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Interesting astrology programming project:

A Programmer with knowledge of astrology is required for an interactive web site dealing with a branch of (tropical) astrology called progressed synastry which is concerned with *timing* astrological relationship compatibility.

The requirement is to take input of birth data (date, place, time of birth) for two separate individuals together with the date for the start of their relationship and produce a four-tier (not including headings) matrix of lines from the Astrodienst ephemeris (which details planetary positions in degrees and minutes of zodical longitude) that relate to each individuals natal planetary positions and their progressed planetary positions (using the day-for-a-year method) for the date of their relationship.

The matrix will be displayed and certain contacts or aspects (of 0, 60, 90, 120, and 180 degrees) between natal and progressed Venus in one chart to natal and progressed Venus, Sun and Mars in the other chart will be highlighted using a specific color to connect each planet (or planets) in aspect when they are within 2 degrees (orb) of being exact.

From the Venus aspects of this type graphs will be produced and displayed showing a time frame (in calendar years) from the beginning of the progressed aspect (when it came within 2 degrees) to its separation beyond 2 degrees. This is essentially a window in time.

A simple report facility is also required to display details of Venus aspects that are within two degrees in the progressed synastry matrix.

Details of each entry are to be stored in a (MYSQL) database for research purposes.

A full specification can be supplied.

Habilidades: .NET, Programação C, Java, PHP, Visual Basic

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