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411415 Groupon/ LivingSocial Clone

The site we are looking to have built for us will be very similar to the collective buying website livingsocial.com. We prefer to work with a company that has a strong track record. It is also a plus if you have already developed a “bug-free” collective buying website that is user friendly. When you bid on our job, please keep in mind that we are also paying for the code and expect to take ownership of the code. Our site will be like [url removed, login to view] with the following additions or deletions:

1) Our site won't include the “Things to Do” box found on [url removed, login to view]'s home page.

2) Our site won't show how many of an item was purchased for the public to see on the website, even though this will be tracked in the back office.

3) Our site will have the following additions:

Charity/Non-Profit Section of the Webpage:

• “Choose a Charity” link on the homepage to allow subscribers to read and learn about different non-profits and the project that charity would like us to help fund. It also includes follow-up articles of how the awarded money was used in each instance. Every city has its own “Choose a Charity” section for the charities/non-profits in its area.

• Ability for subscribers to cast a vote for the charity project of their choice each time they make a purchase on the site (“x” percent of the total purchase will be added to the Charity Counter). (If they don't choose a charity, no charity receives any revenue from that sale and that revenue goes to the website company.

• Ability for the system to award the monetary prize (“x” dollars) to the first charity project in the contest to reach the pre-established financial goal. For example, if $500 is being awarded, then the winner would be the first nonprofit to get $500 from its percentage of sales.

• Ability to post articles, photos and or a video for each charity in the current contest. System should be able to easily change the number of charities in each contest from 2 to 25.

• Ability to post articles, photos and or a video for each winner after they've put their reward to good use. This would be on the website under the heading of “Past Winners”.

• A dollar counter on the homepage and on the charity/non-profits home page that keeps track of the total amount of money the website has raised for charity.

• A dollar counter on the homepage and on the charity/non-profits page that keeps track of the total amount of money raised in the current charity contest.

• Ability to place “x” percent of a sale into a special fund for charity.

Database Builder via Charity Campaign Drive:

The system should include tracking and accounting tools to allow us to hold campaigns to build our email database and award charitable organizations in that particular city.

Here's how the “campaign” works. Our website partners with local non-profit organizations to help them raise money for their cause. The campaign has a start and an end date. During the campaign period, members of that non-profit run a recruitment drive to get people to sign up for our daily emails.

Every nonprofit who partners with us will be included on a page, alphabetically, where each subscriber can choose up to five nonprofits to support. If they choose just one charity, 100% of the money goes to that one charity, they choose two and the two charities split the proceeds 50-50, choose three and it's 1/3, 1/3, 1/3, etc.

During the campaign period, the charity receives “x” dollars for every purchased made by subscribers who listed that charity as one of their charities in their profile.

If a subscriber un-subscribes before the end of the contest period, the charity receives none of the proceeds from that subscriber.

At the end of the contest period, the system computes how much each charity is to be awarded.

Every person who subscribes during the charity campaign drive is still eligible to receive the “x” deal dollars awarded for each subscriber they invited to join.


Tracking tools should also be used to have contests to encourage subscribers to get others to both subscribe and to buy from the site. Our website needs to be built so that it can regularly give away trips and other valuable prizes to subscribers who make purchases on our site.

• Contest #1- Random Drawing: Site should have the ability to randomly award a prize based this criteria: Subscriber receives one entry for each purchase during the contest period and one additional entry for each purchase that came from one of that subscriber's referred friends. From the entries based on purchases, one winner is selected randomly and notified by email.

• Contest #2- Most Active Friend Referrals: This contest is for the subscribers who are the most successful in referring friends and getting those friends to make purchases on the site. The subscriber's profile page should inform that subscriber how many active subscribers they are from being in first place.

Other than that which was detailed above, we want the clean design, functionality and ease of use of our site to mirror livingsocial.com. Read on…


• Similar to [url removed, login to view]

Administrative System:

• The ability to control the site through an interface, with a secure login, so that an administrator can login remotely and update anytime (content management system).

• The ability for an administrator to create one or more new Deals for the City (a main deal and one or more side deals) for which they have permission through the content management system.

• The ability to have one or more advertisements on the site and to schedule the advertising for at least 20 days out.

• The ability for an administrator to create a deal by filling some details (discussed more below in Deal Features) such as starting date, duration of the deal (in hours, could be more than 24 hours) or in number of deals sold (business may opt to allow a maximum number of deals to be sold within the time period)

• The ability for an administrator to remove the previous day's deal from each city.

• The ability to specify key terms and conditions (cost per coupon, quantity of coupons available, etc.)

• The ability to view all members, their contact details, and coupons purchased on the back end.

• The ability for an administer to schedule at least 20 future deals on specific dates in the future. Scheduled deals will be shown at “Today's Deal” page on provided date for each city.

