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The FaceBook application simulates everything you could do within a card game, just like Magic Workstation ([url removed, login to view]) or Apprentice (www.**magic**[url removed, login to view]**apprentice**.php), including but not limited to;

-Being able to play with more than 2 players

-Shuffling any deck from any player

-Drawing # of cards when the game starts

-Peeking at the top # cards of your deck

-Putting a card on the table faced down

-Looking at a card in another player's hand

-Putting a card into various piles and being able to name those piles

-Being able to manipulate any card on the table of any player

-Being able to turn the cards 90 degrees on either direction

-Being able to create "fake" cards, write something on them, and put them on the table

-etc, etc

## Deliverables

The application needs to be a custom virtual card game simulator, just like Magic Workstation ([url removed, login to view]) or Apprentice (www.**[url removed, login to view]**[url removed, login to view]****)****, allowing players to manipulate the virtual cards anyway they wish as in a real card game. The customization can only be done by me. I should be able to create cards that the players will be playing with and I should also be able to set the art for the card covers and faces. The application is a blank canvas for me to later manipulate and make my own FaceBook card game.

Unlike Magic Work Station, however, the application must give players an option to join in a multi-player game of a number limit set by the player hosting the game.

It should also have triggers or cues to play audio files with every action taken, such as shuffling the deck, putting a card on the table, peeking at another player's hand or deck, etc.

All actions taken by all players must be on a public record, a system message within a live feed, so that any player can see the actions of all the other players.

I should also be able to insert Flash animations to any action. Ofcourse, you do not have to do any animations yourself, I will hire artists to do that later on, I just need a trigger or cue for an animation to be inserted in response to any action taken by a player. (supposed a player puts a card in play called Fire Ball, there should be a trigger that looks for the file of this card in the database and fires off an animation commissioned by an artist of my choice, such as a fiery explosion and a trigger for an audio file for me to have the program play a sound file of an explosion).

The table, or the area where the players will be putting their cards down, should be able to display custom art chosen by me and it should be able to change to a the image or animation file of my choice when a card(s) of my choice are put on the table, along with the option of also triggering an audio file.

The application must have its own form of currency, like many game applications in FaceBook. The name of the application currency should be customized by me.

The interface of the game should be ready to be customized by me and the artist(s) I will employ at a later date. All "buttons" and links should be ready to be placed on the screen via a set of vectors so me and my artist(s) can customize the appearance of the game to our liking.

The application consists of three modes;

Play Mode, were you browse, challenge others and host games.

Deck Building mode, just like the one in Magic Work Station.

Shop, were players can browse different cards or pack of cards that are available for sale. The packs should be customizable in size and content. All prices should be able to be set by me.

Players should have a "Recruit Link", a feature popular in many FaceBook game applications. When a player that has not yet installed the application clicks on it and installs it, the player who's link it belongs gets some sort of reward. This reward should be customizable to offer certain cards, card packs or the game's own currency. See the game application Battle Stations for an example of this.

Rewards should be customizable to specific cards, packs, the game's own currency or a card or cards selected at random from a list.

Players will be able see the cards and resources of any other player as well as their transaction history with cards and in-game currency, this information should be in the in-game profile of each player.

Players that have already been Invited by someone cannot be Invited by someone else. Each player can only be invited once.

Players must pay a certain amount of the in-game currency to be able to Send or Receive cards or in-game currency. When a player Receives something from someone, they can see it but they cannot access it unless they pay a certain prize determined by me.

Whenever a player acquires any amount of the game's own currency, the player that originally referred them receives a reward that could be a card or card pack or certain amount or percentage of the game's currency, acquired by that player, determined by me.

A "Box" will also be necessary for the players that opt to have them in their profile Box or Wall tabs.

Players should be able to receive a Notification when they are challenged to a game or when someone wants to trade with them.

When a player gets a card, they should have the option of publishing the event on their wall, along with the capability for me and my artist(s) to include a graphic along with it. Anyone joining through any published link from the game should reward the publisher of said link and the new recruit will go straight to the publisher's Invite list (or what it's sometimes called the "Crew" or "Team" list).

Habilidades: PHP

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