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[url removed, login to view] Concept Plan Overview

[url removed, login to view] is a NYC based, privately funded small business, with 2 owners, and no employees. We have an exiting project that we have started, and although we maintained a great relationship and enjoyed to work together, unfortunately our previous programmer’s skill set was not wide enough to finish up our website. Now we are looking for a rewarding work relationship with someone new, who’s ready and willing to contribute to our success with his experience.

[url removed, login to view] is a link directory, containing hundreds or thousands of individual pages. Each page is equal to each other in importance, and each of them represents a topic (for example [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view]). Every one of these pages are dedicated to a given topic will contain several category boxes, serving sort of as “sub categories” for the main topic. (For example the page [url removed, login to view] will have several sub-categories, such as “international travel”, “domestic travel”, “student travel”, “Trip booking websites” and so on, many more.)

In these category boxes we will include the actual related links. Those links will each get a name, suggesting what website that URL is pointing to.

The idea is that this way a user will have the chance to visit several websites related to his search, organized into categories.

The one and only exception of this idea is the main page [url removed, login to view], that page will cover every major interest on the internet, instead of exploring one topic.

The layout and the graphic design is on [url removed, login to view], this is the page that will eventually turn into siikin.com.

This site will grow almost similar to the Wikipedia method, and it will be human edited. With the exception of the main page, users will be able to recommend new links to include on related siikin pages. For example, if a user really likes the site [url removed, login to view], he can recommend us to include that web site on [url removed, login to view], into the most suitable category box. We will have a notification of this request in our database, and based on the quality and relevance of the recommended link on the recommended page we will manually grant or deny this request.

More importantly registered users will be able to create an entire new Siikin subpage, exploring a topic of their choice, by filling up with links an easy to use template designed for this purpose. If for example a user wants to create the page [url removed, login to view], users will fill up the template by naming each of the categories with related links and then name those links. These newly born pages will have the same design, same layout, and features as all the other existing Siikin pages.

After the author reaches a given number of categories and links included in the template, they will be able to publish it as a new siikin page (with certain restrictions: it will appear in our database as a new page that needs to be revised and approved, until approval the new page created by a user will not have the siikin logo on the page, and the new page won’t appear in Siikin search results yet). Users who created an approved page will oversee that, and approve or deny the recommended links, or make changes or updates through their own admin.

-On every page, users will be able to give feedback with “like” buttons about every link on Siikin. We will use the information gathered in the admin system to keep up do date the contained links, and delete and replace the disliked links.

-We will be able to track the most and least visited (most popular) links, also in the admin, organize the information by date, by popularity etc

-We will have Siikin Search, with results only from the Siikin pages, organized in importance (1st existing siikin page, 2nd: categories, 3rd: Links)

-We will have a separate page that will include every existing siikin page in Alphabetic order, and have a link on the index page pointing to that page.

-We will include and manage in the admin related RSS feed wherever available. (Health, Money etc)

-The siikin pages will generate revenue form advertising. Ads will appear on every siikin page (except for the template, About, User’s Rights etc). For the advertisement management software we chose Google DFP. We will need a Category box, banners on top, bottom, side boxes etc: all prepared for advertisement.

General Specifications:

-Must comply and function with at least the 5 major browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome)

-Front End: will have at least 6 different types of pages:

1. Index page

2. SubDomains

3. Static pages (FAQs, Users Rights, Terms of Use etc)

4. Registration

5. Password Reminder

6. Siikin Search Results

Back End: We need a very strong and well designed Admin, and Database that can handle big data quickly. Our current database has to be redone as we have to be prepared to growth and to be able to handle a big amount of data efficiently.

When programming, we need to keep in mind to keep the site easily extendable, without making major changes to the codes.

We need a core frame, and attach to that the secondary features.

Additional pages will be added and/or considered as necessary for optimal user experience.

Front End Specifications:

Goal: Our goal in every execution is to make the site very easily understandable, easily manageable. Maximize simplicity and ease of navigation for user. We try to avoid pop ups, and minimize pages with modal windows, try to avoid unnecessary clicks and mouse movements etc. We are in constant search for the best available solutions to achieve this goal.

