New function on my site and repearing

I have a big big site with many functions, but need to build 3 more function and need to repear som problems i will start with repearing first:

1: When user or the admin upload an article and user picture : it doesnt resize it in thumbnail: it means when i upload a user picture of 870x607 it appear in this size and it push whole the site and ddestroy it.

2: In admin/ i can create folder categori/ and put article there : I created 20 folder categori, and put some article there, but when i click on the folder it will not open it.

3: I can create rules folder/Folder again/ and put article there; but i want that i can put article in both folder not the last one means; folder/ FOLDER las one

4: When you click on categori = it show all article in this chossen categori= but under the all article there is an description; i can not change it in the admin, there is no button or function to change it. need to remove it or change the text.

5: In The categori under the nr 4: ( read nr 4) there is a picture function. but when i click on it it would not open the picture in a big screen but it throw me to [url removed, login to view] i need a function in admin; called Under-categori-Photo so i can remove and put new picture there and when i open a picture i can put som little description to the picture to each one.

6: In admin Create links: i can create links but without logo, i need a browse picture there. also put logo to each links

7: When i create user; and filled all the information and click on create user, sometimes if the email already exist it do not says email already exist or it do not show what the problem is to user, so user can change the information, and it remove alllll you have wrote so you must start again it is anoyn

8: If you have 6 letter in your inbox: and all of them are opened, front of the inbox(6) SHOWS THAT THERE ARE (6) LETTER , it must show how much new letter you have not opend letter. AND WHEN YOU get new letter it must show it with fat letter

9: When you want to write a letter to a friend ( you have a field discription) it is ugly and there is no smiley and nothing, i want a one with many functions, and beside with a smilet list ( the smiley should be controlled from admin, he can add new or remove

10: The letter message box is smaller then the letter; eg, if you write a letter with 40 sentense it will onyl show 10 of them becouse it is limited

11: When you click on profile/ and you can se alll username / if you choose of of them and click on mail; it must throw you to the mail and already have automaticlly choosen the user / so he can only write a letter and send it.

12: When you go to a profile username/ and se his friend list/ and click on guestbook, it appears nothing error over there; and when you click on add friends = error and when you click on send mail= error

13; read nr 2: i have again same problem with glossary: i nr 2 and 13: there is a problem, it will not open it and even if you click 100000000 times; but when you set the mouse over the folder or glossary words; it show me javascript: void(0) so nr 13 is; glossary words; when i click on it it doesnt show a felt beside the words

14: In the frontpage ; the box of titler; is bigger in the pixel size then the article box it should be a same line,, if you dont understand it; then i can say it in easy way: change the box pixel smaller

15: Admin; Mafatih al jinan + Nahjul balagha function are pointing to a 2 special categori; called

mafatih al jinan

nahjul balgha but hey are reverse; when i put article in the mafatih it show it in nahjul balagha and same at the seconed, + when i called an article ( this tell about the universe and the start of the galaxy) it will show only 20 % of the article names becouse the box is small want it bigger

16: There is a SWF file in the categori it is small in the size; i need it bigger ; easy way; please change the pixel size bigger

17: In Flsah player; it is like youtube, but only in flash; The player cant contoll the SWF files; it means when i upload swf it should controll it by going forward and backward; it should play it in frame, and you can go to frame 1550 or 20 ; and stop and play; and the size of player box is smaller then the size of SWF , it means if the box player is 1024x780 and swf is 340x340 so it shows it like this: 1024x780 - 340x340= 684x 340 are black ; it should automaticlly put the swf in fullscreen and when i upload flash there is no thumbnail to choose, need a function so i can upload image for each flash i upload, it shows it like youtube but all videos are appears black,,,,

18; Upload mp3 section; When i create in admin artist; i must fill the box called description; it is not needed remove this function, also remove allll description box.

19: when user create username, there is no function called borwse a photo, he must first be loged in and upload his image, no it should be in the first time when guest will create username,

New function;

1: Create new gallery; user can create own gallery; upload thier own picture, make album, and upload in one time 10 picture at same time in a browser, and call the album what they want, remove album, edit album,

2: There is in facebook a function called Connect with facebook, read over here; [url removed, login to view]

i want install the function called connect with facebook, integrate the facebook login with my site

3: Forum; i have a forum, with new design; i want you to install the forum to my site;

4; There is 3 login function; Video share + my site + forum; I want you to connect all login in one;

means i login in my site so it automaticlly loged you in the forum and video share; and when i create user in my site, it automaticlly created also to in the database of videoshare and forum.

integrate all login for me,

5: put a new function called language; i want to put a flag over the site; and this logo flag can be linked to another homepage but it should not open it with new window,

HERE is my site;

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

I will take the cheaper developer becouse im student dont have money , and i will of course choose a profesional one my site was developed

first with: [url removed, login to view] = they wasssssssssss veryyyyyyyyy professional

seconed: [url removed, login to view] = They working haaaard to develop a good site for you, they try very very very hard but you can se that the page still doent work good, and there is many error , thats why i shall pay extra for this one

I hope the next one do it like [url removed, login to view]

Habilidades: Java, PHP, SQL, XML

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