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We have identified a unique campaign strategy utilizing donor involvement with a photomosaic web interaction as a way to increase donations and awareness.

Bulembu ([url removed, login to view]) has a vision to create a totally self-sustaining community, restoring health, education, commerce and providing care for over 2,000 orphaned children. The once abandoned ghost town has grown to over 1,200 residents since 2006 and now has 3 major enterprises generating profits of over $50,000 a month. Profits are used to care for and educate the 175 orphans now in Bulembu and to supply the hospital which has over 600 patients a month.

The joint objectives of economic and community development in Bulembu is unconventional. The ultimate vision for Bulembu is to provide safety, dignity and hope to everyone in the community especially those suffering from AIDS, poverty, abuse and abandonment by:

1) Creating health services, orphan care, education, and spiritual nurturing

2) Developing a thriving economic environment, creating employment, and generating income thus creating a wholly sustainable community.

As Bulembu continues to grow in its impact (see attached), so also does its need for financial assistance. The aim of the Bulembu Photomosaic Campaign is two-fold, one to create awareness about Bulembu and the other to generate funds for either the development of Bulembu Agriculture, whose focus is to improve food self-sufficiency within the village, provide cost-savings food to Bulembu orphan care programs and to generate income through value added exports or to the care of the orphans themselves.

**Please see this previously posted project: [url removed, login to view]

We are nearing completion of steps 1-3 of this project and are passing on the remainder (step 4) due to failure to meet time constraints.

In the current system being developed the approved tiles - named [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], etc - are downloaded from an administrative control panel.

The photomosaic can then be created (using Mazaika - trial download available at [url removed, login to view])and then will be uploaded to the website. This will be performed daily or once every two days.


Utilize any of the output formats that Mazaika generates to facilitate the following:

1. Donor enters their email address and thumbs of the pictures he/she has uploaded are displayed.

2. Donor then clicks on the thumb and the photomosaic zooms into the pictures location within the mosaic

* The absolutely best example of the above I can find and one which I would love to mimic is Lexus: [url removed, login to view] (find via email address)(click on 'Your Photo in Times Square' - click on 'View Photo's' - enter test|at|[url removed, login to view] in the email address)

**Lexus uses zoomify ([url removed, login to view]) here and I have also purchased this to use for the development of this required functionality. In the API document of zoomify there is a function to zoom into a specific portion (using x,y coordinates) so using the info provided by mazaika , zooming should be easy.

- for more examples please see original posting below

I would like this interaction to be embedded within the flash site - [url removed, login to view] (this flash template needs to be developed and the project is here - [url removed, login to view] and you are more than welcome to bid on this too) However I am aware that this may increase loading times drastically which I do not want. Perhaps a link on the explore tab which opens a full size php, html or whatever for this required functionality? Again the Lexus site works flawlessly and is flash so it should be possible.....maybe we have a cool loading page like [url removed, login to view] ....loading 123, etc, scroll, 10,000 moments - joining the movement...joining Bulembu

3. Help debug and troubleshoot steps 1-3 of the current overrun project - [url removed, login to view] and put the site in the root of [url removed, login to view]

4. I would like to add comments to the uploaded pictures if possible and have them display - either when selected or hovered across. Examples of comments can be found in [url removed, login to view] (zoom in filly to see comments) or the excellent [url removed, login to view] (mouse over pictures to see comments)

Thank you for your interest - I look forward to working with the selected bidder.



Required: Zooming into a defined pixel/tile location within the photomosaic – Java/Flash/Other??

We then need to get the image metadata to be targeted within the confines of the overall mosaic so that when the uploader enters their email they are shown thumbs of their submitted images and then when they click on the thumb they are taken directly to their image in the mosaic.

I am basically trying to figure out how to mimic any of these campaigns:

Lexus: [url removed, login to view] (find via email address)

Save the Tiger : [url removed, login to view] (find via code)

Pedigree : [url removed, login to view] (find via code)

The software that i have purchased and hope to use is called Mazaika [url removed, login to view] I also plan to use zoomify [url removed, login to view] and any other web technology/programming that will enable me to achieve this.

With the mosaic software you are able to save some information that will be useful (i think) for this task. Mazaika has a free trial and I also have the full license which i can share with the successful bidder.




Menu File - Save Mosaic - Output setup screen save as "save as *.txt"

*.TXT - Text list of images. Only filenames are saved as a delimited text file to use as an image map.

form of a file:

row , col , filename

001 , 001 , [url removed, login to view]

001 , 002 , [url removed, login to view]

001 , 003 , [url removed, login to view]

002 , 001 , [url removed, login to view]




Menu File - Save Mosaic - Output setup screen save as "save as HTML Table"

HTML Table - Mosaic saved as simple clickable html table.

Thumbs and large images that was used as a tiles are copied to different subfolders.

you may open HTML file in some text editor to see where different images are




Also one option:

Menu File - Save statistic:

This option allows you to save statistic of image usage to the comma delimited file.

Times used File Name Tile positions Col x Row (Flip) 1, C:\Pics\[url removed, login to view] , 18x6 1, C:\Pics\[url removed, login to view] , 2x16 1, C:\Pics\[url removed, login to view] , 15x14 3, C:\Pics\[url removed, login to view] , 7x1 16x1 19x9 1, C:\Pics\[url removed, login to view] , 17x9

i.e. picture C:\Pics\[url removed, login to view] was used in mosaic three times it can be found at cells: 7x1 16x1 19x9

- I am not a programmer by any means but thinking it through I think it should be possible to use the third option - for instance 1. Resize all uploaded images to 100*100 pixels - 2. Center pixel of each tile is at 50x50 - 3. User enters their email address and php retrieves all of their thumbs from mysql. - 4. User clicks on a thumb and this is associated with metadata and that image is located at 'cell' 16x1 (pulled from csv?) - 5. Calculation 16x100-50 = 1550 1x100-50 = 50 = center pixel that they submitted is at 1550*50

So basically I think I need a way to zoom into that pixel on click. Am I over complicating things here? (I guess it kind of works like Google maps - enter your search - finds the lat/long of the place - zooms into tile/pixel associated with it?)

Habilidades: Adobe Flash, Vale Tudo, CSS, PHP

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