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I am a flash developer working on a project of my own that is in need of database and backend work. I would like to receive estimates and possibly proposals for the following work.

My website, [url removed, login to view] , will combine all the functionality of these two sample sites;

[url removed, login to view] – nightlife listings

[url removed, login to view] – dating, personals (parent website [url removed, login to view] )

I currently have .jsp databases built for the basic workings of the nightlife listings functions, including;

1. Registration html page and ability for visitors to register, similar to this example of clubplanet’s registration which can be seen by entering an e-mail address at [url removed, login to view]

2. Photo uploads html page and ability for photographers to upload .jpgs to a database.

3. Listings html page and ability to log in as a licensed user and update event listings as well as add .jpgs.

4. Mailing page and function, or the ability to send mass mailings through my static IP by pasting multiple e-mail addresses and content into input text boxes.

5. Venue html page and the ability to add venue names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

To these existing databases and functions I need to add the databases and functions necessary to operate a dating website of the type shown at the the example link

There may be a combination of data in the areas of registration and photos, but this would depend upon my need to extract and report information and your intended structuring. At my website I intend to allow a visitor to register with the ability to either view photos, such as it is needed to view photos at the example [url removed, login to view] , or to register with the ability to utilize the dating features. If a visitor registers with the limited ability to view photos and later decides to create a personals ad, they will need to amend to their existing registration with more data.

Because this website is a mixture of two types of websites there will be an interaction between databases that may not be similar to the examples listed above, such as a visitors choice to link photographs taken by hired photographers at a party, (seen on [url removed, login to view] ) to their personals account. Another person viewing this photo taken at the party may wish to click through and view the personal ad, but because they may not be registered for personals, we must prompt them to do so before continuing. I draw this picture to illustrate how the interaction of differing databases and my later need to search and report on them might affect your architecture.

There is also a need for automation of verification to e-mail addresses upon registration.

I will need a backend that will enable me easily utilize my collected data, (such as registration information, venue information, revenue statistics ), as well as operate basic functions necessary for the administration of a paying website dealing with nightlife listings and dating/personals.

In addition, some of my needs that are not so general and will need to be handled from within this backend will be;

1. The ability to search for one, or combinations of, labels, genres, keywords, etc.

2. The ability to generate reports from these search results by selecting the order of the results by area, income, alphabet, gender, etc. (these reports may include photographs of registered users).

3. The ability to send mass text messages to mobile phones.

4. The incorporation of existing input pages that I’ve listed above in the currently built databases and functions.

I will need there to be a backup functionality to regularly save data.

I will need all of these areas to be secured from public view, as well as corporate espionage.

I will be in need of help installing all files on a server.

I may also need help populating my databases with “venue” names, addresses, phone numbers, etc from other websites such as [url removed, login to view] with. The spider/scraping software I am currently using has many bugs.

This website will rely heavily on Flash. The front end will consist of no more than one page with multiple areas that will appear, pop up and/or move when needed, (such as the addition of blog entries to the page). Since I am the Flash developer for my project I will need to be informed of how I may connect text fields from the page so that data may be sent and retrieved. For instance this may require a printed list of front end functions accompanied by the corresponding database URL (once on a server) and labels or attributes so that I can attach the text fields from my Actionscript.

Finally, I am aware of software that has been developed specifically for dating websites. I am open to your use of existing infrastructures in the interest of keeping my cost low since I am an independent entity working with my own revenue generated through my Flash design. (this is my work, [url removed, login to view] ). So long as you are able to achieve the seamless and flawless execution of these tasks I am open to hearing of your own suggested methods.

Soon after launching the site I am sure that there will also be addition of features and a refinement of function.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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