Adolesence past and present - Essay Project

Requirements for Essay:

Topic: adolesence past and present

Type: Term paper

Level: University

Style: APA

Sources: 5

Language: English(U.S.)


Research Paper: Adolescents Today and Yesterday The goal of this

assignment is to develop:

a) familiarity with interview procedures (an important component of

psychological research),

b) the ability to summarize interview data,

c) the ability to find good quality empirical, peer reviewed articles

on adolescent development and to understand the major aspects of these


d) the ability to relate recent adolescent research to the interview

data that has been collected in a critical, integrative, and

insightful way.

Context: Perceptions of adolescents have changed in recent history and

this may or may not affect our current understanding of adolescents.

Using the questions provided below, each student must interview:

1) an adolescent between the age of 18 to 20 years of age, and

2) an individual over the age of 65. Students may interview more

individuals if they wish. The interviews should not require more than

20 minutes of the individual’s time. All the questions listed below

must be asked; however, students may also include some of their own.


1) Summarize information collected from each interview and do a

critical analysis of similarities and differences between adolescents

from the different generations. Do the adolescent experiences from

today and yesterday differ? Are they the same? Make some preliminary

conclusions based on the interview data (1 or 2 paragraphs). This

entire section must be approximately 3 to 4 pages (double spaced).

2) Find a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed, empirical (research) articles

that are related to some of the questions posed to the interviewees

(e.g., peer relationships, romantic relationships, adolescents and

work, adolescent problems). The research articles must have been

published no more than 5 years ago (2004 or later) (please see me or

the T.A. for exceptions to this). Use these research articles to do a

critical analysis of the data collected from the interviews. Are the

interview findings consistent/inconsistent with the findings from the

research articles? Are the interview findings consistent/inconsistent

with what we know about adolescent development (based on the text)? Do

the findings from the research articles/information from the text help

you understand the interview data that you have collected? This

section must be approximately 3 to 4 pages (double spaced).

3) Based on the interview data and information from the research

articles/textbook, make some concluding remarks and provide an overall

summary (approximately one page double spaced).

4) At the end of your paper there must be appendices that include:

a) a copy of the interviews with all the questions that were asked

(with answers written verbatim or as close to verbatim as possible),


b) copies of the abstracts of the journal articles used. You must

include actual copies of the abstracts not a re-typed version. This

means that the first page of each research article that is used must

be included in the appendix.

Failure to include a) and b) will result in a marks deduction.

Other Guidelines:

1. You can use subheadings for each section if you wish but they MUST

BE in APA style (5th edition). Make sure the three different sections

are well integrated and logically connect to each other. Marks

deductions will result if your paper appears to be “three papers in


2. You must provide a reference page at the end of the document which

MUST BE in APA style (5th edition). A marks penalty will be imposed if

the reference page and reference citations in the paper do not follow

correct APA style, or contains a substantial number of errors in the

use of APA style.

3. Double space the ENTIRE paper (so NO EXTRA spaces) except for the


This means the reference page too! PSYC 3510H: Development of

Adolescents and Young Adults Interview of Adolescent: 1

1. How do you feel about school? How much time do you spend doing

homework? What do you plan to do when you graduate?

2. Do you have a part-time job? If so, how many hours a week do you

work? Do you want to work?

3. What kind of clothes do your friends wear? How important is fashion to you?

4. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? If so, how old were you when

you began dating? If not, why? When are you allowed to go on a date?

What do you do on a date?

5. How do you spend your free time?

6. When you get together with your friends, what do you do?

7. What is your biggest problem in life right now?

8. What do you see as the main difference between yourself and

teenagers 50 years ago? What do you think of today's teenagers?

Interview of Senior:

1. Did you attend high school? Did you want to? What kinds of subjects

did you study? What kind of homework did you get? Did most of the

adolescents in your neighborhood go to high school?

2. How many hours per week did you work (not including school-related

work)? How much did you contribute to the family income? Did you want

to go to work?

3. What were your clothes like? Were you concerned about fashion?

4. Did you date in high school? At what age were you allowed to date?

What did you typically do on a date?

5. How did you and your friends spend your free time?

6. What was your most nagging problem as a teenager?

7. What do you see as the main difference between the teenagers of

today and yourself as a teenager? What do you think of today's


Please use this link for sources, this contains peer reviewed journals.

[url removed, login to view]

User name: syracuse

Password: student

If you can access the EBSCO databases then you can find some Peer

Reviewed Journals. Its very important to do this assignment. Because I

didn't have anyone to do this assignment.

Other Sources are also welcome but peer reviewed sources is a must.

Pages: 8



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