11 3d Cartoon-like fish

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We are interested in 11 graphic "cartoon like" fish images. Here is an example of the exact type of quality and look for the design of the 11 fish [url removed, login to view]

Tentative specifications for the 11 fish.

• Three dimensional

• Unisex

• Face the viewer

• Vibrant colors

• Be more cartoon-like than life-like

• Not have too much intricate detail

Fish 1-10 (of 11) will be graphic representations of each unit of a ten base rating scale [i.e. 1-10 (“1” being the ugliest and “10“ being the prettiest)]. We give the designer(s) freedom regarding the creation and design of all the fish, especially fish 11.

Even though we've selected the types of fish, we appreciate criticism from the designer(s)’ perspective. The fish will be used for both small (~25x25 pixels) and large (~400x400 + pixels) applications. To facilitate the scalability of the images, we require vector images. The images will also be used for creating animated shorts in a program such as Flash. An example of the look we’re trying to accomplish with animation can be found here [url removed, login to view]

Below is an INCOMPLETE list of fish 1-10 that will make up the rating scale. Included is a link to both [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] to show various images of each fish. We also noted why the fish was chosen.

NOTE: Fish 11 is not mentioned here to protect the confidentiality of the project. We assure the designer(s) this lack of information regarding fish 11 will not significantly increase or decrease the time or cost required to create fish 11. All time and cost estimates applied to Fish 1-10 should also be applied to Fish 11.

As mentioned before, this list is incomplete and needs finalized. Of course, if the designer(s) have any suggestions for other fish, or perhaps the designer(s) would like to make up their own fish, awesome. The designer(s) have complete freedom.

Pretty (8-10)

10. Angelfish (name & look)

9. ? (see alternatives below)

8. Yellow Tang (look)

Average (4-7)

7. Betta (look & popularity)

6. Goldfish (look & popularity)

5. Pufferfish (look)

4. Catfish (look & popularity)

Ugly (1-3)

3. Carp (look & popularity)

2. Wolffish (look)

1. Anglerfish (look)


Pretty: Rainbowfish, Sunfish, Zebrafish, Butterflyfish

Ave: Parrotfish, Bass, Salmon, Tuna, Cod

Ugly: Viperfish

The rating scale will be for the purpose of rating people’s attractiveness of both males and females, so the characters must be unisex. These fish should also be more cartoon-like and less life-like; therefore, there should be a lot of flexibility for the designer to draw character/personality traits into the design. Pictures of the characters from the movie “Finding Nemo” are a good example of how still images portray identifiable character/personality traits. The overall character/personality traits should reflect the particular rating number a fish represents. For example, the Angelfish should be the most attractive and slightly snobby, but still likable. The Anglerfish should be the ugliest but still have a cute disposition.

What we Don’t Want

Included below are links to images of fish, which should give the designer(s) a good idea of what NOT to do.

We DON’T want 2D fish.

[url removed, login to view]

We DON’T want fish that are bug eyed &/or glossy (unless it’s cute, but these are scary).

[url removed, login to view]

We DON’T want fish that look like comic/clipart.

[url removed, login to view]

We DON’T want fish that have low quality, no personality, and looking away from the viewer.

[url removed, login to view]

This image is close to what we’re looking for, however it doesn't have any shadowing.

[url removed, login to view]

Again, the best example of what we’re looking for is [url removed, login to view] The fish is 3 dimensional, has a cute appearance, is drawn with a cute/fun loving personality, and of course has vibrant colors. The image also appears to be limited in detail to ensure it’s easy enough to edit, manipulate, change, and eventually animate.

Hopefully we’ve provided enough information for the designer(s) to make an adequate an informative proposal. We want to thank all of the candidates in advance for their time and consideration.

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