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Design a style/color scheme for a website plus some corrections to existing HTML-form

Hi,<br><br>I am building a site where users are able to insert events. I need someone who corrects some problems with the current input form and shows me a good design/color scheme of this form and the whole site! No programming has to be done! Only the HTML/CSS/Javascript-part! And you have to be able to think yourself and being creative, because I am only able to tell you the desired design very vague. (I am a programmer and not a designer.)<br><br>Maybe you are only able to do some parts of this bid request! Then I would like to hear from you, too... Because I want to receive a solution of high quality I might choose specialized specialists for every part! :-)<br><br>Your work has to be done in strict XHTML 1.1 and is not allowed to have any errors or warnings using [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view]! (Only YOUR work is checked! I am using third-party software (Asbrus HTML-editor and Zapatecs Calendar) which creates errors!)<br><br>In this public bid request I will show you only screenshots of my input form! So you don't need to place an exact bid! Tell me that you want do the work, show me some other work you have already done in this area, and I will sent you the real URL to my input form, so you will be able to see my problems in real! ... and than place or correct your price!<br><br><br>There are some things that have to be corrected in the form you see at http://zerbrechlich.de/form/whole-form.jpg<br><br>- I want you to remove 'Properties' and let 'Categories' and 'Tags' go 'to the left'.<br><br>- When you click at 'Preview' the input form is checked by Javascript. At the moment you have to insert something into 'Categories' or 'Tags' to get your input accepted. Change this: Only 'Categories' is required! ('Tags' become optional.)<br><br>- Opera (under Linux) has a problem with the 'Timezone' in 'Date and Time'... The items which should be right are on the left.... Other browsers do it correctly! Correct this!<br><br>- Firefox 1.5 and 2 under Linux has problems with the labels behind checkboxes! <br> See at 'Description': 'Text' and 'HTML' are too low in conjunction with the radio-group-circles.<br> At 'Official': The 'I am ...' isn't 'in sync' with the checkbox.<br> Maybe the baseline isn't correct?<br> Correct this!<br><br>- If you click at the radio-button 'Recurring' ('Date and time' -> 'Frequency') an 'in line dialog' appears. (see [url removed, login to view]) I want a 'right-shift' of this appearing 'dialog'. The left border of this dialog should approximate below the 'R' of recurring! (E.g. see the timezone-table below 'event is in the following timezone' some lines above.)<br><br>- When you enter the page the first time (or just do a shift-reload) under Firefox 1.5 using Linux you will notice a problem:<br> If you click at a selection list nothing will happen! You need three clicks until the selection list is willing to open!<br> Do you know why this happens? Correct this!<br><br><br>And here comes the real work for you:<br><br>Create a style/corporate identity/color scheme for this site! (But I can't tell you exactly what I like!)<br><br>You are right: The site doesn't exists! But it will have the typical pages you see 'everywhere': Register page, (threaded) forum discussion, search page, (threaded) comments for events, etc... <br><br>I like tidy pages with 'discreet' colors (e.g. brown/orange (#FF7800 ##FF5A00 #E17F00 #FFBA00 #FF8926 #EE6600 #D27706)) for links or headlines. I also like the boxes at [url removed, login to view] ('Search Help Center', 'Top 5 Questions') or at [url removed, login to view] (on the right). And I like the highlighting of text if it is clickable!<br><br>So I want you to do four things:<br>1.<br>'Pimp' up the form. The blue text is ugly!<br>The yellow of the tables isn't nice! (see [url removed, login to view])<br>The yellow help boxes with the blue header is ugly, too. (Happens for 'Tags', '? at Latitude/Longitude', and 'google map')<br>Test keyboard naviagtion. Is it OK?<br>Do you have other ideas?<br><br>The color scheme of this will be used for other forms like registration page, etc... (Maybe this will be the next work for you, when I like your work!)<br><br>2.<br>Inside the form you see Zapatecs Calendar (from [url removed, login to view])! It is customable! I need the choosen design/color scheme transported into Zapatecs CSS files, too! (see [url removed, login to view])<br><br>3.<br>I want you to create the 'typical' top header as you see on 'every' other site. A logo with the name on the left (the logo will be designed in a different bid request! Use just a name at this moment! (Or a fake logo)) and 'login', 'register', 'help', and a quick search on the right.<br>Below that a 'toolbar' should be shown including the topics 'Event Search', 'Event Browse', 'Forum'.<br>Below the toolbar the page content is shown.<br>Do you have better ideas? Where and how to place the 'quick search'? Best quicksearch would be a search where you can search 'what', 'where' when' in 'categories'! But then it is no longer a quicksearch which finds a small place on every page!? Or is there a nifty trick with a small popup?! (Or does the search goes into the 'toolbar' and the 'Event Search', 'Event Browse', 'Forum' on top of it like youtube does? Hm, I don't like that design, but maybe you can show me that it looks good!)<br>At the bottom is a good visible seperator (horizontal line?) and the 'standard text'. Hm, or the first line of the current 'standard text' goes into the seperator? Show me good ideas!<br><br>The left and right content of the top header has to be 'attached' to the left and right of the browser window and will grow/shrink, when the window resizes. If the window gets too narrow the text should not wrap (the example does the wrong way)!<br><br>You see a quick example here: [url removed, login to view] (don't laugh, it's a 30 min. work)<br><br><br>4.<br>Create a nice table where the user sees a list of events he can click at! Events in this view contains start and end time, the event title and a lead/teaser (as you see in the example [url removed, login to view]). Do you have a better design as the the one shown at the example page? Tell me!<br><br>Do you have any ideas how to visualize a multi-day event like 'Computex Taipei 2007' in the example? It's the same event! (Maybe a small "xth day" below the time or right to the event title?)<br><br>Create a nice idea for the case of having an event list which needs more than one webpage to show! Something like 'previous,1,3,4,5<you are here>,6,7,...15,16,next'<br><br><br><br>That's only the start! If I am satisfied I know whom to choose at my following bid requests. :-)<br><br>Have fun.<br><br>

Habilidades: Javascript, Design de Sites

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