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We currently receive from our partner daily job vacancies (via direct ftp upload) using csv txt. file and we subsequently run a small small script to transfer these job vacancies into Ads.

The partner wishes us to adopt a different type of transfer/importation (HTTP feed) and we are seeking someone with the appropriate skills to make this happen for us.

Our site is in perl/cgi, useing a dynamic database.

Skills as follows: http transfer protocol, xml, perl-cgi, mysql, javascript & web design as we also wish someone to improve the overall display of our jobs board to attract more candidates.

We currently have over 35,000 and find that the automated deletion aspect is failig to work.

The jobs board is very unique in that we use the ACD system where people purchase Ad Credit Days and use them accordingly, so we will need someone who will be quick to learn how this application is built and operates and work in real time with us and our partner to successfuly complete these tasks.

We need to complete everything very quickly(including weekends and nights if necessery) and work with us in real time via YIM where full support and advice will be given)

please see technical integration file for further information (attached)

I am taking these steps to show penly and visibly what we will not accept. As we are very honest and straight forward and respect most programmers and their service, we will not put up with the lies and deceit from those who pretend to be something they are not.

The following are people/persons who have tried to lie to us and deceive us and have admitably lied to ie and all emails and YIM discussions are available on request.

As a customer it is not appropiate any further to believe that we are stupid or naive, but there are like us, those who intend to kake a difference, bring real pricing, rates and economical sense to this area of industry and look for long term relationships that are based on win-win scenarios.

The following are an exam ple of not just poor service but as everyone knows have a great power on the success or failure of a company. For those who pretend to be something they are not... please dont respond: for you are severly afftecting the good name of those who are attempting to offer a good service and apply thier skllls for the betterment of thier customers and themselves.

For you, who overprice and pretend towards gaining an acceptance that places the customer in a situation of no return...then stop and think.. again, we are no longer naive.

We are looking for long term realtiuonships that the provider makes us better commercially....whose sole intent is to ensure that thier own portfolio of services are honest and immediate to meet deadleines and targets as well as building a long term relationships that is based on a win-win scenario.

We agree terms and pay on time. we will not pay for sub standard services that are maniplulated outside the orginal agreement.

We know there are really some good programmers and companies out there and respect that, there are many who are distorting this and upsetting thier market.

Saturn Infolabs

204/205 Mundackal Arcade

Chalakkuzhy Lane

Medical College PO



PIN 696011


I would never, ever use this lieing, deceiving person again. Someone who pretended he/they could do so much. There are many like him. Liars!

We are a good comepany and honest! Those who deal with us will always recieve honesty and directness.

My apologies if I ahve offended someone, but I dont thinks that those who are the same as us...will be!

Make a real difference and get rid of these lazy and idol pretenders!

My respect to everyone not included.


My sincere apologies for typos.... i think you get my drift. we are an honest but NOT naive csutomer and we also believe that are may so called programmers out there who are lieing, deceiving and as such upsetting the market for the real experts out there.

Saturn Infolabs

204/205 Mundackal Arcade

Chalakkuzhy Lane

Medical College PO



PIN 696011

Again, this is one of them. Anyone from Keralla, India be cautious of. I will be visiting there very soon.

My respect to those who are, like us endevouring to provide expert services and good customer relationships.

Any doubts? Ask for my zip file on commucations!

Habilidades: JavaScript, Perl, Instalação de Script, Design de Sites

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