Besides the already existing features of the Index pages we will have:

Logo: The Logo will point on every Siikin Page to the Index page.

Login and Registration: We will need all the classical features of a registration.


1. Users will have the option to login by Facebook Authentication.

2. Upon registering they accept the “Terms and Conditions” by checkbox. This “Terms and Conditions” will not be there, only an available link directing to it.

3. After registration there will be additional features available for users:

User customized Category box: After clicking on the assigned logo of it, registered users can freely customize a Category box on the Index page, and fill it up with whatever link they desire. They will have to name it, provide the URL and save, all in a small pop up window. They can save up to 50 links, with no option to organize them into further categories. Just one Category box and that’s it. These links will be organized in alphabetic order. Users will be able to edit and delete it. To have access to this feature, users will have to click on the URL that is already placed in the upper right “My Favorite Websites” Category box. The URL will say “Add my favorite website here”.

4. Preferably a user will stay signed in until cookies or saved passwords are erased, or until manually signs out.

The Siikin pages that are created by the registered users or by Siikin Administrators are called Subdomains. Users (authors of new pages) will create new Siikin subdomain by filling out a template. Only after registration will the users have access to the template to create a new page. To have access to this feature we need to place a button on the index and every other page, that will not be visible before being signed in.

“More…” out of Alphabetic: (Only) On the Index page, every Category Box will include a line “More…”. That will be a URL, leading to the Siikin Page in that Topic. For example, in the “Business” Category box, the “More…” will lead to business.siikin.com. This “More…” Should be an exemption of Alphabetic order and should be in the bottom of every category box.

URL underline: When the cursor is located on the links, the text will become underlined.

Popular Pages: There will be a category box on the right side (bottom), including the top 8 most visited siikin pages.

Voting (Likes/Dislikes): There will be option after each an every URL to vote about the link, by clicking on it once. The little Facebook style “hands” will appear after the URL and users will be able to submit what they think.

Related Pages: On every siikin page (except of Index) we will have short-cuts to places where visitors are likely to want to go. We will have on every page a “Related Pages” category box, either on the right hand side or as a regular category box. That will include a list of URLs of already existing Siikin Subdomains, with related topics. For example if we are on [url removed, login to view], then this Category Box will list [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] etc…. up to 10 related pages. This Related Pages should also appear on Search Results, on the left side of the screen.

FAQs: On the bottom there will be a FAQ, Static HTML

Advertising: On the bottom there will be Ads, Static HTML

All Siikin Pages: On the bottom there will be a link leading to a page, that includes all the existing Siikin Pages organized and separated A to Z.

The Template for Authors and its Functions:

Template: The template follows the design of the index page (color, fonts, frames etc).

The menu buttons and the top part of the page is fixed (Picture nr 2)

The template will already include 8 empty bars for creating and naming the category boxes, and 4 bars for the URL each, suggesting the minimum requirements. When filling out the templates, the user have to provide the Category Box’s name, then URL, and then give a name for that URL, then provide keywords for that name. The page author will be able to edit the info, or delete. Saving will be automatic when the cursor is not on the field anymore.

There will be a warning if the provided URL is not valid, without the necessity of clicks.

There will be options to Add or Delete more empty link or category bar, as the number of added links or categories is flexible. Every Category’s Name will automatically create a shortcut on the top of the Published Page, the same way as it is right now on the Index page. These shortcuts will be organized in alphabetic order, from top to bottom, not from left to right.

The authors will have to provide 3 to 5 Keywords to each of their pages (this is mandatory).

The maximum amount of links an Author can include in the template will be 500.

Welcome to …. .[url removed, login to view]: On the top part, the user will provide one chosen word, that will be the topic. If the topic is available, then it will say “Welcome to …. .[url removed, login to view]”.

If the chosen word is reserved or already exists, then it will say “Sorry, this topic is not available”. This warning will happen as body of the page, not as pop up, or any solution that requires mouse movement. The cursor will stay in position and be ready to type in a new word, without any clicks.

