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eComm, mobilephone unlock by IMEI site

Hi all,

Here is some details and requirements:

Website must have good design, easy to understand, trustable, reliable, and ease of use.

Building by PHP, Joomla, JSP, AJAX, whatever

Website must compatible with [url removed, login to view], (database, perl, etc....) , and must be safe from hacker (my suggestion: dynamic session ID/dynamic cookie/encrypted password, etc...).

You maybe give me a demo of your current using cPanel, and modify/add functions which I require.

Website must compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera

Site purpose description:

Customer must make payment by PAYPAL before able to submit phone's details (select from drop down list: maker, model, Locked network, country, IMEI, etc...), website will send a notify by email to selected email addresses (can be add/remove/change in cPanel). I will get the unlock code and manually input to website, and there is a button to send the unlock code to customer's email address. (Send infors are : Customer's phone information and the unlock code). Customer can also login by there e-mail address and password to view the order status/unlock code from website.

An example of website working:

- Example 1: A customer visit website, select product on first drop box : Phone's makers = HTC , then the second drop box (Model) will display all samsung model, user select the model, then select locked network, select country, input some text to a field, then click purchase, site will re-direct to paypal payment. When payment success, credit auto added... If payment is pending (eCheque or failure), of course no credit added.

NOTE: Different makers will have different drop box, different text-field.

Site user's level structure:

End-user = customer : allow to make payment, submit details. End-user can be created by reseller, whole-seller, admin, or register on website.

Reseller = high level customer : all functions of end-user AND allow to create END-USER, assign credit to user created by specify reseller, after assign credit to another user, deduct credit from reseller. Assign credit must less or equal reseller's credits, and always >0 (validation check). Reseller can be registered from website, but have to waiting approval from admin. Reseller can also be created by Whole-seller or Admin.

(Explain: Reseller A has 20 credits, created user a_enduser_1 and assign 2 credit to a_enduser_1 , so Reseller has 18 credit left.)

Whole-seller = high level reseller : all reseller's functions AND able to create RESELLER. Whole-seller CAN ONLY CREATE by admin.

Sub-admin = low level admin, only able to input unlock code to customer and press the button to notify enduser. NO MORE OTHER FUNCTION. Sub-admin CAN ONLY CREATE by ADMIN.

Admin = highest level. Able to access to all functions of reseller, whole-seller, sub-admin, can create and assign credit for : wholeseller, reseller, end-user. Note; Admin doesn't have limited credit, but assign credit must >0.

Admin functions:

1/ Search/view end-user/reseller/whole-seller by several details (eg: by select begin letter, by typing name, by using wildcard, sorting by id, credits left, registered date, etc... )

2/ Create/edit/delete end-user, reseller, whole-seller, sub-admin details : username, password, credits.

3/ View/delete logs: which user is registered from website, which user is registered/edit by reseller,who registered reseller, who registered whole-seller. how many credits assigned to/from/by who, etc...

4/ View all transactions, can mark which transaction as refunded or lost (because of scam).

4/ any other functions that you feel is needed.

Addition functions of websites:

- Auto save user's (End-user, reseller, whole-seller, sub-admin, admin) IP address : registered (first login) IP, last accessed IP

- Notify by email to admin, and/or sub-admin (can enable/disable from cPanel)

- IMEI validation check (15th check digit algorithm: [url removed, login to view])

Some required functions on cPanel:

1/ Add admin account, add sub-admin account. (Max admin = 2 , max sub-admin = 10, other's is unlimitted)

2/ Add/modify/change price packages. (Eg: 1credit = 10 usd each, 10 credits = 8usd each, etc... ) NOTE: only 1 credit purchase will be auto added by after payment from paypal success. Others packages require my verification to avoid scam.

3/ Financial functions: view by select from / to dates in calendar : how many credit sold, total income (different packages have different price, so have to workout what is the total income), total lost (because of scam), etc..... able to export report into excel file.

4/ Modify contents on current page (eg: add more phone's maker, add more phone's model, etc....)

5/ Add new page : like a simple web builder, can add pictures, text-field, drop-down box, button, interactive with other site (POST, GET, etc...)

6/ other functions that you feel is needed.

Some website for references:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

(Google with keyword : unlock online , OR remote unlock)

Hope this clear :)

Please ask me if you are not clear. Thank you.

Please find more details from the attached files. Password to open is 12qwert

Time frame is 20 - 30 days. But if you can do it faster, welcome :)

Habilidades: Comércio eletrônico, Javascript, Joomla, PHP, Design de Sites

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