custom 3d animation program

i am in the process of creating a unique online fitness program and am about to go into testing the product in a live environment.

currently however the program does not have any graphics to compliment the listed exercises, after much deliberation about what to use images, video or virtual reality i have decided that vertual reality is the best option providing somebody can supply the following.

i am looking for a program that has a detailed 3d model (wearing gym apparel) that can be manipulated anatomically i.e like a human can move such as sitting, stand, lying, bending over, elbow flexion/extension, shoulder rotation etc etc.

i need the program to allow me to move the model however i needed it to move and create a short film as a result, so my intent would be to place the model in any position to begin and then start recording frame by frame changes to the positioning i.e move the requested joint slightly and next frame thus eventually creating an exercise.

the final recording when finished will need to be saved as a flash file to be uploaded to the web site.

in addition to this i need to be able to adjust the postion of the recording camera i.e to record from any postition around the model, zoom in zoom out and finally to be able to place custom images as the background that the animation will appear on.

after searching the web and finding numerous 3d software solutions for this i am confidant that it can be done however i neither need all the applications a full program offers and do not have the time or skills needed to create my own model as requested above.

my limited experiances of 3d animation software include only the free java applet art of illusion.


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