Several authors can work on the same topic in the same time. However only the first one who gets his work published and eventually authorized will have that topic. If several authors work on the same topic in the same time ([url removed, login to view]) then a warning should appear that “ Other authors also work on the same topic, please be advised that the first one who submits a complete page, and the content is strong enough to get approved by Siikin will get the spot. Enjoy working!”

3 Alternate SubDomains: The next “thing to do” for the user is to provide up to 3 alternate subdomains,(optional) that will point to the same exact page once it is completed. For example if a user starts to create “[url removed, login to view]” then “[url removed, login to view]”, “[url removed, login to view]” and “[url removed, login to view]” will show the same page result, without domain redirecting.

The navigation panel is on the left side, with the following features:

Main: This will be the top button, to navigate Authors back to the Main Editing View.

Preview: There will be a button for Preview, where if they click, they can see how their yet uncompleted page looks when “real”. It is basically the template, implemented into the design.

Organize Category Boxes: There will be a button for “Organizing Category Boxes” where the page author will be able to change the order of the boxes as he likes, by drag and drop.

URL Validation: Each URL that is saved in the template will be automatically tested for validity. (Response Status Ok)

Ready to Final Review / Publish button: After the user reached the minimum requirements, (at least 8 category, with the total minimum of 100 links, but not less then 5 links in each Category box), the option will be available to “Publish” the new Subdomain. This button will be distinguished form others in shape and color.

Subdomain Live without Logo: After clicking on “Ready to Final Review” the new subdomain will go live immediately. However the design will be slightly different: new subdomains created by authors will not have the Siikin logo on top of them until they are approved by an admin. It will show (Picture nr 3) instead of the Siikin logo. Also, it will not offer the option to “recommend links” to that page, until it is approved. In the same time when a user publishes a new subdomain, it will appear in our database under the “Waiting for approval” list. Once it is approved, the Logo and the option to recommend links will automatically appear.

Q&A: There will be a button for Q&A (Text nr. 3) to help the users when completing the template. This is Static HTML edited in the Admin.

Biography: There will be a button for Bio. Authors of new pages will be able to create a Bio about himself when working on a template (optional). They can upload a picture, give themselves a name, and edit 2 text boxes: 1. “About you” , 2. “Why did you chose this topic?”. (Maximum 500 characters.) In this menu, the author will be able to include 5 of his personal favorite links, that don’t have to be related to the chosen topic. (Picture nr 3.) If they fill this out, this will create a new Category Box, that has the title “About the Author”. That will show the name, will show the picture in the upper right corner of the category box, and will include the links under it. In a cloud if the cursor is on that field, it will show what the author typed in about himself. (Picture nr 4.)

PayPal: Since authors will be compensated, there will be an option to provide the author’s email address that is linked with a PayPal account. This email address can be different than the one he is registered with. There will be text “Please provide your PayPal email address.” He will be able to save or edit it. Also, without this field completed, the button “Ready to final review and Publish” will not show up. There will be a link there asking “You don’t have a Pay Pal Account? Click here, and register now”. Obviously this will lead to [url removed, login to view]\registration.

Multiple Topics: The authors can work on up to 5 topics at the same time. They will have to go through the same steps when starting a new one: check for availability, provide alternate 3 names (optional). Every new topic will create a new Tab in the Editing window. (Picture nr 5.)

All of these Tabs will have an X in the corner, suggesting that the user can close that tab, and delete all info associated. This action will be verified, pop up is okay: “Are you sure you want to delete ….. for ever and ever until the end of times?”

User Accepts/Denies Recommended Links: Once a new Sub Domain is approved by our Admin, then the author of the page now will have to manage the links that got recommended to his page. In a menu available for him, he will be able to edit, approve, move to other category box or delete the submitted links. He will not have access to the email address of the user who recommended the link.

If the Author accepts or denies a recommended link, the Admin will automatically send an email to notify the user. (Text nr 5.\accepted and nr. 6\denied.)

