Golden Goose

The Golden Goose Project is an automatic trading terminal that will interface with the metatrader. It will be downloaded from a secure web site and a password good for 30 days will be issued. At the end of the 30 days a new password will need to be purchased on line in order for the Golden Goose Terminal to function.

## Deliverables

The Golden Goose Project.

I will do my best to give the readers of this posting as many details and information that I can so you will understand my needs and requirements of the project.

I began this project once before a few years ago using a programmer in Russia. He got about 50% of the way finished then just stopped. There was no more communication after that. I do not have the code nor do I know exactly how he was doing as I requested on my project. So I am starting over but this time I am using RentACoder. I would like to use persons in other countries for several different reasons. First the price is much lower. Since I am an individual that saves me money and makes it possible for me to undertake this project. Second, I am helping a person make money that he might not normally be able to make and I hope he is getting a better fee than he might normally get.

The programmer will need to know how to interface with the Metatrader, set up secure web site, update data base, some graphics, and perhaps vb or c++ (not sure about the programming language).

I will attempt to give you an idea of my project without disclosing my trade secrets of the trading.

I have a few indicators and EA’s that seem to work pretty well. But as with most manual approaches it is difficult to do. I would like to convert these EA’s into an automatic trading terminal that will inter face with the Metatrader.

Perhaps the best way to explain what I need is to tell you what the user will do with the program. As I explain the steps you will get an idea of what kind of help I need on the project.

To begin with the NEW USER will visit my web site. There he will see a page where he can download the Golden Goose Terminal. If he wants to download the Golden Goose Terminal then he will register at the web site. His first download is completely operational for 30 days without any fees. He can use it with any MetaTrader he chooses. It will be able to work on a demo account or a live account. Five days before his time expires, a little light on the Golden Goose Terminal will turn from green to yellow and warn him that he needs to renew the GGT in five days. When he renews the GGT he will need to pay a small fee for an additional 30 days. Once the fee is paid then the GGT will remain operational for an additional 30 days.

Since the GGT may be on a computer that might be on 24x7 then the GGT will check for updates at certain times. The updates could include changes to the EA, changes concerning information that the GGT might need to determine trades or anything else that concerns the operations of the GGT or the EA. Because I want to NEW USER to pay a fee each month, he is not going to pay the fee if the GGT is not performing well. Thus updates to the EA needs to be able to happen.

Once the GGT is downloaded and the NEW USER has it turned on, it will ask a few questions such as what size account will the NEW USER be trading, how much money is in the account for trading of the NEW USER, and does the NEW USER want to operate the GGT in full automatic mode or manual mode.

Once this is done, then the GGT will go to work. It will watch the pairs using my trading methods and ideas, when there is a buy or sell to be made, then it will automatically make the trade. If the GGT is in manual mode, then it will alert the NEW USER that a trade is suggested and the NEW USER must click a button to make the trade.

I would like the GGT to some how be able to keep my EA and methods of trading away from anyone so they can not see what I am doing. All the NEW USER will see is a little flashing light to let him know it is watching the pairs. As I said before the trading methods are my trade secrets.

As to the interface with the NEW USER I already have the graphics. They are a little rough and I need a graphic person to clean them up. I did these myself in Flash 5….ha ha yes I said Flash 5 but it is a good program for graphics. I just need someone who can make the graphics perfect.

The GGT will connect to the metatrader and work along side of the metatrader. Now the sample GGT that I had at one time did interface and would place orders. But I am a little unclear as to how this was done. That is your job. J

Once the GGT is completed and a NEW USER can download it and we can allow a 30 password for a fee and all the testing on the interface is complete then I will provide you with the ea to convert or load to the GGT.

There are other features and a few small details that I did not explain but they are minor. If you have experience with meta trader and ea then lets talk. I do not think that the other part are difficult.

As to the biding. I am an individual attempting to get this completed. I do not have a lot of cash flow. So that might mean in order to pay for this project, I will need to pay as I go. If you are willing to complete a small part then will pay for that part then we can go to the next part. I will be able to pay weekly for this but not a lot. So I would like to have someone who is willing to work with me. I am not asking for a discount from your professional fee but a little time to pay you as I go.

I also understand that in a case suchas this program that when you begin to code, a few things will change or improve. I fully understand if the fee might need to be adjusted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I have posted a sample screen shot of the GGT that needs to be cleaned up a little.


Habilidades: Programação C, PHP

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