The Project .

I am producing a software program aimed at providing young Generation Y, (who are just joining the workforce), with clear, simple 'how-to' instructions on understanding and undertaking various subjects. This is the information I need written.

When completed, the software will take the form of a web-site on a company LAN and the information you write will be in a look-up form.

Time frame

I want to allow 3.5 months for the work because I don't want to impair the quality.

Project Topics

The following are the topics I need summarised:

1. Business writing (letters, reports, e-mails)

2, Problem Solving

3. Decision Making

4, Conflict Management

5. Motivating Teams and groups

6. Conducting Business Negotiations

7. Effective Selling

8. Understanding Marketing

9. Lessons for the New Manager

10. Strategic Planning

11. Project Management

12. Surviving Office Politics

If you think that you cannot do all 12 topics within the timeframe, I am happy to split the project between groups/individuals.

The Source information I will provide

In most cases I will supply one book per topic, chosen as the best in its field and these books vary in length from 50 to 300 pages.

A summary should entail a producing a document having 15-20% of the number of pages of the original. I would estimate that it should take 2-3 days to read each book and 5 - 10 to summarise.

The project style

The summaries are aimed at 20 - 30 year olds in a business environment, so the summaries have to take a complex subject and effectively reduce it to point form. Great detail about every point in a topic is not necessary as Generation Y don't want this. They want to understand the basics and then put them into practice.

The Tone of Voice

As you will see after you read the attached documents, the tone of voice is businesslike without being dry. The intention is to sound like a mentor providing guidance and simple instructions.

The structure of each topic summary

The summary information produced should be structured in 2 levels

Level 1 - the topic basics - the body of the work.

Level 2 - short explanations of a particular point referenced in the Level 1 document. (They will be pop-ups in the final program).

Because the topics are quite large, each will be broken down into sections and it's these sections that provide the structure for each topic summary.

For example, the Business Writing topic (no. 1 above) might be structured into 7 'sections':

Section 1. Overview (a summary of why good writing is important, the 10 things to avoid and tips to make your writing effective) - 1 page

Section 2. Writing basics (understanding the reader, sentence and paragraph construction etc) - 30 pages

Section 3. Writing techniques (planning, structure, reviewing, proof reading etc) - 20 pages

Section 4. Letters (good news, bad news, formal, informal, selling letters, layout etc) 15 pages

Section 5. Reports (know the audience, research, structure, long reports, short reports) - 8 pages

Section 6, e-mails - 1 page

Section 7. Memo's- 1 page

Its my intention to supply the structure for each topic but am happy to adapt them where you think appropriate.


I have attached two documents to provide you with an example of the proposed style and structure for the summaries.

The topic is 'Salary Negotiations' and it's been structured into three sections. These are:

1. Overview

2. Preparation

3. Strategy

The two attached documents are:

The Level 1 document - '[url removed, login to view]' - which is the summary of the Preparation section.

A Level 2 document 'Preparation [url removed, login to view]' explaining in greater detail a point made in the Preparation.doc. (I have highlighted the link in red text in [url removed, login to view]).

Section Style

As '[url removed, login to view]' demonstrates, a Level 1 summary of each section is relatively straightforward.

At the top of the page are listed the major points covered in the document - in this case 'know your worth', 'have the right attitude' etc. Then each of these points are covered in greater detail in the body, with the point title on the left of the page and an explanation on the right.

So the structure for the summary of the Salary Negotiation topic would look like:

Salary Negotiation

1. Overview

2. Preparation

2.a Understand the organisations salary structure

2.b Know your worth

2.c Have the right attitude

2.d Put it in writing

2.e Document the benefits you bring to the organisation

2e.1 (pop-up) Examples of the benefits

3. Strategy

3.a etc.


You must have a strong ability to write fluently in English in a manner that sounds more informal than formal.

A sound understanding of the corporate world.

Good proof-reading skills.


Can you provide examples of work you've done - related or otherwise?

Can you provide a resume please?

What is your hourly rate?

Will you do a small test write?

Can you also produce graphics for the summaries - graphs, diagrams etc?

What is you preferred method of working with a foreign client?

Finally, where are you situated?

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