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The coder should understand the basics, or play MAGIC THE GATHERING ONLINE. For the purpose of this project the only currency is "tix" and each "tix" is worth $1.

I am looking for someone to code a smart bot that will automatically make trades, buy, and sell digital cards for Magic The Gathering Online. What follows is some basic requirements for the bot.

1. Be able to log transactions by a transaction number.

2. Save Credit balances of buyers and sellers up to 2 decimal places (.12). Save a database of user names that have balances. The only currency is "tix" so anything smaller than $1 left over would need to be saved.

3. Be able to pull up said balance next time that person makes a transaction and apply it to the current balance.

4. Be able to sell "card x" for a specific price. Each card would have a different price. All prices would need to be 3 decimal places out (1.123)

5. Be able to buy "card x" for a specific price. Each card would have a different buy price. Buy price and sell price would be different. The bot would need to know to pay out in "tix" when it is in buy mode only.

6. An owner interface for the database where I could manually change values of cards. I am thinking a Mysql database? This would need to be able to store the names of thousands of cards, as well as the value I will buy them for, the value I will sell them for, and the number of cards I need. The bot would need to update the "number needed" column as transactions are completed.

7. 2 basic modes. Buy modes where the bot will select the cards I need based on the database, and either exchange other cards or "tix" for them. Sell mode where the bot sells cards in exchange for "tix".

8. Automatically log back in to the server in the event of a crash or lost internet connection.

9. Automatically post advertising messages in the trade chat rooms every x minutes.

MTGO info and download available here: [url removed, login to view]

This is a basic idea of what I am looking for. I am unfamilliar with most coding so I am not sure what language would be best. I am willing to pay well for a quality product. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thanks and good luck!

Habilidades: MySQL

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