1) Create a gadget 2) Add a function to a gadget 3)Clone both gadgets for each operating environment 4) Submit these gadgets

I don't know what type of programming experience is needed for this project. Please educate me!

I need one gadget created for Google Desktop and one gadget altered for Google desktop. Then I need each of the two gadgets cloned for all of the other operating environments including iGoogle, Yahoo!, Windows Vista, and for the Mac (If I have missed a different platform that supports gadgets, please inform!). Lastly, I need all of these gadgets and widgets to be submitted and added successfully to each of the operating environments downloads/setup lists. These gadgets and widgets need to be submitted with my name and information.

1) download the preexisting gadget at: [url removed, login to view]

Then, after you have clicked on a property, you will see a details page with a picture of the property and a button. An additional button needs to be added here, to the left of the currently present button (shifting the current button to the right so that they are both centered on the same line).

This button needs to say, "Request Info" and, when it is pressed it will need to display a contact form within that same details page. See [url removed, login to view] and click on any of the yellow buttons on the far right side of the screen to see an example of the form.

This form will need to generate an email with all of the entered information, plus all of the search parameters that were entered into the gadget, plus all of the info on the property that the user was viewing.

2)This gadget will require creativity and flexibility to get the job done perfectly. I have not thought through this gadget 100%, so we may have to make changes or backtrack a little bit for the first build.

The next brand new gadget will display mortgage rates, taken from online sources. See [url removed, login to view] for the USA mortgage sources. You will have to create a way to fill out the forms to get to the correct rates.

I need help finding a good site to pull international mortgage rates from. At a bare minimum, you will be pulling rates from two sources, one for the USA and one for the UK.

The user will fill out a profile, with credit score, location, amount of money down, amount to borrow,purchase or refinance, and which mortgage plans to display. All of these variables will go together to figure out which interest rates to display. The rates will be modified (additional interest will be added or subtracted), depending on the program.

The users profile will be displayed at the top of the gadget, then each loan program will be listed by name beneath that. Under each program name, the interest rate and the payment (based on the loan amount) will be displayed.

Also, the gadget will have a button at the bottom that will say, "Apply for This Rate". Pressing this button will cause an expansion window to open off of the side of the gadget with a contact form within it, just like the first gadget that you will alter (see above). A second button should be placed beneath this button that says, "Browse Real Estate". This button should open up the user's browser and load up the home page for [url removed, login to view]

This gadget should be displayed on the same type of table that the first gadget is displayed on. It should have the same expansion/contraction/dragging abilities that the first gadget has.

Payment will be released upon each gadget/widget being published by the environment provider on their download/setup list.

Habilidades: Java, Javascript, Design de Sites, XML

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