Java Web-apps Developer Wanted

This job post is 7pm USA-EST screenshare based live login webpage development using "front end" (html5 css3 Jquery JavaScript) THRU "back end" (JSP/Servlets-Oracle PL SQL) for A thru Z program writing from scratch without doing copy/paste including comment lines and typing in on the client computer in presence of the client and running the webpage error free in debug mode by matching webpage's look-function same as existing murachDotCom/ account subject to fixed payment $20 upon the satisfactory job completion.

**A qualified job candidate based on the submitted resume in MS/Word and the answers to the screening questions will be online interviewed to run the past project samples using: Java Webapps Development, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java Web Services, JSF JavaScript-Agile-SOAP-Maven-Spring-Hibernate-RESTful **Your proposal is declined without following: photo-name-address, emailskypeidswhatsappph# for interview contact, employer address, job date, title, duties, technology uses and Java project details.

This job post is not a real work but way to try you out, subject to 7pm USA-EST screenshare based live login webpage development. While you'll be using: html5, css3, Jquery, JavaScript, JSP/ Servlets, Oracle, Tomcat, Eclipse and so on in order for doing as follow: *during screenshare you'll be typing in every code line from scratch without copying, *explaining A thru Z programming to the client, *commenting ( purpose of program line+flow of execution), *running all error free in debug mode, and *matching your newly developed loginwebpage's look-function with the existing exampled murachDotCom/account; which is the milestone to be worked at fixed$20 billable. A proposal is declined without cover letter with your answers to the candidate screening questions and A thru Z of the following: photo-full name-address, emailskypeidswhatsappph# for interview contact, employer address, job date, title, duties, technology uses and Java project details. You will be running your past done all JAVA technologies based project samples to work on next project lusing the following: JSF, JPA, JSP, HTML5CSS3JavaScript, JavaWebServices, Agile-SOAP-Maven-Spring-Hibernate-RESTful and others based on the Job-site-ad-said-skill.

Q#1. Rate in 1 to 10 scale in your resume contained A thru Z skills. In what technology and how many webpages did you code on job(not@college)? how many past developed enterprise level webapps code are you able to run and in which Java technologies/tools?
Q#2. Do you know by applying you assures not to be OUT due to:No Call-MSG-reply,lack of preparation,answer in yes to deal issue later,fake: resume/photo/address/phone, phonenotconnected24x7tointernet,issue in:English/internet/webcam/scrshare,noisyworkroom?
Q#3. Do You know, job apply is your acceptance that you’re: available at USA-EST7PM scheduled meeting; interested in self-practicing before writing from scratch every line of program source code with explanation and source line comment without copy-paste?
Q#4. Do you know to go thru non-billable interview to show: webcam-screenshare-headphone-quiet workroom-phoneconnected to internet24X7, quick whatsapp CALL-MSG reply, issuefree24x7internet speed20+MBPS, fluent English,job Badge-driverlicense-SW on your PC?
Q#5. Are you qualified for typing in every code line from scratch without copying,explaining AtoZ programming to the clientcommenting coded lines for code function-execution flow,running all error free in debug mode,matching your webpage with exampled one?

Habilidades: HTML, Javascript, JSP, Oracle, Web Development

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