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Website Mascot, Little Smiley Face OPIE

For webmate only.

Due before November 8th.

The character’s name is OPIE (it stands for something about retirement or something but I am not sure, they came up with this a long time ago). It’s like a little smiley face, it’s kind of a little boy smiley face I guess is the best way to describe it. They want it to be CUTE but since it’s the ‘Information Expert’ they do not want it to be DUMB looking or UNINTELLIGENT, so cute but very intelligent looking (I know, I’m confused too ;) hehehe). Oh yes, they are very strongly FOR eyebrows, it is imperative that OPIE has eyebrows, not thick or anything but just eyebrows (yes, that is a strange requirement, I know). So hopefully that sparks something in your mind.

Now, the first part of this job is probably just photoshopped images in PSD format with layers and all so if they want, stuff can be added, I have very little artistic talent but given a good photoshop image I can add dimples or a hat ;) hehehehe.

The 10 images they want of OPIE are: (there will be more probably, I can forsee valentine’s day or what not) But for now:

1) OPIE ready for winter (perhaps with a scarf or hat or mittens)

2) OPIE Sad (frowny, sad, NO tears tho but teary eyed is good) This would be used to show next to web articles of employees who left or if something sad happens I guess.

3) OPIE overjoyed (this is kind of like if a dept. does something well or if the company gets a grant from the governemtn or what not).

4) OPIE NEW, LOOK AT THIS, CHECK THIS OUT (used to point out new sections of the website or new articles).

5) OPIE IMPORTANT, YOU MUST READ THIS (used to point out important changes)

6) OPIE the tour guide and teacher (will be used in the website help and tour section where OPIE will show all different sections of the site).

7) OPIE OSU fan (OSU is ohio state university and they are huge fans here, so on game days they want OPIE to wear the OSU baseball hat and maybe ‘wave’ an OSU flag (check out [url removed, login to view] for more info and their colors)

8) OPIE regular, just a little boy smiley face with a baseball hat

9) OPIE thanksgiving, not sure what you can do with this, just make it look like it’s thanksgiving, maybe he’s wearing a turkey outfit or something, I’m not sure.

10) OPIE xmas, this one is for Christmas, they would rather not show Jesus or anything that’s too religious as people here come from different backgrounds, so something like opie dressed as santa or opening presents or something, would be the best.

OH GEEZ! I hope all this makes sense. Can you please take a look at my quick image of OPIE, they really liked that look (but NOT crosseyed and with eyebrows) but it needs polishing, so just use it as a quick guide DO NOT BASE YOURS on mine as you are 10000 times more talented. ;) heheheeh

Please send me a quote, I am paying for this out of my pocket so I think as high as I can go is $120.00 if you cannot do all 10 for that price let me know how many I can get for that price. I promise once I have money, there will be more. This company took my grandpa in and is a great company so I am doing this for them at no charge as they are not for profit.

I would really like to see your sketches before you begin all final drafts so I may show them and see what they say, if that’s okay. They are pretty easy going so I am sure they will like whatever you have for them J

The second part, probably after xmas, would be a flash animation of OPIE, probably bouncing up and down or what not (Can you do that?).

Hope all this makes sense, please let me know about pricing and thank you again for being available! J

Habilidades: Adobe Flash, Design Gráfico, Design de logotipo

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