MTGO Magic Online Automated Trade Bot

This is Very Similar to other projects that are being sought.

Bot must do the following things: (all depends on settings which will be set by a semi gui interface that edits an ini file.)

1 - BULK TRANSACTION - Be able to buy or sell X cards for X tickets (i.e.: 32 cards for 1 ticket, Also by selecting Rarity, 32 Commons, 16 Uncommons or 8 Rares for 1 Ticket, adjustable and able to do multiples in one transaction.)

2 - TRADE TRANSACTION - Be able to Trade/Sell specific cards for X Cards or X Tickets (i.e.: Card XYZ is worth 10 Commons or 2 Tickets)

3 - SINGLES PRICING - Be able to Buy/Sell Specific CARDS for Specific PRICES (foil or normal) (separate value for every card in the game) Managed through a database.

4 - TRACK TRANSACTIONS - Screenshot all Transactions, as well as Private Messages.

5 - ADVERTISEMENT - Be able to Post Advertisement Every X Seconds on Marketplace / Marketplace Message Board. As well as set your buy and sell messages in the Buy and Sell rooms. Managed through ini file and Gui interface.

6 – VERSITILITY - Having the ability to use different mode settings (i.e.: buy setting, sell setting, custom setting (for the complex, both buy/sell features at the same time))

7 - AI - While Buying and Selling at the same time, it will automatically set Specific Product as Tradable once obtained.

8 – Be able to remember how many credits a previous buyer/seller has left. (For example, player A paid 9 for a 8.125 card, then he'd have .875 credit for the next time he buys/sells anything from/to me)

9 - Can be run on multiple accounts so the credits transfer from account to account through a separate Database that can be networked to multiple workstations running this Bot.

- Game link: [url removed, login to view] - a username and password is needed, e-mail me and I’ll provide you with one.

- Other programs similar: [url removed, login to view] - very basic bot, specific values on each card in both buying and selling is missing from this bot.

- Price to be paid once program is verified.


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