Lead Generation,

Hello coders.

We are a professional property buying company in the North West of England

We target motivated and distressed sellers, property owners in the UK, mainly North West, Stoke On Trent and Anglesey. We want leads for property sellers who are desperate to sell their properties, the property seller may want to release equity quickly, sell and rent back, be in financial difficulty, going through repossession, bankruptcy, divorce, moving abroad, relocating, or just want a fast and hassle free cash sale of their home ( a quick sale ).

You are free to set up your own site or generate the leads in the easiest and most efficient way you see you can, the initial order is 20.

Some excellent example sites to look at are:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

If you can get me valid leads of these distressed sellers,

The project will involve creating and hosting a website, getting it listed in search engines and performing the necessary SEO (search engine optimisation) work.

You will be required to maintain the website, when required, using some of the profit you created. I am only interested in receiving the actual form submissions/leads by email.

To achieve good results it's IMPORTANT that the message is strong and clear.

Some of the search engine keywords that are popular are-

Stop repossession, Buy my house fast,Buy my house,Sell and rent back, Sell my house quick,? A quick sale.

## Deliverables


RAC Notice:

Normally Rent a Coder can verify whether a project is 100% delivered.? However this project relies partially or completely on the buyer to accurately report whether or not it is completed.? ? As such, this involves extra potential risk to any person working on this project.? It is important to understand all of the potential risks before deciding to bid on this project.

By bidding on this project I agree that:

A)? If a Rent a Coder arbitrator cannot objectively determine on their own whether or not the final deliverable is met, they will have to rely on the buyer’s allegation of what happened.

B)? If, as a result of this, I am found to have not completed the work, I will NOT receive payment for it.? However, rather than receiving a poor rating, I will only receive a neutral rating on the arbitration.? The rating will say: “The contract was for the seller to do <something>.? The buyer alleged that the seller did <something else> and the seller alleged that they did <something else>.? Rent a Coder could not confirm or deny either party’s allegations. As previously agreed, all funds were returned to the buyer.??


I would also like the following information on each lead:

Please read below:

Full Name?

Daytime contact number?

Evening Contact Number?


House name/number?




Property type?

Number of bedrooms?

Number of reception rooms?

Freehold or leasehold?

Number of years left on the lease?

Is the property ex local authority?

Garage or off road parking?

What is your property condition like Property Condition?

Property Valuation

What is the realistic market value of the property?

How have you arrived at this figure?

Has an estate agent or chartered surveyor valued the property?

Is the property currently for sale through an estate agent?

Do you know how much your property will rent for?

Sellers Situation

How quickly do you need to sell?

Why are you selling?

Mortgage balance?

Other secured debts?

Unsecured debts?

Do you want to sell and rent back?

Would you consider to buy back the property in the future?

Will you sell with vacant possession?

If so, what rent have you achieved?

Offer Seller Likely to Accept

Will you accept an offer of 80% of open market value or below in exchange for a quick sale and release from current circumstances?

Likely offer you will accept?

Any other information a cash buyer should be aware of?

If this project is successful we will be happy to take on over 50 leads a month.

The leads must be only given to us and NO ONE else.

Coder must communicate efficiently with us

Lead must be contactable both in phone number and email, mainly in phone number.

We must check that the number is working before accepting the lead.


Online, Internet, Internet Browser, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel. The project will run on Windows XP and leads should be provided by email.

I use firefox google mail to manage all of the emails

Habilidades: Marketing na Internet, Pesquisa de Mercado, Marketing, Vendas

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