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This is a request for a Flash AS2 slideshow application based on my specifications. This is ideal for someone who already has a similar AS2 source to work from. There are existing solutions, but I'm looking for someone who can build something more specific, if I don't end up building it myself.

If you have good experience with Flash 8, Action Script 2, CSS2, HTML and Javascript then please read the entire request and post a very brief desciption of your profile and experience along with a charge for each of the individual aspects and functions I need. I may ask you to provide the whole job or part of it, and get someone else to do certain parts, or do it myself; it depends what is best for my interests. Both you and I are open to use the source code you supply, how we wish, with no restrictions.

The purpose of the slideshow is to load various swf or image files from a variable directory. When an swf (slide) has reached the end, the slideshow must load the next file, starting from the first alpha-numerical file to the last;0-9,a-z. If you need server side scripting (PHP) to provide you a list of files in a tokenized string like; [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]; but you do not know how to use PHP, I will produce what you need.


The directory being used is to be set by a javascript variable in the HTML document. This variable must be able to be changed at any time during runtime, so the slideshow should find out what this javascript variable, the directory, is set as. Each slideshow OBJECT tag will be given a directory variable named as [url removed, login to view] + 'Directory' or 'directiory' + [url removed, login to view]; which ever you prefer here.


You may use outsourced scripts providing there are no commercial or copyright issues to worry about. Your own work is prefered.

You must provide support if I have a problem with a feature that was supposed to work as outlined in this message and all messages I send to you regarding this project, before or after payment. I'll pay for support for major tweaks and updates, but let me know what you will offer for minor tweaks; such as changing a few fixed HTML properties to javascript variables set by flash or dealing with unexpected image glitches.

Please state all the technology you are savvy with; just incase there is something else you can do for me.

I need a demo folder containing a demonstration of the thing in action.


Some of what I explain here may not apply, it depends how you will work, but please head the following.

Any javascript variable I need the slideshow to read will now be written as #variable#, which I will set in the HTML document before your slideshow loads. You can search this page for all variables using #.

Default the slideshow directory to the relative path if not set.

When I state, call javascript function; this means you will not being making the function, you are just calling it; so I can put what ever I need there, per website/page.

I need the code structure to fit in with my code. I would like all variables in titlecase; myVariableName. If for some reason you want to use MySQL, which you may, please seperate table name words with an underscore, in lowercase. With the table name in plural, and indexes suffixed with _id; 'name_id'.

Please capitalize constants with words seperated in underscores like; MY_CONSTANT

Try to avoid using literals anywhere, use constants or variables. EG: fullSize = 100; setSize('fullSize') instead of setSize('100')

Please name functions and variables in a way which explains what they do, without too much commenting. Avoid abbreviations and short names, particularly for function parameters and globals. EG: backgroundColor, or backColor, not, bColor or bC.

Please double space branch statements, place space after commas, seperate functions with '\\\\\\' and place a description of what a function does like the following:


This function does the following...


function name(variable1, variable2 )







function(var, var);



(Use 4 space tabs)

I want the FLA in order to tweak it and export it at the size and framerate I need, but go ahead and export a few SWF files at these sizes for quick general use, at 24 fps: 50x50, 64x64, 88x31,100x100, 125x125,128x128, 120zx240, 200x200, 256x256, 392x72, 400x300, 468x60, 160x600, 800x600,1024x768,1280x1024. You can name them something like [url removed, login to view] etc.

I need the exported swf to display in the following ways, either set by a javascript variable of choice, per slideshow in a document; or with CSS.

Stretch to fit parent by a percentage, EG: a DIV or TD, proportionately

Stretch to fit parent by a percentage, EG: a unproportionately

Fixed size, perhaps disabling any CSS or Javascript changes to the OBJECT tag

I need all of your code placed in a folder with its files prefixed with either your initials or your company's abbreviation; or anything close to 3 or 4 characters long; like 'mike-slideshow\[url removed, login to view]'

Seperate file word spaces with a minus sign. Like: [url removed, login to view]


Call javascript function: onSlideShowLoad('HTML [url removed, login to view]')

Load a config file in a format of choice, be it INI,CSV,XML or TSV. (Preferably INI or XML)

If this file is not found, or gave problems, please provide an error alert, and stop the movie.

Refresh: Get our directory from #directory#, every #variable# seconds. Default 5.

