Customer Database Project - simple document creation and info mgmt


Preferably using open office base. Can accept other formats.


as soon as possible. Need it immediately but no later than April 14th.

I have an eBay drop store and am trying to generate a database for basic customer management to control the flow of information and stop the deluge of paperwork being generated.

Software Concept:

While customer is in store:

I would like to have the program generate a packet (new customer information, contract (with two pages of signature), item details, and what to expect page) to print that I can have the customer fill out that I then enter into the computer. That means I need to get a few basic items in place (customer id and name) so that I can generate the customer item inventory page (one that I give them so they have proof I have possession of their items) shows item number, date, brief description, and estimated value (this would be created after they fill out item details and I do very preliminary research). Also need to input the customer commission structure.

After customer leaves:

Pictures of the item(s) stored under the unique item id (thinking using customer id and then a 3 digit code 1001-001 for each item they bring in). Will need to upload pictures and store url for pictures (would be cool if it could do this automatically). Number of pictures will vary but will range between 2-15 per item. Ebay listing stratedy (date to list, time period, options to use, minimum price, and misc). Then will need to generate a packing list (shows brief description, picture, packing list if multiple items per sale, and estimated value. Then gives place to list packing materials, packing instructions, weight, dimensions, and packed by with date – Random Stuff – Item Description Form).

[packing page will be filled out and item packaged then ebay listing will be created] Once the listing is created for the item- other things to store based on item Ebay item #, link to the listing, Cost of listing, Date posted, date ending. Also want the program to store a pdf of the final auction (will print from online).

generate an email for the client when the item lists.

Would like to have a way to show current auction and unpaid clients (this isn't very thought out and is something that will need to be tweaked as I want it simple).

Once auction ends:

Store the buyers mailing address, create a shipping form to put on the box for MBE to use (more shipping details such as method, Residential / business, package value, info from before weight, size..., and date shipped.

Generate an email for the client when the item sells (with estimated time line and disclaimer that the customer hasn't paid yet and the sale is not final).

generate a letter and final amount to pay to the customer based on item sells and commission structure (shows individual items and a total amount)

New Customer Form

Auto generated unique id (to also be used with item numbers)

Name (first, last)







Driver's License

# and State

prompt to scan in jpg and store with customer *must have

Email address

Phone #s




Customer Since (autofill)

Opt-in for newsletter

How to handle unsold items

how did they hear about us (blank note to type in)

Filled in by – Mark / Stephen

New Item Form

Customer Name or Customer ID

Brief Item Description


Detailed Item Description



Serial #



Special uses

Collectors' info

Potential buyers

Special handling needs

Minimum amount willing to accept

Date Received

Ebay options for item

Info: All services include pictures, gallery, packaging, and shipping services.

Minimum price

If item doesn't sell, there will be a cost associated

Ebay sale type

Reserve price

We start the auction at a price lower than your desired price, which generates more buyer activity. Not guaranteed to sell.

Open auction

Item will sell; however, it may not earn the desired price.

“Buy it Now” price (optional)

Set a price (usually above the minimum price) that you would be willing to accept immediately. May help you receive your earnings from the item faster.

Proof of possession page

Indicates cost if not sold (for items with minimum prices)

Indicates commission, per item, if sold (as percentage or exact dollar value, as necessary)

Indicates Random Stuff, Inc. has possession of item(s)

Photos (random stuff internal)

Item may have any number of photos

Photo layout:

Some Directory


[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]


I figure software will take 2-3 revisions before I am able to have the functionality I need.


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