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OsCommerce - Right-to-Left with Hebrew

Hi all,

We want to use OsCommerce as the store engine.

We have several requierments that need to be addressed technically and visually:

Starting with the backend processing of the store:

1. Allow for loading up of Multiple images:

Each product will have a directory of its own.

In that directory (which will carry the same name as the product_id) all the images associated with that product will


With that, if I remove the product from the website, the directory and it's images will be deleted as well. No leftovers.

2. Images will go through a rendering process such that if original image size is 1200x1600, the display image will be

resized to 3 additional images: 50x50, 100x100 300x300. The business rule for the exact measurments will be

determined later. I have a script that will help you with that. The server does have ImageMagick installed and the script

is working already with another website. As mentioned in the first requierments, the newly created images and

additional images that are associated with the particular product are all going to be stored within a single directory FOR


3. There is going to be a collection of READY IMAGES which can be added to each product. Those images will be

residing in a readyimages directory. If selected, those images will be (those that are selected) be COPIED over and

treated as newly added images to the product. Hence.. they will be also resized same as in the second demand.

Those images will be availabe for selection to be added to the product from a PopUp window with check boxes and a

small image gallery. This is in edition to the Browse... button to upldoad new images.

4. Add New option of Manager and Dealers - I believe if you use [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view] OSC-MAX v1.7 it is already implemented.

I have not checked it yet, but the bottom line is that I want to have the Dealer price option available so that if I have

members/customers who I can flag as Dealers and then they will be able to view the Dealer's Price.

So much for backend.

Now for Front End requierments:

Looks! as we all know, looks matter and this is where we start to get to the 'how do I want my shop to look for


THIS IS A RIGHT TO LEFT WEBSITE which will BE in Hebrew.

Remember that especially when we will discuss the Menues and the items in the menues.

1. The menues sides must be flipped so the Menu with the Categories will be on the right side and moving to the

center (left of the page).

2. The page must be full width. Unlike the frontpage of OsCommerce where it is 600x800 fitted, I want the site to be

flexible with size so it will automatically stretch to cover the entire page.

3. The colors of the website can and should be available to be modified. I don't remember if this is already in the

OsCommerce, I'm not sure, but in any event, this is what I need and want.

I want to be able to modify the looks of the store in several ways:

I want a 'complete template changer'. What that means is that I want to be able to modify the color schemes of the

store. A complete Templsate Changer option will be a set of pre-defined color schemes that will each include a set of

images for buttons (each pre-defined template will store it's images in a separate directory). I want the ability to add a

template (each directory will be in the name of that template).

As an admin, I will be able to switch between the templates by simply selecting the template I want from the control


On top of the images that are going to be associated with that template, there is a need to control all the Frames, Bars

and backgrounds of each object showing in the shop.

I want all the webite's images (each template) placed in a single directory (each template will have it's own directory) so if I want to modify a looks and feels, buttons etc.. I just grab all the images in that directory.

4. The looks of the store itself of the items in the 'Top', in the 'Category' and 'Specific Item' pages should look like the

following websites: (a separate reference is done for the menues behaviour later).

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

6.. As for Menus looks, This IS TRICKY so you are cautioned upfront about this.

Baring in mind that Hebrew behaves differently than English with it's alignment, and the mix of Hebrew, English and

Numbers together can be very tricky as the numbers, parenthesis and letters will sometimes switch and you will see

something that looks like this: Items ((9 where obviously it should look like this: Items (9)

The mix of Hebrew will certainly make it a bit more difficult, so it is a challange for you.

7. How should the menues behave:

We want the menus to behave in such a way that is similar to:

[url removed, login to view]

It can look differently, but behave similar where if you click on the Expand button, the page doesn't actually move you

to that category. Also, Leave the Open Category open. If I expand one category, but want to expand another category, it

will NOT close the first category that I opened, unless I explicitly clicked on the Condense button.


1 "How to get to our store Map" similar as shown in: [url removed, login to view] on the left side.

2. Build a Computer from components module.

3. Shopping Cart module.

Shopping Cart behaviour

Each customer's order should be kept such that it can be retrieved from previous visits.

A session that will be kept for the next visit in the member's profile.

However, I want to show the Shopping Cart module similar to what is available in:

[url removed, login to view]

On the upper left corner you get to see the shopping cart updated fairly fast.

Language and acutal design of store:

The store should support Hebrew. If you don't know hebrew, that's not a big problem, but bear in mind the issue of the Menues and how they suppose to behave with the Hebrew, English, Numbers and special charachters, so when testing comes in.. it should be tested. We will try to assist with that, but it is your responsibility.

If you have any questions,. please feel free to contact me.


Since this is NOT a build from scratch system, as the OsCommerce system is already here, this is an enhancement, improvement.

Budget is set to $150-$200.


Habilidades: Design Gráfico, PHP

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