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The Program/Software is used to analyze and design bridges adopting ETHIOPIAN ROADS AUTHORITY Bridge Design Manual. It is applied to analyze and design the superstructure part of bridges using Slab, T - Girder and Box - Girder structural elements and for the substructure part Masonry abutment, Concrete abutment, Masonry wing wall, Concrete wing wall, Masonry pier, Solid Concrete Pier and Frame/Column Concrete Pier along with their foundation of Footing type. In integration with other applications such as AutoCAD and MS-WORD & MS-EXCEL, it will generate a detailed working drawing, standard Structural design report and Specification and Bill of Quantities including current cost estimate. The Program/Software will be developed from existing programmed MS-EXCEL sheets.


Here is the basic process or work flow of the program in which the detail of each module is presented next.


• Project Information (River Name, Road name, etc)

• Bridge clear span

• Bridge Design Height

• Recommended Foundation bed depth

• Allowable bearing capacity of soil


Before selecting the bridge type the program will suggest the structure type for both Superstructure & Substructure type described before once basic data entry is completed.


Geometrical Data

To each selected structural type above, from the data listed below entry of data will be conducted as required:

• Road way width

• Side walk width

• Skewness angle

• Width of Abutment

• Top and Bottom Concrete cover

• Width, base and height of post

• Center to center of posts

• Width and base of railing

• Girder web extension

• No of girders and diaphragm

• Cantilever/Girder Spacing ratio (Recommended)

• Actual River bank height

• Recommended Replaced Foundation Material depth if any

• Slope to back

• Slope to front

• Height of stem

• Abutment top width

• Thickness and width of heel

• Thickness and width of toe

• Slope of stem

• Tapering Slope

• Length of wingwall

Material data

• Concrete grade C25, C30 … and Steel Grade S300, S400, S460 to be used for different structural elements

• Bar diameter to be used for different structural elements

• Unit weight of masonry, base soil and backfill soil

• Friction(Ф) of base soil and backfill soil

• Allowable bearing capacity of soil of replaced material if any

• Foundation material type (Soil/Rock)

Loading specification data


Once entry of the Geometric, Material, loading and necessary data is successfully completed, the Program will display the following analysis result for different load cases & combinations:

• Design shear forces at selected sections

• Design moments at selected sections

• Maximum design shear and moments

Substructure element shall be checked against sliding, overturning, bearing and tension developed


After successfully analyzing the structure, the program will display the following design result.

• All structural dimensions

• Top and bottom main bars spacing and diameter

• Distribution bar spacing and diameter

• Temperature and shrinkage bar spacing and diameter

• Total number of bars, number of main bars in one layer, number of layers

• Diameter and spacing of stirrups at specified locations


The program will design and display the result of a Reinforced Elastomeric Bearing type.


The program will generate:

• Detailed AutoCAD working drawing

• Structural Design Report

• Specification & Bill of Quantity

• Cost estimate

3.8 Deliverables

• A working system containing all implementations of the requirements stated in the TOR.

• A windows desktop application setup.

• User Documentation

• System Documentation that helps other developers to update or maintain the system in the future.

• The full source code of the system.

• Free Support for one year from the date of completion (i.e. date of final End-User Test) of the project.

Habilidades: AutoCAD, Engenharia Civil, Excel, Lisp, Visual Basic

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