OSCommerce: New Infobox Skins and Layout Adjustments

* Create new images/slices to help redesign the look/feel of our website (use attached image as example).

* Apply/integrate new images/slices into live OSCommerce store.

* The gradient background which sits behind the text-based title of each box must match each other precisely.

* The text should remain editable and controlled by CSS.

* The vertical spacing at the top edge of the text and the top edge of each box should be 4px.

* The vertical spacing at the bottom edge of the text and the top edge of the bottom portion of each box should be 4px.

* The vertical spacing between each individual box should be 3px.

* The [url removed, login to view] file contains a myriad of customizations. None of the customizations should me removed or altered without first consulting with Service Buyer.

* Service Provider MUST have extensive knowledge of Infobox Skin Manager, Dynamenu" for osCommerce [url removed, login to view], Header Tags Controller, and Ultimate SEO URLs.

* New images/slices or code implemented by Service Provider will not affect or change the current width of our online store.



- osCommerce PayPal IPN v1.1 ([url removed, login to view],2679)

- Making PayPal Return Order Data

* Held Orders [url removed, login to view]

* Held Orders Fix

* Held Orders UserAbandons Order

[url removed, login to view],3819

- PayQuake Payment Module v1.0 (Harald Ponce de Leon - hpdl)

- Ultimate SEO URLs - [url removed, login to view] with optional Admin settable Product and Category URLs - 29 November 2006

- SEO Assistant V 1.3.3_full package ([url removed, login to view],2370)

- SID Killer [url removed, login to view] - plus integrate with Ultimate SEO URLs - nfrobertson 12 Feb 2006

- Header Tags Controller 2.6.3 - jonatanvalencia 2 Mar 2007 (MadFobos Updated previous version v2.5.9)

- Spider Session Remover v1.0 ([url removed, login to view],2819)

- Google position 1.3 ([url removed, login to view],2336/category,all/search,Jack+York)

- Google XML Sitemap Feed ([url removed, login to view],3233)

- RSS Feed 0.1 ([url removed, login to view],1513)

- Froogle Data Feeder v 162d ([url removed, login to view],3876)

- Printable Catalog 1.6 ([url removed, login to view],234/page,18)

- VJ Links Manager for OSC v2.0 ([url removed, login to view],1256/category,all/search,vj+links)

- Banner Ad in a box V1.1 by Aubrey Kilian ([url removed, login to view],59/page,2)

- Banner Ads in Header (currently disabled)

- How Did You Hear About Us 1.4 ([url removed, login to view],2159)

- Ask a Product Question 2.3 ([url removed, login to view],1779)

- Newsdesk v1.48.3 Updated ([url removed, login to view],934)

- Notify Admin of New Account v1.0.5 (Not functional) ([url removed, login to view],3414)

- WYSIWYG Editor [url removed, login to view] ([url removed, login to view],1347)

- Newsletter Unsubscribe ([url removed, login to view],913/category,all/search,newsletter+unsubscribe)

- Option Type Feature [url removed, login to view] within OSC MS2.2 ([url removed, login to view],160)

- osCommerce Account Agreement Checkbox ([url removed, login to view],3903)

- Store Pickup Shipping Module 1.05 1 2 ([url removed, login to view],164/category/search,7626)

- Skype Contact v1.0 ([url removed, login to view],4004/category/search,43895)

- Store Offline ([url removed, login to view])

- Contact Us Subject Line ([url removed, login to view],4017/category,all/search,Subject+line)

- Admin Notes v1.0 ([url removed, login to view],2599/category,all/search,Admin+Notes+v2.0)

- FAQ System [url removed, login to view] ([url removed, login to view],1948/category,all/search,faq)

- Tell a Friend (Custom functionality not based on a contribution)

- Bookmark Page (Custom functionality not based on a contribution)

- SiteMonitor: [url removed, login to view],4441

- Imagecheck 1.2: [url removed, login to view],572/category,all/search,Imagecheck+1.2

- Products Sort Order within Admin console

- Product Attributes Sort Order v1.0: [url removed, login to view],1822/category,all/search,Sort+Product+Attributes+1.2

- Specials Page Displayed Like New Products Page: [url removed, login to view],3355/category,all/search,Specials+Page+Displayed+Like+New

- Contact Us Email Subject

- close popup window v1.1 ([url removed, login to view],1696/category,all/search,close+pop)

- jQuery Image Pop-up Manager (I believe close popup window v1.1 should have been replaced by jQuery) (MadFobos)

- Automatically notify admin via e-mail of new accounts

- Link in Box Title: [url removed, login to view],3130/category,all/search,Link+in+Box+Title

- Proprietary HTML, PHP, and Javascript Code for "Manage Account" box and "Shopping Cart" box (MadFobos)

- Customer Never Loses Cart - Even without Sign In ([url removed, login to view],4738)



1.0. Acceptance of this project also constitutes full and complete acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions:

1.1. Service Provider certifies he/she possesses extensive knowledge and a universally acceptable level of technical and professional experience required to successfully complete this project.

1.2. Service Provider agrees to perform a full and complete backup of all files (including databases) prior to performing any work.

1.3. Service Provider agrees to restore all files and/or databases to their original state if he/she is unable to successfully complete this project as specified above.

2.0. Service Buyer reserves the right to cancel this project, shall be held harmless from all forms of financial, civil, or crimimal recourse, and is under no obligation to make payment for any services/work performed by Service Provider if:

(a) Service Provider fails to honor the timetable agreed upon for this project.

(b) Service Provider fails to respond at all or adequately to any/all communication, be it e-mail, Instant Messages, and/or GAF messages sent by Service Buyer in a timely fashion. A "Timely Fashion" is defined as a period of 24 hours per communication (per instance) sent by Service Buyer to Service Provider.

(c) Service Provider fails to ensure the work performed associated with this project does not achieve the Scope of Work as defined above.

(d) Work performed by Service Provider adversely impacts any other functionality within the application, including but not limited to core OSCommerce functionality, non-core contributions, and custom-written functionality.

(e) Service Provider misrepresents his/her true professional/technical capabilities (expressed, implied, or through demonstration by/through performance) during the life of the project.

(f) Service Provider installs any rogue code, application(s), script(s), or makes alterations to pre-existing code that could, will, would, does, or is known to compromise security both during and after completion of this project. This provision has no statute of limitations.

(g) Service Provider fails to apply adequate computer security to prevent the observation of or access to any and all information, files, folders, usernames, passwords, login URL's, or any other proprietary or customer data associated with this project.

4.0. Service Provider agrees to respond to all support requests made by Service Buyer within 4 hours for a period of 30 days after Service Buyer makes payment for this project. Service Provider furthermore understands and agrees that support includes identifying and resolving any/all issues arising subsequent to payment for services.

5.0 Service Provider agrees to permanently discard and/or destroy all usernames and passwords provided by Service Buyer subsequent to the completion of this project.

6.0. Service Buyer reserves the right to seek legal relief in a court of competent jurisdiction as well as financial compensation for any damages resulting from deffective workmanship performed by Service Provider.

7.0. Service Provider is bound by all terms and conditions set forth herein.

8.0. Service Provider is also bound by all terms and conditions issued by GetAFreelancer (GAF).

9.0. The terms and conditions set forth herein shall supercede any conflicting terms and conditions issued by Get a Freelancer (GAF).

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