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Ai training for Speech Fluency and pronunciation assessment.

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₹1500-12500 INR

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I am seeking a skilled professional to develop an AI system focused on speech pronunciation and fluency assessment for educational purposes. The AI should primarily support English language learning, aiming to aid students in improving their speaking skills. **Objectives:** - Create an AI tool to assess and provide feedback on pronunciation and fluency in English. - Develop an engaging, user-friendly interface for educational settings, including schools and language learning centers. **Skills and Experience Ideal for This Project:** - Proficiency in AI and machine learning, specifically in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and speech recognition technologies. - Experience in developing educational software or tools, particularly those involving language learning. - Ability to implement user-friendly interfaces suitable for varied age groups. - Knowledge of English linguistics to ensure accurate assessment criteria are used by the AI. **Project Requirements:** - Train the AI model to recognize, assess, and provide feedback on English pronunciation and fluency. - Incorporate an intuitive UI/UX design that facilitates seamless interaction for educators and learners. - Ensure the AI is scalable and can be updated or expanded to include more languages or features in the future. This project promises to be a groundbreaking tool in language education, and I am eager to collaborate with a freelancer who shares a passion for leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences.
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As an accomplished ML engineer and AI specialist, I possess a profound understanding of the underlying technologies necessary to build an exceptional language learning tool like the one you're envisioning. Through my previous experience with GPT3, T5, and other cutting-edge LLMs, I've acquired not only a strong foundation in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech recognition technologies but also the prompts to efficiently train your AI's model for impeccable pronunciation and fluency assessment. Furthermore, my familiarity with educational software development further ensures that I can optimize user experience across all age groups. This entails creating a refined and engaging interface that drives deep engagement while seamlessly facilitating interaction for educators and students alike. Lastly, the crossroads of my passion for technology and education meet precisely on this project. Developing an innovative tool that enables students to improve their English fluency aligns perfectly with my vision for leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences. By choosing me for this project, you are not just obtaining technical expertise but also passion-driven commitment that guarantees groundbreaking results. Let's ??????? ??? ???? for an extraordinary language-learning tool!
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With over a decade in the IT industry and an extensive background in **Artificial Intelligence** and **Web Development**, my team and I are well equipped to take your project on. We bring firsthand experience in **designing intuitive interfaces** for sophisticated tools such as yours, making it accessible and impactful across different age groups. My knowledge of **Python** will be particularly useful in training the AI model to recognize and assess English pronunciation and fluency accurately. And our understanding of **NLP (Natural Language Processing)** and **speech recognition technologies** have been honed through years of working with complex Machine Learning projects, much like your own. Moreover, when it comes to language-based solutions, an understanding of **linguistics** is essential, something I pride myself on having. This linguistics know-how combined with our experience of developing **educational software** puts us in a unique position to exceed your requirements. Let's work together to achieve your vision of using cutting-edge technology to vastly improve language learning!
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Dear, I hope this message finds you well.I am reaching out to express my keen interest in contributing to projects in the dynamic and cutting-edge fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), with a particular focus on the latest trending technology, Generative Artificial Intelligence (GENAI). I have a strong background in AI and ML, with hands-on experience in developing and implementing innovative solutions that leverage advanced algorithms and models. Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with your team on exciting and impactful projects. Project: Recommender System using Neo4j graph Face recognition web App. Reception cum Attendance Robot using ML Dynamic chatbot for any website: Paste website link and it will become chatbot for you. Resume Generator using LLM. Chatbot assistance. MCQ | Questions and Answer generator using Genai app Image recognition using LLM in gradio UI Text summarizer using LLM in gradio UI DOCUMENT reader LLM in Streamlit UI
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Hi, I am a working Computer Vision Engineer experienced in developing Deep Learning models in image recognition, NLP and Sentiment analysis. I have experience in designing Data pipeline and training all types of data. I am experienced in working on cloud platform like AWS and also have experience integrating DL models with platform devices like RPI and nvidia Jetson. I hope you find my proposal fit for the role.
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