Manage CMS Contents:

• Built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor to manage contents of the site like “about us', “contact us”, “terms of use” pages. What you see is what you get HTML editor creates and edits your documents just like you were writing a document in a word-processor. Add tables, images and formatted text without any knowledge of HTML.

Product Management & Deal Features:

• No required buying quantity

• Each coupon will be emailed to the customer and will need the following fields: Coupon#, Picture or pictures; Price Paid (by the member); % Savings; Purchased; Short Description; website logo, Address of the Business and Phone Number, Remaining Time, Share deal through email, Facebook, Twitter functionality; Address of the Business (with small Google Map integration tied to the address with ability to zoom in and out.), Key Terms & Conditions (please see [url removed, login to view] under “fine print”)

• The ability to determine the time period for which ‘Deal' is available (typically 24 hours to 7 days).

• The ability to stop a deal after an agreed-on number of deals have been sold.

• The ability to have up to seven photos morph from one to the next in HTML5 in both the featured deals on the website and in the email.

• Coupon generator that will randomly generate serial numbers of 10 digits or/and letters (the coupon number), which will be given to the customer in their email to use when they buy products or services from vendors.

E-Commerce Functionality:

• The ability to facilitate payment options with direct credit card transactions (no payment information should be stored on our servers).

• Payment Confirmation email once cards are charged sent to the user's email address with the amount being charged (e.g. an invoice/receipt)

• The ability for members to securely purchase coupons once logged in without reentering credit card or shipping address information.

• The ability for members to login to the site to view and print coupons purchased (with serial numbers of 10 digits or/and letters), personal details (name, contact details).

• The ability to remind subscribers that their credit card is about to expire (based on the expiration date of the credit card)

Order Tracking:

• The status of your customer orders are notified through the email as soon as the order status changes (payment confirmation email)

Site Statistics:

• Ability to see how many shoppers are viewing our site and how many shoppers have logged on the site for viewing is known. Google Analytics integration (super easy piece of code to throw in)

• Ability of admin to manage list of deals, cancel scheduled or active deals.

• Ability of admin to view a printable list of purchased coupons for specific deal.

• The ability to download data into a CSV file for any ‘Deal' with Statistics.

• Intergrated with google analytics easy a-b testing for future refinements

Sales Reports

• The ability to monitor sales activity using detailed sales reporting tools. Generate sales summary, sales detail and product sales reports.

• The ability to view number of sales, and contact information for all buyers of that particular "product" offer save buyer info into a CSV file segmented by each deal.

• Ability of admin to get a list of tracking Ids (coupon numbers) for specific deal, handed to the Vendor (B2B Merchant) for the purpose of preventing abuse (printable version and specific account for merchant)

Email List Management:

• The ability to create an auto-generated HTML email with stylized graphics-included coupon upon purchase completion, which is sent to all members who opted in for either a site wide or specific category email, alerting them of each day's Deal or Deals.

• The ability to create an auto-generated HTML email, which is sent to the member post-purchase, with a link to where they can login and print out any coupons purchased.

• The ability to create an auto-generated HTML email with stylized graphics, if the customer has not been to the website since 20 days.

• Auto unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email for subscribers who wish to remove themselves from our database

Tracking Referrals (by issuing customers a unique referral link)

• Ability to note the new user signing up after clicking the referral link

• Ability to deposit dollars into a referring parties account after their referral makes a purchase.

• Ability to remove those dollars from an account if not used in “x” days.

Expired ‘Deals':

• The system will show which expired deals to display on a "recent deals" page.

• For each expired ‘Deal', the ability to show the client's logo, date, optional Sold Out logo, the ‘Deal' offered, the number of coupons sold, the total dollars saved.

• Displays only specific information to the expired deal in the prior deal view but each should be clickable to a special prior deals directory displaying the normal page but not allowing the item/offer to be purchased.

Log on

• Landing on page for new visitors based on IP address and matched to our cities. If that's not possible, allow us some control that we can set what city becomes the landing page when people first show up to the site and haven't yet selected what city they'd like to see.

• Recognition of current customers when they turn back to website and regarding cities where they live have to be chosen automatically for them.

Easy SEO Management

• Ability to add URL-friendly pages

• Ability to define page titles, add metatags, alt tags and any other relevant SEO fields that need to be populated


• We are open to using a Joomla framework or any other modular open source project or you may write this project from scratch. The choice is yours.

• Overall, the website should be flexible in terms of functional amendments. In the future, the provider may be hired to add certain functions. This will likely be an interactive and on-going assignment.

• Basic information pages: About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, Terms & Conditions etc.

• The software should setup for allow for easy theme customization, logo upload, web admin of daily deals and historical archives, etc.

• Code must be easy to read, update and well documented. Also, we would like a programmer who could be available for tweaks and glitch repair in the first few weeks (for which there would be additional payment).

• This bid is for the backend and framework of the site. The “skin” of the website is being handled separately.

• The text and graphics should "float" above and separate of the background image exactly how [url removed, login to view] does this on their site.

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