Simple Flash Game

This is a simple multiplayer, horizontal (leftto right) racing game. The race will always have 5 players, the player whocreate the game can choose when to start the game.?

When he creates a game, anyother player can join and when he starts, any available space will be filled upby random AI players (very slow, slow, normal, fast, impossible, etc).?

A playerhits the space bar to make horse run, the speed is proportion to how fast aplayer hit the spacebar. There should be a few different back ground pictureand music that is randomly given each game.?

The players will be awarded withGold, Silver and Bronze space bar for every tournament (if they win), whichwill be used in ranking. The player ranking will be based on the prioritybelow: no. of Gold, no. of Silver & no. of Bronze. The ranking should beauto calculated by the game itself.

## Deliverables


**The game will be a flash based 2D multiplayer game meant for Facebook.? **

**It is a horse racing game with horizontal interface, meaning the racing will start from the left and ends on the right. The game is able to support up to 5 players at 1 time. The game should also have AI players with random levels of difficulty that will fill in the slots of missing required (requirement: 5 players) player(s) to start the game.**

**E.g. If there is only 2 Human Player in the game, 3 Other player shall be AI players to be the other 3 players so that the total player requirement will be met, which is 5 players.? **

**Starting the Game:**

**When a player joins the game, there will be 2 options, to create a game or to join a game. Each game will always have 5 racers.**

**If the player chooses to create a game, the player (the host) will have to wait for other players to join the game. The hosted game will be shown on in a list of "available games to join" for other player to join. The interface for the game creator will show 4 other empty or available slots for other players to join and 2 buttons: "Start" to start the game, or "Cancel" to cancel the game. The host of the game may choose to start the game with less than 5 players or no players, which in this case, the available space will be replace by AI players. The AI players will be added to the game once the start button is pressed.**

**If player(s) decides to join a game rather than hosting their own, the player will be given a list of games to join. Each game on the list will show the name of the host. The player can then choose which game to join and click the "join" button to join the game. The interface for the player that joins the game will have only 1 button: "Quit", which allows the player to leave the game.**

**AI Players**

**The AI Players chosen for the game will have a few different levels, and will be randomly selected. There will be 5 different levels:**

**i) Turtle Terry - Slow speed**

**ii) Average Joe - Normal Speed**

**iii) Speedy Kid - Fast Speed**

**iv) Turbo Ken - Super Fast Speed**

**v) ? The Champ ? - Impossible to win, will always be faster than the fastest player, a step in front of the fastest human player.**

**Game Play**

**When the game starts, there will be a 5 second countdown before the race begins.? **

**The player will hit the space bar to make the horse run. A tap on the space bar will make the horse run a bit. There should be a minimum of 100 space bar taps to allow a player race from start to finish. The faster a player tap the space bar, the faster the player's horse will run to the finish line.**

**Game Elements:**

**There should be a minimum of 5 different background pictures for the game. One of the 5 background pictures will be selected for a race. There should also be a minimum of 3 different music which is very upbeat and speedy(more specifically, like Kan Kan. You can e-mail me for a sample if you require help to find it). One background picture and one music will be randomly assigned to each race. The programmer is allowed to design their own background/music or get a royalty free picture or music from other sources. There should also be background music while waiting for the game to start.**

**Game Points:**

**Each race will have 3 positions to be won (by players only): Gold, Silver & Bronze. Any players who win will given a Gold, Silver or Bronze "SpaceBar" (game trophy) depending on their winning positions. The items won will be kept in the player's profile, recording his wins, gold/silver/bronze.? **

**Ranking System:**

**There will also be a ranking system which will show the players with the top or highest 25 scores. The Gold, Silver and Bronze "SpaceBar" won will decide the player's ranking. The ranking system will take count of the player's winning score as below based on the priority below:**

**- Gold "SpaceBars" Won. (like the Olympic ranking system, whereby you only consider the number of Gold won to decide the ranking.)**

**- If 2 or more players has the same number of Gold "SpaceBars", the system will then compare the number of Silver "SpaceBars" won.**

**- ? If 2 or more players has the same number of Silver "SpaceBars", the system will then compare the number of Bronze "SpaceBars" won.**


**- Please include the pass phrase "SPACEBAR" in your bid comment when bidding so I know you've properly read and understood the requirements of this project. Bids that does not contain the pass phrase "SPACEBAR" WILL NOT be considered!**

**- Player names will be based on their Facebook names and they have to login to facebook in order to play.**

**- Programmers are to give their idea/suggestions on how to run the game in multiplayer mode with or without a game lobby.**

**- All source code and documentations must be given to me at the end of the project.? **

**- All aspects of the game including the back end coding will be copyrighted to me at the end of the project.**

**- Any unforeseen yet obvious additions which are not mentioned are to be implemented without incurring additional cost.**

**- Programmers may not illegally use anyone else's code, technology, audio and images.**

**- This project cannot be used to develop or bid on a different project for others.**

**- Programmers must be available to troubleshoot bugs found in the game without additional cost s for a duration of 30 days after the project is completed? **

**- The source code must be fully commented with clean codes.**

**- Programmers must send daily updates along with the work in progress.**

**- This is an easy job which can be completed 2-3 days by the right person.**

Habilidades: PHP

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