aphrodite's Bath" and more - the kids will love it.

Luna Park (Ayia Napa)

A large amusement park with rides for all ages, even toddlers.

Magic Dancing Waters (Protaras)

A magical show which is a spectacular combination of dancing waters, laser show, volcano eruptions, fire and smoke show.

Camel Park (Larnaca)

Enjoy a day at the Camel Park, swim in the pool, learn about the camel's life, feed the animals and experience a ride.

Paphos Aquarium (Paphos)

Enter a mysterious underwater world and experience life in the fascinating realms of the deep. Admire a spectacular array of colourful fish in a recreation of their natural environment.


Lacework and embroidery, pottery and woodwork, and jewellery. . . the artistic heritage of Cyprus is a reflection of the island's history and traditions that have endured for centuries. Most of the raw materials used in crafts, from copper to silk and cotton, are native to Cyprus. Since 1975 the government has actively strived to preserve local craftworks by creating the Cyprus Handicraft Service. They provide goods to the large Cyprus Handicraft Centre (Lefkosia) and official craft shops.

Cypriot lacework is prized for its quality and artistry and it is one of Cyprus' most famous exports. The village of Lefkara is particularly well-known for its embroidery, called Lefkaritika, take a wander around the streets and you will be invited into many of the shops. Embroidered lace, worked on off-white linen or cotton, makes for highly decorative tablecloths, curtains, doilies, placemats and dresser sets. A specialty of Paphos is Pafitika, fabric embroidered with geometric designs.

Pottery has been made in Cyprus continuously for thousands of years. Attractive pots come in all shapes and sizes. Terra cotta pieces with white decorations, copies of museum pieces, are popular gifts, as are copper wares, hand-painted gourds and handmade baskets, and jewellery with motifs from antiquity.

Zenon Kiteos street is the main shopping district of Larnaca. It is a bustling road of small shops and has a colourful market selling fresh produce at one end. Shopping is good in Limassol as it is a tourist city. For a village of its size, Pissouri is good for shopping. The smaller villages of Cyprus are the best places to pick up handcrafted Cypriot lace at a decent price. You will find most of the shops and services on Pl. Kennedy in Paphos. Other than souvenirs from Protaras, the best place to shop in this part of Cyprus is in near by Ayia Napa. Jewellery, leather goods and designer goods (at tax free prices) are some of the bargains you will find in Ayia Napa.

Bargaining is expected, be polite but firm and don't feel you should accept the first price Shop keepers are not naïve and will try and overcharge you if they think they can get away with it. Always shop around and don't display too much enthusiasm.


Everyone knows that Cyprus is famous for its food; the cuisine is a blend of flavours gathered from all over the Eastern Mediterranean. Cypriots cook with less oil than their Mediterranean neighbours. The cuisine is healthy apart from their love of syrup soaked pastries. All food is cooked fresh on a daily basis. The quality of fresh produce is excellent so why not try a local salad consisting of tomatoes, lettuce, olives, herbs, feta cheese and bell peppers.

Cyprus has so much to offer in the way of unique food that you may battle to decide between all the choices. One of the most popular ways to eat in this part of the world is to have a Meze, you are served a rich collection of appetizers and savouries in up to 20 saucer like dishes. For example various cheeses, like halloumi, kaskavalli or feta, tomatoes, olives, celery, sliced artichokes or smoked ham, houmous (ground chick peas, with olive oil and garlic), octopus (or squid), shrimps, fresh fish, such as barbouni (the delicious red mullet), succulent snippets of chicken or turkey; cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, seftalia (homemade sausage), koupepia (stuffed vine leaves). Popular mezes include Hellim cheese that is either: fresh, grilled or fried. Cacik, which is a mixture of yogurt, cucumber and mint. Chakistes, which is crushed green olives, is also common.

Taverns, restaurants and hotels offer French, Italian and "international" menus. But they take pride in preparing Cypriot food and specialties, especially in the taverns and the popular restaurants. These are some of the Cypriot dishes, which delight both tourists and residents alike.

In Latchi and nearby Polis travelers can sample the many locally made wines that are becoming increasingly popular overseas. Commandaria is a sweet dessert wine favoured by Richard the Lion Heart.

Some of the best and most popular meat dishes include:

Kleftico - lamb or goat roasted with vegetable in an outside oven

Sish Kebab - marinated lamb, skewered and grilled over charcoal

Souvla - lamb or goat cooked on a rotisserie

Souvlaki - pork grilled on a skewer

Sheftalia - small rissoles of mince, onions and spices wrapped in a 'skin' of gut, rather like small sausages.

