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We are looking for original music tracks and music clips to accompany our latest game release for the PocketPC platform, Quigley's Quest. This is a currently shipping product that we wish to enhance with the addition of background music and music clips.

The music tracks and clips have the following requirements:

o Must be in .IT or .MOD "tracked" format.

o A total of seven (7) music tracks and six (6) music clips are required (details below).

o The total size for all work produced must be between 1M and 2M -- size is limited due to the available memory on the PocketPC platform. This is somewhat flexible but must be strongly considered.

o Samples should be 11Khz or 22Khz. The samples don't necessarily have to be in stereo, but the resulting MODs should be.

o All work must be original and not previously distributed elsewhere.

o All samples included in the MODs must be either original, part of the Microsoft [url removed, login to view] sound bank (freely distributable), or part of a package that is officially documented to be freely distributable without royalties, limitations, or conditions. Basically, there must be no samples contained in the MODS that are third-party that require conditions to redistribute, other "public domain" samples with questionable distribution rights, or anything that could actually belong to someone and used without their knowledge.

o All work must be self-contained in the sense that it can be directly loaded into a MOD player and played (test against the FMod MOD player), and be editable from MOD editors (test against MODPlug Tracker), without requiring additional DLLs or sound files, other than the MOD player itself.

The seven music/song tracks will be used during the play of the game, with the songs looping in the background. Each song represents one of the "areas" in the game, each area having it's own graphics/feel. The sound clips are short sequences, to be used at specific times during play (like finding a special item), or during menu screens, high-score screens, etc.


General Feel of the Tracks


The game is NOT a fast-paced shoot-em-up. It is a platform-style game with a lot of jumping and treasure collecting while avoiding traps and monsters. The emphasis is on exploration, and there is no time limit or clock, so there is no sense of rushing. It feels like an Aztec, Prince of Persia, Zelda, or an Indiana Jones-type game.

## Deliverables

Although it was designed to *run* fast, it is not meant to be *played* fast. During actual play, the player is encouraged to take their time, and explore. The feel of the game is such that the pace of the music should not "push" the player.

The music should NOT have a "techno" sound or a fast tempo or heavily stressed beat. Most of the music tracks should have more of an "atmospheric" feel to them.


Sound Clip Details


1) Title Screen - 10-20 sec., loopable

- should be a punchy, hearty, introductory "fan-fare" song. Think of the "20th Century Fox" theme.

2) Death Sequence - 2-4 sec., not looped

- this is played when the character loses a life. Should be simple and short, since it will be heard often. Possibly a decending string of notes with little or no melody, suggesting the feeling of loss.

3) End Game Sequence - 3-5 sec., not looped

- Played at game end. Should be a short melody suggesting defeat.

4) End of Level Sequence - 2-4 sec., not looped

- this will be played upon completion of the level, before the screen fades out. Short happy melody suggesting success and completion.

5) Transition/Background Sequence - 10-15 sec., loopable

- this will be played on all high score, options, and configuration screens, etc, where there needs to be a some music in the background. Should be light, airy, with simple or no melody.

6) Invinsibility sequence - 10-15 sec., loopable

- this will be played when the character grabs an invinsibility potion. It should be more intense, with a nicely structured melody that begins immediately. It will repeat until the potion runs out then abruptly stop.


Music Track Details


There are seven (7) music tracks that need to be produced, each being 2-5 minutes in length, loopable, with good structure and catchy but simple melodies. Each music track is representative of one of the main "areas" in the game, each area having its own "atmosphere" which should be reflected in the style and feel of the track for the levels in that area. Each area contains three levels, so the song will be heard for quite some time while the player learns the levels, so the longer they are the better. Players will hear these songs for 20-30 minutes at a time, so they shouldn't be too repetitive.

1) Stonekeep Castle - Dark, forboding level. The tune should have a feel of anticipation and eagerness with an "atmospheric" melody without being too "happy". It will be the main track of the game, so should be catchy and something you could hum or whistle.

2) The Catacombs - Ligher, "quicker paced" level. The tune should have a lighter, more airy feel to it, maybe a faster beat and a more pleasant jingle.

3) The Ruins - More somber level. More of a haunting, foreboding melody.

4) The Pharaoh's Temple - Melody should come across like an Egyptian Pharaoh theme crossed with a haunted house. Should be haunting, but with a light "flutey" feel to it.

5) The Volcano - Quicker, sence of anticipation that the end of the game is near. More intense, complex melody. Should have an "earthy" feel to it.

6) Bonus/training level - ??

7) Secret Level - Otherworldly atmospheric feel.




1) Complete, self-contained (i.e. ready-to-use), and fully-functional working music files, per the requirements outlined above.

2) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. We will have complete ownership and copyrights, and exclusive distribution rights to all purchased work.

3) Notarized document (see conditions).

## Platform





You will receive credit for your work in the in-game Credits screen, which you will receive a free copy.

You will also receive priority consideration for work on future products.




The works need to be original, and created exclusively for this project. Need to be willing to sign and *notarize* a legal document stating the originality of the work. This document will state that the works are a) original and created by you, b) not previously distributed, c) not in violation of existing copyrights, d) you are giving up ownership and distribution rights to the work.

Basically, we are trying to ensure that you are creating brand-new compositions for this project and not simply downloading some previously released MOD from the Internet and submitting it as an original composition.

We reserve the right to change or tweak the compositions and use all or part of them in the product.

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