Trading card game website

A site used to trade online virtual trading cards such as Magic the gathering, poxnora etc. Also media related things like videos, news, etc.

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Site is sitting at 95% complete and needs touching up on some functions and design. Basically a list of changes and updates that need done so its ready to launch.

## Deliverables

Front end:

Home: Need to change design layout and graphics except for the main site background. Need to remove bottom news archive and make the top box with arrows the news archive. News should display here with image function and the arrows should cycle between a number of news postings from news section.

News: Fine for now.

Storefront: Game should not load until its selected and searched. Search button missing graphic. Needs to stay on the game you select while building an order. Can not mix items from different games on one order. The first order you add from 1 game determines the game the order will be for. Value in is listing the item ID numbers when it shouldnt. Feed needs updated to add all items into the store and various items not in the feed need added manually.

Videos: Good for now until additional video section work begins. Would like to add filters and some backend options for setting up filterable labels for each video. Such as commentators, player names, dates, ratings, factions, colors etc. Ability to create new tag to be shared among tons of videos for filter setting.

info center: The titles it adds are now displaying as regular text below the header. It should display as the same text as site rules, links and store rules. Im guessing all the text used to create the other link headers will need to be uploaded as a font style. Since were actually redesigning the site we will need to keep this in mind for the new font style we use after the design revamp. Maybe even change the font style or make it look nicer since the text with glow effect looks a bit cheap to me.

my account:

*profile options- looks good.

*my bank- Conversion from 1 game to another should show math right when you start putting numbers in the field. This way customer can see exact transfer before going to the next screen and then having to hit back and adjust 5 times.

*order history- Order details need finished. Missing a lot of info from the order. Should display everything that was on the original order. User alt name should only work to filter by the alt name but should still have option and default to showing all names until selecting a specific name. Option to reload a canceled order into the view order screen needs to override order in view order if theres already an order in there. Needs to save reloaded order into view order so it can be edited after you close window. Needs to create entirely new order when you reload a canceled order, rather then reopen that order on the backend. Should also provide a list of items not available during a reload.

Pricelist: Search button missing graphic. Compare button needs named Compare List so that its different from compare buttons on items to avoid customer confusion.

deck database:

*manage deck-Clicking deck name should bring you to deck editing. Publish link should also be clickable.

Add products page will need a filter button with filters added.

*deck listing- Publish link dont work here. Will need setup when site is live and url has changed so no big deal. Links to the pages work so thats good for now. Will need filters button added to deck listing also so users can filter for decks.

*deck display*- Price out per item can be replaced with quantity to show how many of the same item is in that deck. Does not need to double list duplicate cards in a deck. Abilities stat can be removed from

deck statistics. Forum display code needs tested and I need to see it showing proper display on a forum.

contact us: looks good for now.

*view order-

Listing of stats below order should read as follows in this order:

Bank Credits:

Total Deposit:

Bank + Deposit:

Total Withdraw:

Balance Credits:

Then alt name, trade link, comments etc.

So just need to move total withdraw below bank+deposit.

View order should clear after an order is submitted.

It needs to calculate OS tax when items come in past the max and also count the pending in toward that total. It also needs to do a check for items locked in trade before allowing the order to process. If any of the items in the order are locked in another pending order and there arent any extra to give to that user then they should get a warning message letting them know that the item is on order by another customer and not available for their trade. (I think this is currently working but needs tested thoroughlly.

featured products- Not working. Needs fixed.

specials- Looks good.

videos- Looks good for now. Will hold off until we do extra work on videos section.

Back end:


*manage orders* Looks good. Can probably remove manage orders now that its filtered by game and just have each games orders be the same as manage orders but only for each game. Also, need option to search for an order by its order#. Would also like option to enter a product name and view all orders with that product in it. Will need to compact orders so that 40 fit on screen and add highlight rows to read them easier.

Possibly add option to archive orders. Can be built after launch. Possibly have it so that any completed or canceled order is cleared from the orders section and entered as a viewable text order and put under the username of the customer. This is to save space and keep the database clear to prevent overloading.

Orders with any cash payments should not display the items as cash payments, but instead list those cash items as part of the trade out section of that order or in the case of buying credits on the order, it should display only as banked credit they had in their bank. This is to disguise a cash order so that an employee of mine cant tell the difference and still be able to fill them not knowing my financial business.

cash orders: This will most likely remain hidden and turned off in rights section so that only I can

view it. Here there should be a copy of any order with a cash payment involved, with the order laid out the same way as the customer views it from the frontend in their cart. Currently it seems to be putting a duplicate copy of a trade order here from manage order section when it should just be giving an exact copy of a cash order. This section is basically just to give me receipts of what they bought and show order details for it so I can keep track of payment history etc.

*order details- Default ordering looks good, but need some game specific options added from game standard section for filtering. Also, a few more filters for orders like, 1st, 2nd, 3rd so that you can have it first filter by name, then by type, then by rarity or something like that. For pox, I need to have it list items alphabetically but also in the order of Champions, then spells, then relics, then equipment, then tokens etc.

Also, needs to display the admin name for the person that filled the order and also the name of the person that accepts or cancels the order. Since a different admin can do any of these it will need to have 2 listings added to the order details once completed. If the order was filled and accepted it will need to say filled by: and accepted by: If the order was canceled before it was filled then it will need to say canceled by: If the order was filled and then canceled then it needs to say filled by: canceled by: Needs to list both filled and accepted by rather then it overwriting. As all orders will be filled and accepted, possibly by different people.

Trade in and trade out can be labeled once per section, so you can remove in out column for each item.

Total should not have the * computation in it. Just a number to show how many. Need text field to enter a reason why you are cancelling the order which the customer can see on their order history details.