Moussaka - the famous moussaka, slaps of aubergine and potato overlaid with mince and a white sauce.


Cyprus has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife. Exploring a destination can include checking out the entertainment. You will find traditional entertainment - folk music and dancing - at numerous taverns and restaurants in the cities as well as in many villages. Taverns offer a tantalizing selection of local food, and dessert is often on the house for visitors.

Ayia Napa is a resort in the eastern part of Cyprus now known as an international clubbing destination, widely recognized for its British House Garage sounds, up-and-coming DJs and festive atmosphere. The action usually gets started late - towards midnight, unless the club also doubles as a restaurant or cafe.

When travelling through Cyprus, you should know that there is a wealth of nightlife and art scene outlets to check out. If you want to find out what events will be available during the same time as your stay, you should look for a local publication that offers a schedule. Concierges at hotels also have all the information about the area.

We have included a selection of popular bars to visit in the resorts know for their nightlife:


Buzz Bar Established in 1998, this bar is visited by tourists, celebs and visiting football stars alike. Visiting DJs routinely make a guest appearance here and it is open until 2am.

Nissi Bay Cafe Bar An excellent choice for afternoon drinks overlooking the beach, as a bonus, the beer is relatively cheap.

Club Abyss This four level club has a massive guest DJ list and is extremely popular, one reason being - it has air conditioning.

Pzazz Club Playing mostly house and garage, this place is really popular and has a capacity for over 2000.

Luke Kelly When you are looking for a bar to settle in at, you should consider this spot in Ayia Napa. This is where you can enjoy a nice pint of Guinness, as well as a bunch of Irish music.

Grease Some of the music you will encounter here come from the likes of the Bee Gees, Michael Jackson and Madonna. A great place to strut your stuff on the dance floor.


The BaileySituated on the beach road in the shade of palm trees, you will no doubt enjoy the good food and music that make Irish pubs so popular.

Stone AgeThis pub is located at ground zero of the nightlife in Larnaca. All around it you will find places to drink, eat and party.

Club Memphis Located underground, here you will be able to dance to a range of music in a mass of people. Hosts wicked foam parties.


Rumours A very highly recommended bar, with great music, atmosphere and reasonably priced drinks.

The Auld Triangle This place is designed for a party with music ranging from the 60's to the latest hits. It attracts a crowd that ranges from the late twenties and upwards.

Whispers A large venue that hosts amazing foam parties. The music includes international and Greek hits and it is really popular.

Romeo's When you are looking for a dance club, you may want to check out this selection. On Friday and Saturday nights, you will be able to enjoy a great time filled with music.


BubblesOpen till late this place has a retro evening every Thursday with 70's and 80's hits, which is really popular.

Divas Music Bar Excellent staff with a great DJ and decently priced drinks makes this place a great choice for a night out.

The Gallery Situated in the back of Bubbles, this place hosts amazing foam and popcorn parties. It is a great place to go when the bars start to close, if you happen to be in Bubbles when it opens, entry is free.


Because of the 10% service charge levied in hotels and restaurants, a tip is not obligatory, but small change is always welcome. Taxi-drivers, porters, hairdressers etc., always appreciate a small tip


Electrical current is 240 volts. Square 13-amp three-pin plugs (UK-type) are used




(GMT+3) 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, this comes into effect on the last Sunday of March. After the summer months (last Sunday of October) the time is moved back 1 hour (GMT+2)


English & Greek

Language Description

The majority of Cypriots speak Greek (80%), and small percentages speak Turkish. The Greek Cypriot dialect differs from mainland Greece. English is widely spoken. French and German are also spoken within the tourism Industry.

We have put together a few useful phrases to help you communicate with the locals.

Hi/Hello/Goodbye Yassou Good Morning Kali Merrah Good Night Kali Nihta How are you? Boss ees-se? One Beer please Mia beer-a se parakalo

Thank you Epharisto Please Se Parakalo

I don't understand Greek Then kalavo elenika Do you speak English? Milas Angli-ga

How much (is it)? Bossah (eeneh)? I want to go to... Thello na

Restaurant Estiatorio Airport Ar-o-thromeeo

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

Ena, Theeo, Treea, Tessera, Bente, Exi, Efta, Octo, Enya, Theka

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