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We are looking for the developer to make an online sportsbook from scratch. The site must have all of the front end and back end options similar to the major competetors. I will be working very closely with you to help define all features needed. I would be interested in a per hour or per project cost basis with payment divided up into reasonable proven milestones.

Sportsbook Software Development

Bank intervention as a payment party may be sought. In other words we may deposit the money in a bank (escrow service) and the bank will pay you on our behalf once each milestone is obtained. We can discuss this.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing the work required.

I've got some basic requirements listed. I can go over them in more detail if I consider you a possible candidate for the job.

I need a sportsbook website from scratch. Features equal to or above the following:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

The main theme is simplicity of operations but no sacrifice on features, options, etc.....; remember not every person that will come into contact with this knows how to program software. The software needs to be as fully automated. In other words even a baby could operate this software with no confusion. The software needs to be fully expandable.

The sub-theme is player to player action, where the players can set their own odds and other players can place bets against them OR place a bet against the house on the house odds (lines).

Both the THEME and SUB THEME need to be able to operate independent of one another or both together.

To give some perspective I have added a few links to some other player to player related sportsbooks.

(1) [url removed, login to view] (best I've seen so far, but unapealing to average sports nut.)

(2) [url removed, login to view]

(3) P2P software companies listed here: [url removed, login to view]

(4) [url removed, login to view] (Truest P2P I've found, but requires downloadable software which NO ONE wants to do.. I believe that downloadable software has severly limited their sucess.)

Web Site Features Needed:

(1) Mainpage graphical redesign of our future website to host the operations:

(1-a) Main root index page to contain both components that branch off into casino or sports wager center. [url removed, login to view] is a good example of how to integrate many services with one branded name. I like [url removed, login to view] 's color theme.. something along those lines

(1-b) Sports Exchange subindex page.

(1-b-1) (Left column?) All betting categories, Football, Soccer, Baseball etc. plus exotic novelty section., sign in etc.. Most active etc.. most viewed.

(1-b-2) (Center?) Intro.. our company is about and a section for Most Popular Wagers & Latest wagers placed. Lines, tips, tricks, etc...

(1-b-3) (Right column) Recent News, special features etc..

(2) Sports Exchange Package.

(2-a) Customer Side (Client who Wagers) My goal is to start small with simple straight betting action for sanctioned (ie. football, etc..) and non-sanctioned bets (ie. novelty bets imposible for us to confirm, but clients can still propose wgaers on. ie. high school football etc, lizard races.. what number am I thinking etc.. ).

Typical betting scenario: End user signs in searches for the bet he wants.. or decides to place a wager for some else to accept.

(2-a-1) Accept Someone elses wager. Agrees to take all or portion of betting wager currently available in available bets. Ranking system that shows successfull wagers is important.

(2-a-2) Offer wagers to other players: Sanctioned and non-sanctioned

(2-a-2-a) Sanctioned: Can select a gamming event from the sanctioned list that covers all known confirmable las vegas bets. Selects the wager and places his own odds and how much he wants to wager. Confirms selection, with potention risk/reward in summary. "Odds" are pretty straigh forward for most wagering activities. FOr most american team sports it can be either 1:1 with point spreads, or 110/50 format .. meaning risking 110 to gain 50 on favored team. Boxing is win/loss. etc.. Just a note: There can be some novelty sanctioned wagers like whos going to win a major election etc.. with 110/50 format. Here's an example of player side bet placement.

[url removed, login to view]

(2-a-2-b) Non-sanctioned: (Added later) This feature is not as important in the begining. This section would be a person want to place a weird bet not on any list. Someone would have to accept the wager.. and the person who made the wager would have to confirm that he in turn counter accepts. Ranking system like ebay is important to instill a sense of security for the players.

(2-b) Administration Side (My admin control page, with basic and advanced admin scripts)

(2-b-1) Need to be able to administer client accounts. personal info, balance etc.. (variable access will be needed).

(2-b-2) WIN/LOSS updates. Ability to enter win/loss (and point spread) results of the sanctioned wagers and automatically update users info. ie.. update balance, send email confirmation etc...)

(3) Basic Sindication. 3rd party content for both 2-a and 2-b.

In order to really be successfull scalability is crucial. Offering the ability for ANYONE to run their own sportsbook and P2P on a sindicated white branded network would be crucial. So the question would be.. how to provide content to another website and have it branded on their name, manage profits etc.. ALL UNDER OUR PERSONAL BANNER a type of franchise if you will.

(4) FULL CONTROL over our affiliates activities using our software, if and when we decide to brand or branch out.

(4.1) FULL REPORTING on server activities, in other words each and every action - reaction is recorded into our databases for security purposes. Weblog activities that reflect who, when , where and what action was taken. Back up capabilities and super erase with master master password.

(4.2) Full financial capabilities intergrated into software. With full client database , that reflects each and every movement they have made while in our system.

(4.3)Full cookie tracking capabilities with IP log identification. Master swith off capabilities to suspend or reactivate an account.

(5) HEADS UP , we will have an idependent company look over the code to make sure no back door or trojans have been implemented into the software.

Habilidades: Programação C, Processamento de dados, Engenharia, PHP, Administrador do Sistema

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