Also, would like it to send the same details to their inbox on the site as a message so they notice it easier. Accept and reject cancellation option is not necessary as you can just use accept and reject option for it (same thing). Can also remove those from manage order filters. Also need order details to show the math for the order. Just like on their view order screen on front end. Products should be in highlighted rows as well and everything can be more compact. Trade link can be moved up top right under order detail and right above product display. Option to change order status back to pending can be removed since only super admin should be able to reverse an order. (this would of course reverse the credits back to normal that the user had in his bank and reverse the inventory back to normal.

pages: Looks good, just need to work on title display as mentioned on frontend section.


*create user* Alt name should list all alts under that user, possibly using a dropdown. Store admin privileges should only be able to be designated by me.

*manage user* Only has to display username not real name. Password dont need to display as its encrypted anyway. Altname dont need to display here.


*create news* Seems ok for now, may need more editing features added to detail area.

*manage news* Seems ok, will test later.

videos: Need to be able to imbed videos here from youtube rather then uploading them directly to my server. Need to set this up so that I can setup videos, with filterable tags. So basically I will create a listing for each video with specific words to identify the video based on whos in it and what they are using based on the game its for.


*manage rights* Looks good, but need to keep up with adding options here.


*create product* Game standard options should load up and be editable fields per every item for that game when you assign the product to its game. Currently its not displaying a menu for anything after you select game but this is possibly because the game isnt set up with rarities yet. Need to add type the same way. To show what type of card it is based on that game. Pox has Champions, spells, relics, equipment and tokens/tickets/etc (we can name this miscellaneous), while MTGO has creatures, artifacts, enchantments, instants, etc.

*manage product* As explained above, need a column for reserve. Can add it to filters in case I want to search for all products with a reserve amount.

*create games* Default order is spelled wrong. Also, need option to set a number of them up so I can have it order first by type, then by name etc. Game types can also be added here, just like you did with rarities. Option to close store (disables trading and cash buying) disable cash, disable trades needs added so I can close the store or restrict service when I need to. (same with manage games) Also, the options for default order are wrong. Default order is for order details to list the items in the order.

Rarity, type, name, price. Those are probably the best 4 options to have and would like 4 dropdowns there in case I want to select more then 1 so it orders them in order of dropdowns I select. If I choose rarity for dropdown 1 then it should load all available rarities for the game and allow me to setup the order I want them to display as. Then for dropdown 2 if I select type it would work the same way. This would then filter first by order of rarity, then by order of type. I could then do the same with name (alphabetical descending or ascending) and price (high to low or low to high)

*manage games* Need option to close or open a game on the storefront to allow trading or cash orders.

Maybe 2 checkbox options to turn off trading or turn off cash purchases. Unchecking the box would open it back up. While closed, there should be a display message on the storefront to let them know either trading, cash or both are temporarily closed down.

*game standard statistics* Looks good, but would like to possibly add function to view preview of how everything will be seen on the popup display and be able to move things around and order them better on the display per game and set it as the default arrangement. Also, need easier way to assign game standard statistics to a game and type so that each game will load up a set of game standard stats when you select the type of product and game its for. So you can have all stats load up when you select game, then a more refined set of stats for the product type which can be assigned under one of the modules.

Maybe have a dropdown for selecting product type when you setup a standard so that it loads diff set of standards for each product type.

*bulk operation*

Not necessary for it to load everything when you enter this module. Should give me option to load all or a set of items using the filter. Global adjustment should only affect items searched for. This way if I want to globally change all items in a specific filter I can or if I want to search for all cards in that game I can change everything at once. Can remove featured option here as I can just manage it easier from featured product submodule. Type dropdown can be removed as the filters option will show all avail filters made this way. Tax amount at bottom for global adjusting will need changed because not everything in global adjusting is tax related. I may want to change an amount of items globally or something. So instead of tax amount, it should be "adjustment" and I should have option of changing it by a number or percentage using + or -. Can add reserve column here as well.

*featured product* Looks good, just need to get it working properly on front end.

contact us:

*manage contact us* Looks good.

Need statistics module. (skip for now, will add this after launch when we set up project) This module should show a breakdown by any given range on the calendar for a number of stats. Main stats on launch need to be, Total store value (based on out value per game) Total banked credit (total of all banked credits in store from users, this is basically the total store debt) Total store gains (this is the difference between total store value and total banked credit. The banked credit is deducted from total value which leaves the difference in profit) This is needed so that I can tell how much profit I earn on trades.

I then need stats for admins based on their performance. This should show a total of how many orders each store admin filled, canceled, accepted. As well as how many total items were in each order they filled (only for the trade out section of each order, it should not count trade in items) This is needed for when I pay the admins.

Other stats to follow will be stuff like, Top 10 or top 20 items per game that get ordered out or in

etc. Statistical information on items in the store to show demand and help with pricing.

*Product Filter*

Can make 1 filters module and combine product, generic and ultimate filters as submodules underneath it to save space.

Under any filter, when the products for that game appear with checkboxes, you have to keep in mind there will be thousands of products loading here. Maybe add them to expandable groups based on expansion or set name.

*deck* Looks better but can remove price as I only need it on front end display. Need to make sure that price of deck is always based on current rune value. So all decks made need to always reflect current prices, even older decks made. So total price should load each time a deck is viewed, rather then be stamped on the first time its made.

*Manage Bank Credits* Looks good but need to be able to select the game you want to "apply to all" on as it will not affect every game but only 1 game at a time that you select.

Not entering a quantity for an item in storefront should default to 1 when you go to buy or add it to a trade order.

Reloading an order should not change the backend status of the order that was already accepted/canceled. It would instead, create a new order on the backend when the order is submitted. Nothing should ever go to the backend until its submitted.

There may be a few more small things left out that I cant think of right now. This is the heap of most of it though and most of it is small changes.

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