Login Frequency: If an author has a published and verified Sub Domain, then he will have to Log In at least every 30 days. After 21 days of not logging in, the Admin will send an automated warning email, that he needs to Log in (Text nr 7.) and after 30 days of not logging in, the admin will send an automated email (Text Nr. 8) and also move the SubDomain in the Database from “Live Sub Domains by Users” to “Live Sub Domains by Siikin”. This 30 days count will start from when the Sub Domain is verified. The Log In frequency does not matter when someone has incomplete templates.

Statistics: There will be a button for “Statistics” where after approval the Author can follow the Liked or Disliked links. Will also be able to see and organize the most visited and least visited links that are included on his page.

Database Specifications:

All lists in the Database have to be prepared for huge data.

The Admin will be available on admin.siikin.com.

Template for Admins: We will need an easily manageable template in the Admin that will help the Administrators to create new Siikin sub domains. This could be similar to what the registered users use to create a new template, but it doesn’t have to be. If an Admin wants to create a new Sub Domain, he will be able to create and name new categories, fill them up with links, and name them, save it when half way done, and then publish it when he thinks it’s ready. The Admin will also have to be able to edit everything: delete, rename, links or categories, or move to another category box a chosen link. The Subdomains that are complete and published will be distinguished from those that are still in process of being built.

Upon Publishing (the template will offer a button for it) the new page will go live immediately, creating a new domain. For example when the Administrator fills up the [url removed, login to view] template, when it is complete and published, the [url removed, login to view] will be ready to visit.

When creating these new Domains, and we decided what will be the name of the Domain (for example [url removed, login to view]) the Admin will need the option to provide additional domain names for that domain, for example the “[url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]) All the alternate subdomain will point to the same content, same page, without being redirected, that would cause delay in page loading.

Tracking registered user activity: In the Admin, we will have an option to access the registered users saved templates, to see what have they done, which topics they have open for completion and how they progress with their templates. What links got recommended to their pages, etc. Also we will be able to Delete, Edit, Move or Create Links.

Reserved topic’s list: There will be a list of topics, (aka. a list of words or expressions) that will be “reserved” for siikin. Those are the certain topics that will not be available for the public to create them. We will be able to extend this list in the database. When users run a siikin search on those topics, the search results will not recommend to create a new page about it. On every other subject, the first line on the search results will be a warning (“There’s no existing siikin page about this topic yet”) and a link offering to register, or if signed in, then pointing to the template: “Click here if you would like to create it now”. The list of these words will be editable in the Admin.

Waiting for approval SubDomain’s List: In the Admin, there will be a list of all the submitted new Sub Domains, where there will be an option to either approve the page, or mark only the disputed content, and add recommendations, then send it back to the original author to review it. The author will be able to see the marked links and recommendations, when he signs in. The marked (disputed) items will no longer appear on the done and published live page (those links will become inactive, until the author changes, or fixes it.) Also, if by disputing several items on the submitted Subdomain it won’t reach the minimum requirements anymore (under 100 live links), then the SubDomain will not be published no more, therefore providing space for other authors to fill up the empty spot.

When we send back pages to review, or when we approve pages, there should be automated emails. (Please review / Approved)

Track visits: We will have an option in the database to follow to frequency of visits of the contained links on the pages. We will be able to organize by popularity (least/most) by time range (what was the most popular the last week, or in January etc) The more variety of statistics is available, the better.

Recommended links: There will be a list of all recommended or reported links. We will be able to easily check from which page and category box the recommendation came from, in order to decide whether the URL is in the most relevant page and/or category box, before we accept it. When we accept or deny a recommended link, there will be an automated email to registered users.

Web Spider: We will need a program checking all the links for Validity in a certain frequency. (Depending how long it will take.)

Siikin Search Results:

Siikin Search Result Organized: The Search Result will be organized as:

1st: the matching siikin pages (if exist)

2nd: the matching Category names

3rd: the matching names of the URLs.

There will be recommendations for typos, also will be Related Pages on the left side of the screen.

Advertisement management:

The Advertisement management software will be the Google DFP. It will be placed on advertisement.siikin.com.

Habilidades: AJAX, jQuery / Prototype, MySQL, PHP

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