Micro site with simple CMS and parallax JS animation

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NDA needs to be signed

Build a web site from supplied PSDS:

– Two or three pages that will feature

–– fullscreen background video

–– parallax HTML5 scrolling effects

–– responsive CSS3 layout for web and mobile

–– work on IE8

–– permanent menu at top, pages scroll underneath

–– CSS drop-down navigation

–– sharing on Facebook and Twitter

–– dynamic full screen layout

–– javascript page transistions

Build a simple CMS with PHP and mySQL

We can help with PHP and mySQL if needed

– Blog system that will

–– load a number posts at at time with a truncated view

–– dynamically expand post to read more

–– add more posts to page in endless scrolling fashion like Facebook or Tumblr

–– simple tagging system

––– clicking tag loads stories with same tag

––– three related stories at bottom of each post

–– 'sticky' sharing buttons on each post

–– preset posts with Javascript animation

–– non-threaded moderated comments

––– featured comments

––– other comments expand dynamically

–– banner image and one inline image that aligns with paragraph top

–– ability to include pre-coded html layouts as blog post

–– permalinks

–– inline video

––– flv for web, mp4 for iPad

–– Simple back office for creating posts

––– moderating comments

––– marking comments as featured for post

––– posting stories

––– tagging

––– editing or deleting stories

––– marking stories as sticky

–– comments form on posts

–– two very similar layouts, one for posts, one for 'permanent posts' that link back to main story


Create web site from PSDs, javascript 'page' transitions should be full screen, probably using AJAX to avoid page loads.

The layout should ideally be responsive to web and mobile and use CSS3. The site must also work on IE8 (no PNG transparency required for IE8).

We can help with PHP and mySQL if required.

There will be two or three pages rich in JS parallax animation, AJAX loading, transitions etc. And a blog system feature endless scrolling page, loading sets of posts at a time, each post dynamically expands to show full content. Posts must be accessible individually as permalinks, two very similar layouts - only where they link back to differs. Visitors can leave un-styled comments that are moderated through a back office you will build. Back office should also allow client to post blog stories.

The project must be completed in three weeks starting 7th April, with most functionality complete in two

Please note you will not be able to feature this work or client in your portfolio

I am a PHP/MySQL programmer looking for permanent help with constant work load

Preference goes to an INDIVIDUAL not an agency

MOST IMPORTANT: Reliable communication, I need to able to speak to you daily within agreed hours on agreed days. Daily updates with feedback on any potential problems or delays. Reasonable English with good English for technical matters. No disappearing during project time scale. Skype.


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