Character based Flash game on Linux server

Flash game running on Linux webserver.

Brief description:

- The game must work as part of a website with user data from MySQL dbase. Results are to saved in the same db.

- The game is about creating situations in different locations with one to four characters interacting with each other.

Brief game flow:

- Users able to choose and personalise up to 4 avatars (humans), dress them to different clothes (very much like [url removed, login to view], but more simple/limited); choose one-room locations and equip them with different furnitures.

- Then the user chooses a start position for the characters: he drags&drops them into the selected location, makes them sit/stand/lay etc. E.g. he positions a chair and a woman to the same place, chooses "sit" for the woman; and a man to the other corner of the room.

- He then chooses a finish (end) position for the characters and chooses action to do. E.g. he dragged&dropped the man's character close to the woman, and chooses for the men to shake hands with the woman, and chooses "stand up" for the woman.

- Then he clicks play and the characters move from their start position to the end position and do the required action(s).

- The user can play, save, modify and publish the whole act.

- He can line up three such acts (act 1, act 2, and act 3) in a row, each starting where the previous finished. He can then publish the 3 acts in one as an swf and in video format (avi or FLV) right onto the server; also updates the dbase.

What I provide:

- exact description of character movements (about 50)

- exact description of character interactions (about 100)

- my approx needs in backgrounds and furnitures

- server environment details.


- Character designs (about ten basic characters)

- Designs for character personalisations (see [url removed, login to view])

- Movement and interaction animatons

- Background and furniture/equipment designs.

- No need for administration. If I want new movements, new characters etc. I will work with you again and again.


- There is no multiplay in this game.

- Simple 2D animation is OK with some 3D movements included.

- Altough the project is scripting-based, I need a rather animation (filmmaker) approach than a gaming one.

- Furnitures don't move.

- Actions/interactions can be seen as a list and their order can be changed (e.g. the woman first stands up and only then sakes hands).

- How to choose interactions between characters: the user must be able to see possible options either as pop-up windows or drop-down menus (or whatever you find practical and visual). I suggest to use an invisible shape as a hot zone around characters/furnitures. If the user drops anything inside (or the outlines meet) then you can come up with the predefined actions list. E.g. chair actions [sit|stand|brake] person actions [sit|stand|walk|grab|brake|..etc]. When the two arrays meet "sit" and "stand" can come out and offered to the user in a drop-down list.

I've attached a draft about the stage, menus and acts (sorry for the low quality).

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