** Straight To The H-E-A-R-T Health Nuts / Fanatics Wanted For High Caliber Content **

ATTN: Individuals Serious About Health Topics Of All Sorts:

(Second - Repeat Post Thanks to the Abrupt Closure of our Last Post Due To an Adminastrative Detail - Doh!) Please CONTACT us Again, if still interested. We are pressed for time NOW.

Please pay attention to the details listed below, as this post swims upstream compared to the typical freelance job normally posted here. If you do not qualify, seek amusement elsewhere.

CASH IN YOUR POCKET: My firm is seeking high caliber articles ATYPICAL of the standard, who gives a flying hoot, roll your eyes to the back of your head, keel over and puke with disgust B.S. found on the internet by the tens of thousands. Obvious, general, slapped together in 20 minutes or less, cookie-cutter, yanked from an article database and reworded, embarrassingly basic content writers need NOT apply.

YOUR QUALIFICATIONS: You need not be degreed, nor must you be a doctor, dietician, pilates instructor, etc. to qualify to write such content. If you are undeniably dedicated to your own health, take specific actions in your life to extend your longevity, increase your energy, eat healthily, lose weight, practice environmentally friendly living, cook scrumptious - good for you meals for your family, read and are current on health trends, have discovered secret remedies of your own, practice alternative medicine, are a vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, et-cetera, et-cetera, my firm has DEEP pockets to add to your income and too many ongoing writing projects to count. Imagine how much work you'd ideally like to be paid for. . . now TRIPLE it. That number, is still low in our world.

QUALITY WILL BE REWARDED. Well thought, insightful, in the know, articles NO shorter than 850 words. If you reside in North America and are chosen to be one of our dedicated writers, we will shower you with bonuses of all sorts ( as my firm and Clients by referral only cover a wide spectrum of niches and the access alone to what we are privy to would make many PAY US to do the work) above and beyond payment. Again, we want quality.

If you are especially passionate about a subject, or have always wanted to dive waist deep in the research of a topic, w-r-i-t-e until your wrist cramps. Unlike the herd mentality on the internet who are searching for content providers, we DO NOT care about SEO. Keywords, density, etc., is nothing we want you to worry about. If needed, we can adjust and adapt to make your work most leveraged for us.

WRITING STYLE. We are interested more in what you have to say, rather than if you "end your sentence with a preposition", or not. Any other words, don't concern yourself or be at all intimidated by the task of being a writer. Yes, basic spelling and proof-reading is necessary, but not to such a degree that you sacrifice the caliber of the article. Apply simple common sense and all will be fine.

A TYPICAL ASSIGNMENT: We'll give you a 1, 2 or 3 word topic. We'll include 5 - 10 specific , questions we want addressed, written about fluidly and solved within your response / content / article. We may ask for more clarification, or follow up with additional questions sparked by your research - which we have no issue paying you MORE for, above and beyond the original assignment. Again, don't fuss with key-wording, or keyword density - - we have experts on staff who can mop the floor with our competitors.

In this particular case, readership will be in the U.S. and terminology, colloquialism and expressions should be handled accordingly.

DIGITAL RIGHTS AND COPYRIGHTS. All work created and paid for by us, will become property of ours to be used in any manner. I must stress that your work must be original - - not copy and pasted, lifted, passed off as your own if it is not, "copyright-free", "public domain", nor would it make any sense or be worth any investment of time on your part to try to pull the wool over our faces. We take copyrights, patents and trademarks very seriously. In short we are not a nickel and dime pony show - - but a marketing firm who is all lawyered up both here in North America and Internationally. We have no issue prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law anyone who intentionally crosses the line and puts us (or those we represent) in harms way. Most would agree it is not worth losing your house and the clothes on your back, simply to make a quick buck. Just be honest, and all will be fine.

PAYMENT: Initially we would like to see a sample of your work, on this topic, or not. You should send it to us or provide a direct link for browsing on the web. Article submissions can be in either Word(TM) or as a Rich Text File, sent directly to the email provided, if chosen. If we are impressed by, or you demonstrate what we are looking for, we'll issue one sample assignment. Deadline is determined by you, but within reason (no more than 10 days per article). But until, your work is submitted, we are unable to give you your money. Thus, you decide if you want to make more money or less money, and if you want to make it sooner, or later. That choice is yours. Upon completion of that assignment, we will either hire you or not. If you are one of the lucky ones, we'll dump work into your lap until you tell us to stop. If your sample is less than ideal, we'll part ways. All work submitted is ours to keep, use and copyright.

YOUR "RISK": We are in the business of pleasing our high-end Clients, most of which are by referral only, and fatten their wallets, sitting quietly in the shadows, not saying a word about how they are doing it. WE are their secret weapon.

If you would be interested in providing the kind of work we are seeking, we have the means to employ you for a lifetime of work if you can match or exceed our high standards. Your only "risk", if you consider it to be one, is that you may invest the time creating one article as a requested sample, and not be paid for the sample. On the upside, if you prove you are able to put your heart into the sample assignment given, you'll be rewarded with well paid, constant work.

Again, we are seeking multiple, high caliber content providers.

Payment will range from $3 to $20 dollars (USD) per article. We are most interested in finding dedicated, focused on OUR work, competent, healthy individuals who want to be paid and taken care of for doing something they are passionate about. If needed, we can pay you at a discount until your standard of writing meets ours, and increase your income as you improve. Payment, will be issued 5 days after your work is accepted and approved, usually sooner, but Client load determines our free time, or lack their of.

If 50 writers apply to this post and 50 are proven to be qualified and what we are looking for, we have the full ability of hiring all 50 (or more). Our need is NOW. Our post will have a long term deadline, to cast the widest net possible and find those who are most right for us, but that said, if you are seeking immediate income, we are able to pay immediately and long term if you are a good fit for this assignment and can deliver the goods, as specified.




If you are intrigued by this posting and want to take part, but have no or little interest in the topics of health previously stated, contact us, and tell us WHAT specifically you are passionate about (like it runs through your veins kinda passion) and we may have a need for your writing as well. Our most profitable niches are a wide and obscure spectrum, thus, you may very well be an excellent match for us after all, despite not being a health fanatic.




In hind sight, after initially posting this inquiry for health / fitness / nutrition / exercise FANATICS, I should have stressed that we would consider ourselves especially lucky if we could find content providers who not only had the described passion surging through their veins, but also be based either in the USA or CAN. The reasoning being, that YOU might be receptive to writing from our own research, article pulls, similar writings, etc.. Material we can quickly mail and put in your hands. Plus, it would be easier to deliver rewards for jobs well done and continued loyalty, than if you were on the other side of the world (we're in Ohio). NOT to deter individuals who are NOT in the vicinity, at all.

Thanks in advance,

Have an exceptional day.



P.S. We are receptive to your questions and comments. Please be patient - - as we are completely booked for the next two weeks with product launches and commercial debuts, but will be monitoring your response. Serious inquiries only; tire-kickers, the curious, big-talker-no-action jokers will be red-flagged, ignored and not given the time of day.

P.S. This could be a long-term, take it to the bank, regular gig. Invest in your response, when you contact us. Obviously, a copy and pasted response, emphasizing genralities won't impreesed us. We won't spend our most precious commodity -- time -- chasing individuals who have little interst in us and could give a hoot if they get the job or not. Invest in us, we'll invest in you.

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