Custom MP3/FLV Player

We would like this player to show flv video files (and any other formats like mpg if possible) and play mp3 audio files; the flash player will be placed in an html search results page where information from a database will provide the details of the images/title/descriptions etc.

The player must have the following functions

Play/Pause/Stop: current track

Back: to last song/video played

Forward: to next song/video on the list

Timeline: to show how far the song/video has progressed (seek ability to move forward or back in the current track being played).

Streaming/buffering: to display small bar above or below the timeline (or can be placed in the same line).

Shuffle: to shuffle song/video list being played so not in order

Repeat list: to repeat playlist

Repeat song: to repeat current song/video, once or continuance

Length of track: to count up the song/video being played, if clicked to count down to show how long song/video has left – 00:00s.

Display track time: to display current track length – 5m 23s

Display Track name: as it says, can scroll if the title is more than a certain length

Display description: as it says, can scroll if the description is more than a certain length

Volume: bar to move up and down from 0 to 100 (automatically set to 50%).

Speaker balance: ability to pan left or right with the speaker balance.

Picture: Thumbnail picture of artist (could be any picture really) displayed once song/video has been selected (gif animation, swf animations etc).

Equalizer: a simple animation to show movement of the song being played

Link: an icon for the public to click and link to a desired web site/image etc. Wording can be easily changed; the link to be placed in the playlist next to the title of the track.

Playlist: to display a list of songs/video in the database; once clicked the song/video automatically plays and a description and artist shows.

In the playlist a number will automatically be placed (1 to whatever has been uploaded) next to the song/video, if the mouse is moved over the track it will highlight a different colour to show it has been selected; once clicked the track colour will stay highlighted (list to be scrollable if more than a certain number of songs/videos listed). The playlist will also display an icon of the file i.e. audio or video; lastly (not sure if this is possible) but an ability for the user to remove a track from the playlist (-).

Next to the song/video (in the playlist) will be a rating system where it will display stars (up to 5 jpg stars, 5 being the best); the code used for the stars is %%ratings%%

Buttons: to glow/outline (whichever looks best) when mouse is placed over. When clicked the title area will quickly show what has been pressed i.e. Playing: Title of track. Paused: Title of track. Stopped: title of track. Forward to next track. Back to previous track.

While waiting for track to be chosen, display a message to “Select track from playlist”.

Skin feature where I can change the background colours, boxes etc easily. Simple jpg file placed as skin really (if not possible then no worries).

Pop up window link for the player; users clicks a button and the player opens in a small window if required – this will allow the user to continue looking around the site while listening to the artist playlist.

When user right clicks on the player a menu will display a copyright notice (easy for me to update and not placed in the html document) and options to play, pause, forward, back and stop tracks.

Additional for me: player can be configured to display or not display functions above such as autoplay, shuffling (sets the playlist to random playing order), auto repeat, start volume, show without playlist – turned on or off in the fla file.

Counter to show how many are in the playlist.

The text field codes must be the following, up to 10 mp3/video files displayed:

Author: %%pknown%%

Title: %%patittle1%% (1 to 10 i.e %%patittle1%%, %%patittle2%%, %%patitle3%% etc.)

Description %%padescription1%% (1 to 10 as above)

mp3: %%paudio1%% (1 to 10 as above)

video: %%pvideo1%% (1 to 10 as above)

Link: %%static url%%

Picture: %%image1%% (1 to 10 as above)

Ratings: %%ratings%

We’ve had a similar system before but for an image gallery, the following codes where used and all is working perfectly.

<PARAM NAME=movie VALUE=”home_gallery.swf">

<PARAM NAME=FlashVars VALUE="NumImages=3&Author=%%pknown%%&AuthorURL=%%static url%%&Image1=%%image1%%&Image2=%%image2%%&Image3=%%image3%%&ImgDes1=%%pidescription2%%&ImgDes2=%%pidescription2%%&ImgDes3=%%pidescription2%%">

<PARAM NAME=quality VALUE=high>


<embed src="home_gallery.swf" FlashVars="NumImages=3&Author=%%pknown%%&AuthorURL=%%static url%%&Image1=%%image1%%&Image2=%%image2%%&Image3=%%image3%%&ImgDes1=%%pidescription2%%&ImgDes2=%%pidescription2%%&ImgDes3=%%pidescription2%%"

quality="high" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" WIDTH="450" HEIGHT="160"

NAME="flaMovie1" ALIGN TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash"


An additional button will be displayed when a video file is playing given an option to go full screen. When in full screen mode, if mouse is placed over the video then the description, time played/remaining, controls (play, pause, stop, forward to next video on list, back to previous video played) will be displayed.

I've attached an image to show what I'm looking for; the video will be placed in the window and when you place your mouse over the screen then the following details to be displayed:

Track number

Artist name

Track Length (with counter settings - up/down)

Small icons for link & profile link

I've looked around the internet for such a player and found a few (around $230) but all have xml scripting which is no good for what we need.

When finished we would like the fla file in CS4 if possible. Please note we may want to change the size and look to suite our own needs for the future so the fla must be simple to understand to change.

Thanks for reading.

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