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A trading workflow & Accounting website for me to manage my Supplier, Shipper, Customers, Orders and accounting.

Supplier - Login to upload products and information/accept orders & manage returns.

Shipper - To accept goods and input shipping price.

Customers - To make order and manage returns

Admin - To Input price on orders/to create orders/to manage returns/to manage accounting.

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## Deliverables


**1) ** **To manage customers account**

**2) ** **To manage Suppliers, Pricing and Products**

**3) ** **To manage shipper**

**4) ** **To manage returns**

**5) ** **To manage accounting process**

**6) ** **To manage Sales - Delivery workflow**

**Normal Procedures:**

**Supplier Price - Customer Order - Payment (Immediate or Later) - Shipping to Hongkong - Shipping to Singapore - Customer's Singapore clearance shipper received and checked - Payment (Partial or Full) - Returns for faulty products = Refund, 1 to 1 exchange or Repair - Ship to customer on next shipment.**

**To Manage Supplier:**

- **Able to add supplier/password and details (Name, Contact Number & Address)**

- **Able to add products according to suppliers (Model, Price, Description, Picture)**

**a) ** **Model**

**b) ** **Price**

**c) ** **Functions - Wifi, Bluetooth, Camera, Tv, 3G, Dual Sim, Triple Sim (Tick During Adding product) Able to add function category by administrator**

**d) ** **Picture**

**e) ** **Description**

- **Suppliers able to logon to supplier's account to add/edit/delete products too**

- **Admin Able to add function category for products.**

- **Supplier accounting - To collate all invoices of each order from supplier to total amount. Be able to pay partially and it will be deducted from full amount and show balance outstanding to each supplier. (Payment amount, Payment mode and date will all be displayed in statement) (Prices varies all the time and will be changed, so order invoice should be according to price at that point of time and will not be changed if price changes after invoice date.)**

- **Admin Be able to search via supplier, product model, price range or functions. Able to narrow down search in each search.**

- **Display of search results should be in 1 page and show all functions, prices and supplier name. (Need not show picture.)**

- **Be able to search order via date or supplier.**

- **Supplier will logon to confirm order products Quantity & prices. (Supplier may edit order quantity) (Supplier cannot edit invoice after confirmation)**

- **Should be able to edit supplier's online submission details at anytime. (Only by administrator)**

**To Manage Shipper:**

- **Able to add shipper/password and details ( Name, Contact number, description)**

- **Shipper accounting process (all orders must add a shipping charge to one or more shipper) Be able to pay partially and deduct from full amount and show balance outstanding to each supplier.**

- **For online: Shipper will logon to confirm total goods received by weight and total number of pieces & total number of cartons. Shipper will then fill in total price for shipping.**

- **Receiver will logon to confirm goods received and complete order.**

- **Should there be any loss of goods, administrator will have the option to charge losses to the shipper. (Collate into shipper's account)**

**To manage customer's account:**

- **To be able to add customer and Details. (Name, Contact number and Description)**

- **Customer will be able to logon to view order status and total Outstanding amount.**

- **Customers will also be able to search for previous order invoice according to date. (Selling price invoice)**

- **Customers will logon to confirm upon receiving of goods. (Should there be any losses, customer will fill in the models and may fill in description)**

- **Administrator will be able to edit losses into order.**

**Order management:**

- **Add products, quantity and selling price. (Will be linked to a supplier)**

- **Add shipper or shippers.**

- **After shipper fill in price of shipping after confirmation of receiving goods, Total profit for that order will be shown to administrator.**

- **Administrator will be able to edit order at any point of time.**

- **Administrator will select whether the shipping price will be absorb in invoice or charged to customer in that invoice.**

**Returns management:**

- **Customer fill in return form on model and quantity.**

- **Administrator confirm the return and fill in return policy (Refund, 1 to 1 Exchange or Repair)**

- **Administrator then return phones to supplier and also fill in return policy from supplier. (Refund, 1 to 1 Exchange or Repair)**

- **If it is a refund, administrator will update total amount (to be set by administrator) to customer accounts. As for supplier, it will also be deducted from supplier's account.**

- **If it is a 1 to 1 exchange, total balance of returns will be credited to customer accounts and be able to add to a order. (Same for supplier accounts)**

- **If it is a repair, it will be stated in both customer & supplier accounts until deducted from a order.**

- **Administrator will be able to view all return status.**

- **Customer will be able to view their outstanding returns.**

- **Supplier will also be able to view their outstanding returns.**

**To manage accounting process:**

- **Administrator will be able to view total outstanding amount and outstanding amount from each clients or amount owned to each shipper or supplier.**

- **All amounts can be paid in partial and deducted from total amount.**

- **Only administrator can fill in amount paid.**

- **Customers, Shippers and Suppliers can view their total amount only on their account.**

- **Administrator can view report for total Sales, outstanding, profit for daily, Weekly, monthly or yearly.**

- **Administrator can also view total amount received and total amount paid for daily, Weekly, monthly or yearly.**

- **When an amount is paid, administrator is to fill in date, amount and payment mode for future tracking purpose.**

- **Able to print report of invoices or statements.**

**Important things to note:**

- **Administrator will be able to edit any information on the system.**

- **Customers, suppliers and shippers can only VIEW, edit or add details for their account. (mainly only Orders)**

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