MySpace ID Scaper

I need a standalone application to run on Windows XP and Vista to scrape/extract MySpace User IDs using searches from MySpace's "Basic" and "Lifestyle" sections based on age and a list of zip codes.

How it would work -

1. Load a list of 200 to 500 zip codes.

2. Login into MySpace and select Basic and Lifestyle parameters.

3. Run - Program would load first zip code (allow me to select how many miles from zip code first) and then using the Basic and Lifestyle parameters that were chosen, would search by age.

4. Program would search and scrape/extract only 18 year olds within the distance chosen from zip code, then only 19 year olds, then only 20 year olds, then 21, 22, 23, etc. all the way up to only 68 year olds. Each search is limited by MySpace to 3000 scraped/extracted User IDs.

5. After all age groups have been scraped/extracted for that zip code, program would move on to next zip code and start all over.

6. Country search - Instead of using a list of zip codes, program should allow me to choose a list of countries and then scrape/extract by Basic and Lifestyle parameters based on age.

7. Any other functions you can think of that would help mine MySpace User IDs, I'm open to those ideas.




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