Create an empty textbox at 0,0 at the size of the movie

Set the background color to a #variable# color

Load '#variable# + [url removed, login to view]', if it exists; and place it at the back of the movie, in the middle; at the x,y offset specified by the config file. Provide means of fixing to top left, and stretching to fill; as alternative options.

Fade this background image in from 0 alpha, at the speed of a config setting

Slides: Call javascript function: onNewSlide('slideFileName')

When fully visiable, load the first file, be it SWF,PNG,JPG,TXT, GIF; what ever loadMovieClip can load. If it is a txt file, then load it into a text box based SWF; in animation mode; no text selection.

Fade in at a 'slideFadeInSpeed' and vise versa for fade out.

If this is an SWF, play it until the end, fadeOut, then.

If the file is a text or image, set the duration at a 'imageSlideDuration' / 'textSlideDuration' setting in the config file of #directory#

If the user clicks an image slide, call javascript function: onImageSlideClick('slideFileName') and the same for onTextSlideClick('slideFileName')

Fade out, hide, stop and disable clicks on this slide

Load the next file or repeat from file 1 until #directory# variable changes.

Call javascript: onSlideEnd('slideFileName')

Charges and features:

Each feature has been numbered and described, in order of importance. Please post your charge for each feature so I can pick and choose. Do this before submitting the final bid; or go ahead and add it altogether and submit your bid, along with charges for each item respectively. What ever you feel; just remember, it may turn out that I just ask you to do one, such as export image.


Slideshow Core

All described above with a sample folder showcasing it in action. No interface required, just the code and placeholder images. Provide a description of your functions; perhaps by copying and pasting the comments into a PDF, DOC or HTML file for reference.


Multilayer Slides

Perform all of the actions above on a custom quantity of layers in a single slide, independantly. So for example, a bottom layer of slides might be used to loop through photos in one directory, and another layer would load Text in another; all at their own speeds based on their config files. Therefore, a tokenized #directory# variable would be used per slideshow OBJECT; with the first slide layer set at the bottom level, underneath other slides.


Slide preloader

Display a faded in-faded out SWF of choice in the middle, above all slides, whilst there is a slide being downloaded. 3a quote for the standard slideshow, 3b for the multilayer slideshow

4a, 4b

Size & Position Transitions

Provide variables which set the start size/position and end start/position of each slide. This is per slide, so image1 and image2 would have their own settings specified in the HTML. Quote B for the multilayer version

5a, 5b

Javascript Transitions

The same as above, but animate the slideshow OBJECT tag using Javascript, and CSS if necessary. Allow me to transition the slide object tag from the preload/unloaded state, to the loaded state, and back to the unloaded state. So for example, a movie could be set as unloaded at 50% size, when it has its current slide loaded, it grows to 100% at a variable speed.

6a, 6b

Scroll bars

Provide optional flash scroll bars with images of choice, which scroll all content in the document; if any content is outside or larger than the OBJECT size. Provide the option to specify on or off state for verticle or horizontal scroll. You may choose to load external SWF for buttons or just load images. Please provide an option to scale the scroll position indicator based on the size of the content, like with typical windows lists. This must go above all slides to avoid clicking the slides when scrolling. Assign page up, page down, end and home keys to advance through, if the slideshow has keyboard focus.

7a, 7b

Save / Load Frame

Using a javascript call, allow me to save or load, the exact state of the slideshow. Save as an XML file or format of choice.

8a, 8b, 8c

LoadAll, drag, snap, hide, show, duplicate, delete and deleteAll functions

Allow option for user to drag slides around, an option to snap to a given grid size and a further feature to snap their edges together. Provide a few buttons near the selected slide, to hide, show, or delete it. LoadAll should load all slides in the directories; deleteAll will effectively unload slides restart the show and stop it. Duplicate slide will naturally duplicate a loaded slide. Consider making a third quote for using duplicates with Save / Load frame option if I choose it, since there is only one of each slide in the directories.

9a, 9b

Export Image

Export what you see as an image for download or upload

10a, 10b

Export PDF

As above, for PDF files

Do not hesitate to ask any questions. I would like to stick with the winning bidder for future work, stay tuned for any other jobs I might post this site.

11a, 11b, 11c

Repeat Slides

Stack and repeat each loaded slide, per directory, in a certain number of rows, and columns set by a javascript #variable#. Provide, option for page result; which shows #variable# amount of slides. Similar to search results.

Habilidades: Adobe Flash, Javascript, XML

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