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We run an adult webcam chat application which is already in use but there are a number of areas which need improvement or new features are required to be added to existing functionality.

The project is urgent and will be divided into stages, each stage must have a firm delivery date and all stages must be completed within one month.

The application requires an expert knowledge of html, php, mysql and a familiarity with MoreGroupWare application would be advantageous.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of what is required divided in project stages, many of the improvements are very small other are more extensive. The programmer who wrote the application will verify the quality of the work prior to sign off on each stage and payment. It is possible that ongoing maintenance might be required but that is dependent upon original programmers future programming commitments


Known Bug: 1 We have tested on both XP & Windows 2000 machines and the second time a visitor tries to obtain entry via Phone Access it’s virtually impossible. Most times the dialler page refreshes before IVR completed. Occasionally you get through but then you are left on the dialler page, you are not sent to the Nickname page.

Urgent Improvements 2 Outpayment % paid by Super Reseller to Sub-Resellers should be configurable on a Country by Country basis. Currently, it’s a global percentage but this limits the pricing flexibility. I think the setting should be by default the same for all Countries, so the Super Reseller can pick a % outpayment to apply to a sub-reseller and its automatically applied to all countries but they can if they wish then modify each countries outpayment rate on country by country basis. Every sub-reseller can of course be given different rates

Urgent Improvements 3 Cam Image Page: Require either a pop-up or additional space below the Phone Number Access box to display country specific legally required info text.

Urgent Improvements 4 We are now getting more Spanish speaking girls (some speak only Spanish) therefore it really is important that we show the Language Flags on the carousel pictures otherwise we will lose clients.

My programmer says this requires 2 things:

a) translate the languages into usable array or format

b) merge pic (girls carousel pic + flags) like it was done on old site

Urgent Improvements 5 Our application offers the visitor a choice of media player, we need to be able to display certain information ONLY if visitor is viewing stream using the other media player. This information will be a linked JPG

Improvements 6 If a member logs in, beneath his name in the Control Box we should add “ Available Credits XXXXXXX” so members knows exactly how many credits they have left without needing to enter a girls paid room to find out?

Kees comment: create a new object something like read only credits overview



Improvements 7 When visitor goes into Paid Chat, Artist should get msg “xxx has entered paid chat” preferable in Green to make it stand out.

The chat used is a modified IRC application

Bug Fix 8

Visitors in Paid mode must NOT see other visitors enter or leave the chat. Currently they see msg xxx has entered/left chat session

Improvements 9 Install the necessary additional programming to integrate the Preview Functionality being programmed by Dave Keen (UK Macromedia programmer). The integration primarily concerns certain security issues. Also Artist side software should be updated to include a record button for the artist to activate a record session.

Improvements 10 Cam Page: Currently if a visitor enters paid mode other guys chatting with artist in Free Mode are kicked to the Carousel Page. We need to redirect to additional page which says “This artist has gone into Nude Chat mode, Click Here to join the fun!!” or words to that effect. Clicking on the link would take visitor directly to dialer page

Improvements 11 When visitor goes into Paid Chat, the possibility of the Artist continuing to send msg via the Free Chat Tab should be removed, probably better if that Free Tab itself is removed completely whilst a guy in Paid Chat or Artist has not activated “Free Chat mode”

Improvements 12 Activate Umedia sound option



Urgent Improvements 13 Webmaster Affinity Site:

The Banner selection option is already working great.

All other options need to be made to work:

Scrolling Banners

Live Info Banners

Easy Site Creator

Email Promotion

Urgent Improvements 14 If a webmaster generates his Reseller ID online, the system should automatically email the webmaster and give link to the application form to complete. This form must of course automatically contain the Reseller ID previously generated online.

Improvements 15 Make Webmaster stats etc available via the Webmaster Affinity Site as opposed to needing to log into the MoreGroupWare page. So the webmaster can perform all functions via the Webmaster Affinity site.



Improvement Admin 16 The admin pages and stats require improvement & additional functionality to be added to bring up to standard. The admin pages are modified MoreGroupWare

The area requires extensive improvement:

Terms: Payment is strictly upon sign off of each stage. No payment will be made prior to satisfactory completion of each stage. Therefore each stage should be quoted for separately but each bidder must quote for all stages, if not there bid will not be considered.

Only experienced programmers with the necessary time and resources to complete this project to high standard and on time should apply. Time is short so please if you are not serious let’s not waste each other’s time with empty bids/replies

All copyright and intellectual property rights for the application as it currently stands and for all work, improvements and new functionality added by successful bidder becomes solely my property. All copies of the application, including backups must be passed to me upon completion.

Habilidades: Java, Javascript, PHP

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