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Migration and Configuration of Jasper Reports for Oracle APEX Applications on OCI

$30-250 USD

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$30-250 USD

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We are seeking an experienced freelancer with expertise in Oracle APEX, Jasper Reports, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to assist us in migrating and configuring our existing Oracle APEX applications and Jasper Reports to a custom-built database, APEX, and Jasper setup on a different OCI tenant. Our current development environment consists of prebuilt APEX/Jasper hosting, which includes everything already set up and running. This environment hosts our developed APEX applications and Jasper reports. We are now transitioning to a custom-built setup in a new OCI tenant and require assistance in configuring Jasper Reports to receive JavaScript requests from the APEX applications. Scope of Work: Review our current setup and understand the configuration of our prebuilt APEX/Jasper hosting through shared documentation and discussion. Analyze the requirements for the new OCI tenant environment and identify the needs for the custom setup based on shared screen sessions. Guided Configuration and Migration: Since direct access to the new OCI instances will not be available, the freelancer will guide our local engineer through the necessary steps via Zoom meetings. This includes: Migration of Oracle APEX applications and Jasper Reports to the new environment. Configuration of Jasper Reports Server to receive and process JavaScript requests from Oracle APEX applications. Provide clear, step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting support during the migration and configuration process. Testing and Validation: Guide the local engineer through the testing process to ensure Jasper Reports accurately receive and process requests from APEX applications. Validate the functionality and performance of APEX applications and Jasper Reports in the new setup through a series of guided Zoom sessions. Additional Note: Due to access limitations, all necessary steps, configurations, and troubleshooting will be conducted remotely, with the freelancer providing guidance via Zoom to our local engineer who will perform the actions on the OCI instances. It is crucial that the freelancer is comfortable with this mode of operation and possesses excellent communication and instructional skills.
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With a wealth of experience in Oracle, I am confident in my ability to seamlessly migrate and configure your existing Oracle APEX applications and Jasper Reports to your new OCI tenant. Drawing on my extensive knowledge in Oracle APEX and Jasper Reports, I will analyze your current setup and devise a customized plan that addresses the unique requirements of your project. Additionally, my expertise in Oracle Database administration and development gives me the proficiency to guide and support your local engineer through the necessary steps of the migration process. Moreover, my dexterity with Python, Django, React and React Native further enriches my capability for this role. As your project also requires understanding of Javascript requests from APEX applications, my comprehensive skills make me perfectly equipped to effectively configure Jasper Reports server to process these requests. This includes thorough testing and validation procedure further ensuring the accuracy, performance and functionality of APEX applications and Jasper reports. Lastly, given that all actions should take place remotely where you will rely on my instructional skills via Zoom meetings, I would like to emphasis on being an effective communicator and problem-solver. My entire career has been client focused where instructing、troubleshooting remotely have become second nature. I understand the importance of clear instructions、careful guidance and efficient resolution for top-notch results
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Hi there, as an experienced accountant with a great knowledge of ERP systems, I believe that I can perfectly guide you into Migrating your data and ensuring that your reports meet your desired needs. Please reach out let's Discuss more
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As an Oracle expert with a deep understanding of APEX and Jasper Reports, I am confident in my ability to navigate your project's unique requirements. Having managed diverse high-stakes projects throughout my career, I am well-prepared to guide your local engineer seamlessly through the migration and configuration process via Zoom meetings. My strong communication skills supplemented by technical knowledge will ensure a smooth exchange of information during troubleshooting and beyond. I understand the importance of thorough comprehension, thus I will meticulously review your current APEX/Jasper setup, document every detail, and engage in discussions to ensure a holistic understanding. My expertise extends to strategic planning, which will assist in analyzing your new OCI tenant environment and identify the best course for the custom setup. With an unyielding commitment to excellence, I will diligently test and validate each phase of this project to ensure that Jasper Reports flawlessly receive and process any JavaScript requests from Oracle APEX applications. Furthermore, my abilities in data analysis will complement the testing phase by providing meaningful insights and optimizing performance where necessary. Rest assured, hiring me for this project guarantees thoroughness and success driven by experience and a focus on exceeding expectations.
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